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Quick Fix - The Built-in Driver Failed To Install In Windows 10

Here are some solutions to quick-fix the Built-in Driver failed to install in Windows 10 issue. If you connect your printer to the computer either using a wired or wireless connection, the printer software will not install on your Windows 10 system automatically. Delete the printer software on your computer and try to solve the problem. Go through the upcoming procedure to remove the printer driver.

If the USB cable is connected to the printer and computer, disconnect it. Restart your printer. Now click the Window shaped icon on the display of your Windows system. Click the search bar and type Devices. Choose Devices & Printers in the result list. Right-click the printer name and click Remove Device. Go through the guidelines on the screen and delete the printer driver on your computer.

Now connect your printer to the computer either by using a wired or wireless connection. If you wish to link the devices using a USB cable, connect the cord to the respective port of the printer and computer. Set the USB connection using a related option on your computer and complete the connection. For connecting the devices using a wireless connection, check if the printer and computer are connected to the same network of a router or access point. Also, check if the router has an active internet connection. You can also utilize the Ethernet cable to connect the devices.

Now set configure the Windows Update to download the printer software automatically. Type Change Device Installation Settings in the search field on your computer and select it in the result. Click the radio button next to Yes (Recommended) and click Save Changes. Install the Built-in software using the Add Printer tool. Search for Control Panel and click Devices and Printers. Tap the Add a Printer option.

Choose the name of your printer and continue the process by clicking the Next button. Locate the Windows Update option and click on it. Relax until the software gets updated. Select your printer name in the Manufacturer pane.

Follow the process by tapping the Next button. Click Add a Printer Using TCP/IP address or hostname and click Next. Select the Autodetect option in the Device type drop-down list. Provide the IP address of your printer in the text box and tap Next. You can know the IP address using the Network Test report. Now your computer starts to connect with the printer. Relax until the connection is completed. Thus the Built-in Driver is installed in the Windows 10 system.

Built in driver failed to install in windows 10 system
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