Lexmark X5470 Setup Support

Lexmark X5470 is an All-In-One wireless printer with print, copy, fax, and scan functions. The print speed of this printer is 24 ppm for black and 18 ppm for color. It can print quick borderless photos easily. This Lexmark printer is capable of printing directly from memory card slots and digital cameras.   

If you are perform Lexmark X5470 setup for the first time, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Unpack the Printer

Take out the printer from the carton and check the components included in the package.

The printer package consists of the following:

  1. Toner cartridge
  2. Software CD
  3. Telephone line cord
  4. Setup guide
  5. Power cord
  6. User Guide
  7. Warranty statement
  8. Remove all the packing materials from the printer.
Lexmark X5470 Setup

Step 2: Loading Paper

  1. Raise the control panel until it locks into its position.
  2. Raise the input paper tray to load paper. 
  3. Pull out the paper tray located at the bottom of the printer.
  4. Adjust the paper guides according to the size of the paper that you are going to load.
  5. Fan a stack of paper before loading and align them on a flat surface.
  6. Now, load the paper in the tray.

Step 3: Connecting the Power Cord & Initial Connections

  1. Connect the power cord to the rear side of the Lexmark printer.
  2. Plug in the other end of the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on the printer and make the initial settings on the printer.
  4. Choose your language using the navigation buttons. 
  5. Configure the date and time settings on the Lexmark printer.

Step 4: Installing the Toner Cartridges

  1. Open the Lexmark X5470 setup's ink cartridge access door.
  2. Now, unpack the new toner cartridge by pulling the yellow tag.
  3. Insert the cartridges by following the color codes in the carriage area.

Step 5: Installing the Printer Software

  1. Insert the installation disc into the CD drive of your computer.
  2. You can also download the printer software from the official Lexmark website.
  3. Choose your connection type when prompted.
  4. After installing the software, you can print from your computer easily.

Lexmark X5470 Driver for Windows 10

Windows 10 Driver for Lexmark X5470 Printer

If you don't have the installation disc with you, download the printer driver for your Windows 10 computer by following the instructions given below.

  1. Go to the official Lexmark website.
  2. Select the Support tab and navigate to the Customer Support section.
  3. Now, enter your printer model and select your operating system when you are on the printer's page.
  4. Click the Download option and wait until the download is completed.
  5. Run the installer file and continue with the on-screen instructions to install the printer software.
  6. When the User Account Control dialog window appears, click Yes.
  7. Select the option to accept the license agreement.
  8. Choose a connection type and install the printer driver.

Lexmark X5470 Driver for Mac

Mac Driver for Lexmark X5470 Printer

Carry out the steps that are given below to download and install the printer driver on your Mac computer.

  1. Open the official Lexmark website to download the driver.
  2. Navigate to the Support page and choose your printer model.
  3. Select the Drivers & Downloads link at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click the Downloads tab and choose your operating system as Mac from the drop-down list. Then, download the driver.
  5. Double-click on the installer file and complete the installation by following the instructions on the screen.

Lexmark X5470 Setup Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark X5470 Setup

If you don't have the user manual with you, download the manual for the printer by following the steps that are given below.

  1. Open the official Lexmark website from a web browser.
  2. Choose your country and language.
  3. Go to the Customer Support tab.
  4. Now, select Device Support and type your printer model number in the Search section.
  5. Now, click on the Go button.
  6. You can also choose your Lexmark printer from Product Category.
  1. Once you are on the Lexmark printer's page, click the Manuals & Guides link.
  2. Select the User's Guide PDF option and open the manual.
  3. Click on the Download icon on the PDF page to download the User manual.
  4. You can also click on the Manual Download button on this page to download the manual.

Lexmark X5470 Wireless Setup

This Lexmark X5470 setup does not support wireless connectivity. But if you wish to connect this printer to a wireless network, you have to install the Lexmark N4050e Print Server. The steps to set up the print server are as follows.

  1. Connect the print server to your Windows computers USB port.
  2. Insert the setup CD of the print server on your computer and begin the installation.
  3. Initially, the N4050e Utility will be installed on your computer.
  4. Once it is installed, the print server’s setup wizard will open up.
  5. Make sure your computer is connected to your wireless router.
  6. Follow the instructions displayed in the setup wizard.
  7. When the setup wizard prompts, select the SSID of your wireless network from the displayed list and then enter its password.
  1. Again, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the print server setup.
  2. Once done, disconnect the print server from your computer and connect it to the USB port on your Lexmark printer.
  3. If the printer and the print server are connected successfully, a network port will be created. Verify it from the Network Settings Page.
  4. Now, install the printer software on your computer.

Lexmark X5470 Toner Replacement Guide

  1. If your toner cartridge is running out of ink, you can replace the toner by following the steps given below.
  2. First, turn on the Lexmark X5470 setup, open the Lexmark X5470's top cover, and then remove the old cartridge.
  3. Now, unpack a new toner cartridge and pull the tag on it.
  4. Make sure not to touch the contacts on the cartridge.
  5. Wait until the carriage moves to the center position.
  6. When it is idle, insert the toner cartridge by clicking it down.
  7. Close the top cover after replacing the toner.
Lexmark X5470 Toner Cartridge

Lexmark X5470 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

If you are facing any issues on your printer, check the printer’s screen for any error message. In most of the cases, the issue will be fixed when you try to resolve it by following the instructions on the screen. Make sure to maintain the printer properly by running routine maintenance. Some of the common errors that occur on the printer and their troubleshooting techniques are given below.

Lexmark X5470 Offline

  1. If you receive the offline printer error, make sure that you have properly connected the printer to your computer.
  2. In case of any issues, check the printer whether it is in sleep mode.
  3. Set the printer as default from your computer’s Control Panel The steps for this are as follows:
  4. Press the Start menu and open Control Panel.
  5. Select the Hardware and Sound section and click Printers.
  6. Right-click on the Lexmark printer and select the See what’s printing option.
  7. Now click the Printer menu and deselect the option Use Printer Offline.
  8. Clear any jobs in the print queue and restart your printer to fix the issue.

Fix: Lexmark X5470 Paper Feed Problem

  1. If your Lexmark X5470 setup doesn't feed paper, check whether there are any paper stuck inside the printer.
  2. Make sure to load the correct paper that meets the requirements of the Lexmark printer.
  3. Check if the paper guides are positioned correctly according to the size of the paper you have loaded.
  4. Remove the ink cartridges and reinsert them.
  5. Also, take out the paper stack that you have loaded and fan it well before loading.
  6. Now, restart your printer to resolve the issue.

Steps: Lexmark X5470 Paper Jam

  1. If any paper is stuck inside your Lexmark printer, open the rear access door and look for paper jams.
  2. Remove the paper using both hands if you find any.
  3. Pull out the input paper tray and check for the jammed paper.
  4. After removing the jammed paper, reboot your printer.

Lexmark X5470 Reset Guide

  1. If you are facing any problems with the printer, you can reset it by following the steps given below.
  2. Press the Copy Mode on the control panel of the Lexmark printer.
  3. Select the Tools option using the navigation buttons.
  4. Now, select Defaults and press the right or left arrow buttons to locate Set Defaults.
  5. Select the Use Factory option and confirm it.
  6. The Lexmark X5470 setup will now be reset to the factory defaults.
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