Samsung M2071 Setup

The Samsung M2071 Setup performs operations like printing, scanning, copying, and more. This printer delivers high-quality printouts quickly. Start to set up your Samsung M2071 printer after purchasing it. You can avail guidelines on this page to configure the hardware & software of the printer. You can also obtain the printer’s driver and manual (soft copy) using this site for free.

Samsung M2071 Unboxing Setup

  1. Check if your Samsung printer box is sealed.
  2. Open the box. You can find the printer components inside it.
  3. Take the printer components out of the box and keep them aside.
  4. Place the printer on a flat surface.
  5. Install the toner cartridge in the printer.
  6. Take a stack of suitable paper and tap on a flat surface.
  7. Load the sheets into the input tray of the printer.
  8. Execute the power connection.
  9. Configure the software of the Samsung M2071 Setup printer and complete the unboxing setup.
samsung m2071 setup

Samsung M2071 Driver and Manual Download

It is mandatory to download the driver of the Samsung M2071 printer after setting up the hardware of the printer. The software lets you enjoy all the printer functions. You can obtain the software either from the software CD provided in the printer box or the Driver Download button on this website. Make use of the Read More button below to download the driver of the printer.

Samsung M2071 Driver For Windows

The file format of the Samsung M2071 printer for Windows system is in the .exe format. Some of the versions of the Windows OS has in-built printer software. You can install the printer software in the OS of your system.

Samsung M2071 Driver For Mac

The driver file extension of the Samsung M2071 printer is in the .dmg format. The Apple Software Update of the system also helps you to avail the Samsung M2071 Setup printer software. You can also make use of the Driver Download button provided on this site to install the download the software of the Samsung printer.

Samsung M2071 Printer Driver Installation

You can install the Samsung M2071 printer’s software after downloading it. The installation procedure slightly differs based on the OS version of your computer or laptop. Find procedure for the installation process in the Driver Download page on this site.

Samsung M2071 Wifi Setup

The Wi-Fi connection is the best method to link the Samsung M2071 printer and computer. Follow the instructions for the wireless setup between the devices in the below-given topic.

How to Connect Samsung M2071 Printer

  • Enable the wireless option on your Samsung M2071 Setup printer.
  • Ensure that the recent version of the printer software is installed on your Mac system.
  • Open System Preferences on your computer.
  • Go to Printers & Scanners.
  • Tap the + sign located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Choose the IP address at the top.
  • Go to Protocol field and select HP Jetdirect-Socket.
  • In the Address field, enter the Samsung M2071 printer's IP address.
  • Provide your printer name on the Name field.
  • Choose your printer driver in the Select Software field.
  • Tap the Add button.

Samsung M2071 Toner Reset

  • Buy a toner reset chip from the manufacturer’s store.
  • Open the access door of the Samsung M2071 Setup printer.
  • You can find a toner cartridge inside the printer.
  • Remove the cartridge from the printer.
  • Find the reset chip on the cartridge and take it out.
  • Unpack the new reset chip and fix it into the cartridge.
  • Insert the cartridge back into the printer.
  • Close the access cover and complete the toner reset process.

Samsung M2071 Toner Replacement

  • Raise the scan unit of the printer.
  • Also, disclose the inner door.
  • Hold the handle of the cartridge and take it from the printer.
  • Take a new toner cartridge and tremble it gently.
  • Unpack the cartridge.
  • Insert the cartridge into the Samsung M2071 Setup printer.
  • Close the inner door and scan unit.

How to Scan Samsung M2071

  • Keep the document you need to scan on the document glass with its print side facing down.
  • Tap the Scan button on the panel of the Samsung M2071 printer.
  • Select Scan to PC --> Scan To.
  • Choose the destination where you need to save the scanned document.
  • Configure the other scan settings and start the scan process.

How to Reset Samsung M2071

  • Ensure that the Samsung M2071 Setup printer is powered on.
  • Disconnect the power cable from the printer and electrical outlet.
  • Wait for a few minutes.
  • Connect the power cable to the printer and power supply directly.
  • After connecting the cord, the printer powers on automatically.
  • If the printer does not turn on by itself, turn it on by force pressing its power button.

Samsung M2071 Troubleshooting

Solve any Samsung M2071 printer problems using the solutions provided in the below given topics. If you cannot find any solutions for your printer issue in the topics below, call our technical experts and troubleshoot the problem.

Samsung M2071 Printer Offline

  1. Check the connection between your Samsung M2071 Setup printer and computer.
  2. Examine the power connection of the printer.
  3. Check the paper tray of the printer.
  4. Ensure that the toner cartridge of the Samsung M2071 printer is working properly.
  5. Replace the toner cartridge with a new one if it is in bad condition.
  6. Check the print settings in the software of the Samsung M2071 printer.

Samsung M2071 Not Printing

  1. Check if the paper tray of the printer is loaded with suitable sheets.
  2. Remove the toner cartridge from the printer.
  3. Check for any damage on the cartridge.
  4. If the cartridge is damaged, replace it with a new one which can be purchased from the manufacturer’s store.
  5. Also, examine the power connection of the Samsung M2071 printer.
  6. For more solutions to solve the Samsung M2071 Setup printer not printing issue, get in touch with our technical support team for more solutions.
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