Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup

Set up your Samsung M2880FW Setup printer using the guidelines provided in the following topics. The Samsung M2880FW printer is a four in one printer which performs functions like printing, scanning, and copying. It prints & copies around 29 pages per minute with a high-resolution print-quality of 4.8k X 600 dots per inch (dpi).

samsung m2880fw setup

Table of content

  1. Unboxing & Setup Instructions
  2. Driver Download
  3. Driver Install
  4. Manual Download
  5. Wi-Fi Setup
  6. USB Setup
  7. Mobile Printing Setup
  8. Printing Photos or Docs
  9. Scanning
  10. Copying
  11. Troubleshooting

Unboxing & Setup Instructions

  1. Unpack your printer and take out all the items you have received.
  2. Ensure all the items are delivered without any damage.
  3. Remove the packing tape and protective materials from your printer.
  4. Open your printer's front door.
  5. Now, remove the imaging unit and remove its packing materials. Then, reinsert the unit into the printer.
  6. Samsung M2880FW Printer Setup
  1. Take a fresh stack of paper and insert it into the input tray. Then, adjust the guides against the stack.
  2. Take the power cord you received and connect it to your printer's rear port and an electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on your printer by pressing the Power button.
  4. Pressing The Power Button

Samsung M2880FW Printer Driver Download

You need a compatible driver to access your printer from the computer. You can get the software for your Samsung printer from HP's official website. You need to visit the website and download the software compatible with your software. You also have an alternative option; just click the Driver Download button on this webpage. Then you can proceed with the installation. Suppose you prefer getting the software from HP's website. In that case, you need to implement the following instructions.

  • Head to HP's official website from your default browser.
  • Enter your printer model and reach its support page.
  • Click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab on the page that appears.
  • When it shows you all the drivers compatible with your Operating System, pick the one you want and click Download.
  • The chosen driver will be downloaded to your computer in a short duration.
    Samsung M2880FW Printer

Samsung M2880FW Printer Driver Install

  • Locate the software in the Downloads folder and run the setup file.
  • If you install the software on a Windows computer, click Yes when User Account Control pops up.
  • On the other hand, you need to provide administrator credentials when you install the software on a Mac.
  • Accept the terms and conditions when the installer shows you the license agreement screen.
  • When prompted, pick the connection type you prefer and connect your printer and computer accordingly.
  • Go ahead with the onscreen instructions and complete the installation.
    Pick The Connection Type

Manual Download

A Manual is an important document that can help you better discover your printer and its functionality. When you purchase your Samsung M2280FW printer, you will be supplied with a compatible manual. But most of us tend to lose hard copies. If you made such a mistake, get a soft copy of the manual from this page by clicking the Manual Download button.

WI-FI Setup

Wi-Fi setup makes establishing a connection between your printer and computer hassle-free. USB cables are not going to be a concern anymore. This section will teach you how to configure your Samsung M2885FW printer for a Wi-Fi connection.

  • To begin with, press your Samsung M2885FW printer's Menu button.
  • Using the navigation buttons, select Network> Wireless> WLAN Settings.
  • Your printer will show you nearby networks. At that point, select your router's name and enter the password in the appropriate field.
  • Once your printer is connected to the router's network, the Wi-Fi light will remain lit.
  • To print from your computer, connect it to the same wireless network. Then, you can print documents using the printer software.
    Samsung M2880FW

Samsung M2880FW Printer USB Setup

  • To begin, refer to the previous sections and download the compatible software on your computer.
  • Locate the software within the browser and run the setup file.
  • Accept the terms and conditions if the software's license agreement screen appears.
  • When prompted to pick the connection type, select the USB Connection option.
  • When the installer instructs you, connect the cable between your printer and computer.
  • Go ahead with the onscreen instructions and complete the installation.
  • This completes your Samsung printer's USB setup.

Mobile Printing Setup

  • On your iOS device, open the document or image you want to print.
  • Tap the Share icon and select the Print option.
  • On the following screen, ensure the right printer is selected in the Printer drop-down menu.
  • Choose the number of copies you need and tap the Print option.
  • Now, your printer will start printing your documents.
    Tap The Print Option

Printing Photos Or Docs

  • Before printing your photos or documents, ensure you have installed the compatible software on your computer.
  • Connect your printer and computer via Wi-Fi or USB.
  • Open the document or image you want to print.
  • Select the print command. Depending upon the application you use, this command may differ. However, the common command will be Ctrl + P.
  • In the Print dialog box, ensure the right printer model is selected.
  • Make the necessary changes to your document and click OK, followed by Print.
  • Now, your printer starts printing your photos/documents.
    Ensure The Right Printer Model

How To Scan On Samsung M2880FW Printer

  1. Place your document facing down on the document glass.
  2. The Document Glass
  3. On the printer control panel, touch Scan> Scan to PC> Local PC.
  4. If it shows you the “Not Available” message, check the port connection. Then, you can proceed with your scan job.
  5. Choose your scanning preferences and press OK.
  6. Now, your printer starts scanning your documents.


  1. To begin with, ensure your printer has enough sheets in the input tray.
  2. Place your originals on the scanner glass.
  3. On the Samsung printer control panel, touch Copy> Copy Feature.
  4. The Samsung Printer Control Panel
  5. Using the control panel buttons, customize the copy settings such as Reduce/Enlarge, Darkness, Original, etc.
  6. If you want to make many copies, specify the number using the number keypad.
  7. Finally, press the Start button.
  8. Now, your Samsung printer will start making copies.

Samsung M2880FW Troubleshooting

Whenever you end up with a printer issue, you can try some techniques on your own. In this section, let's discuss some effective solutions for common printer issues, such as printer offline and printer not printing/scanning/connecting to Wi-Fi. Now, let's proceed further.

Printer Offline

  • If you have enabled Use Printer Offline, your printer will not appear online. However, you can rectify the issue by disabling this option.
  • To do this, head to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click your printer icon and select See what's printing. Go to the Printer menu and ensure Use Printer Offline is disabled.
  • Printer Offline Is Disabled
  • It is important to connect your printer and computer to the same network. If you don't do this, your computer cannot locate your printer while searching for nearby printers connected to the same network. In that case, you may conclude your printer is offline.

Not Printing

  • Whenever your printer fails to print documents, check the connections in the first place. Ensure your printer is connected to a working power outlet. If you are unsure about the power outlet's functionality, connecting different devices to the same outlet can help you determine the real issue.
  • It is quite important to set your Samsung printer as the default one. If you are unsure about the procedure, head to the Devices and Printers section, right-click your printer, and pick the Set as default printer option.
  • Default Printer Option

Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

  • If your Samsung M2885FW printer is not connecting to Wi-Fi, check your network in the first place. See if you can connect other devices to the same network. If you cannot do this, restart your router and then check if you can connect your devices to the router's network.
  • A power cycle can be a simple yet effective technique to handle communication issues. Therefore, give it a try and see if it works. To do this, turn off your Samsung printer and remove the power cord from its rear port and the electrical outlet. After a few seconds, reconnect the power cord to the appropriate ports and turn on the printer. Now, check if it can connect to your Wi-Fi network.
    Connect To Your Wi-fi Network

Not Scanning

  • A driver is an important software application responsible for establishing stable communication between your printer and computer. If it goes outdated, you need to update it to ensure communication between your devices. Since HP provides all the required software for Samsung printers, you can get the ideal software for your Samsung M2885FW printer from HP's website.
  • If you have connected your printer and computer over a network, ensure they are connected to the same network. You cannot access your printer from the computer if you connect them to different networks. In that scenario, you may start thinking that your printer is not printing. Suppose you have established a connection between your printer and computer via USB. In that case, you should ensure that the cable is working fine and is connected firmly to the right ports on your printer and computer.

In A Nutshell

Therefore, this is the procedure for setting up your Samsung M2880fw printer. For further questions and clarifications, reach our technical experts using the Toll-Free button on this page. Our technical experts will connect you over call and provide you with real-time assistance in setting up your printer.

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