Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Setup - Complete Guidelines

Have you bought a new Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer for your home or office printing, scanning, copying, and faxing needs and are searching for the right guide to set it up? Yes? Then, your search for the printer setup guide ends here. We have covered the detailed step-by-step instructions that walk you through the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup, starting from unboxing the printer to installing it on a computer, in the section below. Open the product box to see if the following components are provided: the Lexmark printer, service information page, wireless setup cable for USB connection, software CD-ROM, printhead, fax guide, one each of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow cartridges, a quick setup sheet, a quick reference guide, and a networking guide. If yes, begin the setup by following the instructions below. If you find any of the above-mentioned components missing or damaged inside the box, kindly contact your printer manufacturer or dealer to get a new or replacement one.

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Setup

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Setup: 1.2.3 Done

Are you new to printers? Yes? Then, this setup article is for you. Many people believe that setting up a new or any thermal inkjet for the first time is a laborious task. It is partially true. You can set up any new printer effortlessly if you find the right setup instructions for it. Here, we will walk you through the simple and quick instructions that will help you set up your Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer within a few minutes. Are you ready? Let's get started!

#1 Performing the Hardware Setup

In this step, you will see how to unpack the printer, install the printheads, install the ink cartridges, and load paper onto the paper support. All these steps are straightforward. So, take it easy. We have your back covered. Perform the instructions as discussed below to successfully complete the first step of the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup.

  • Have you taken the printer out of the box and placed it on a neat, stable surface? Yes? Good.
  • You will find the packing tape, Styrofoam sheet, and other packing materials in the cartridge area, on the scanner glass, and inside and outside the printer.
  • Using your hands, gently remove all the packing materials from the printer.
  • Have you done it? Perfect! Now, get the printhead for your printer that was provided during the purchase.
  • Raise the printer's top cover if necessary, and locate the printhead area.
  • Before installing the head, ensure that the packing material is removed from it.
  • Gently install the head on your printer. You will hear a click if the head is installed properly.
  • Now, unpack the genuine ink cartridges that were shipped with the printer.
  • Touch the other parts of the cartridges, except their contacts.
  • Install the unpacked cartridges into their slots. Remember to lower the printer's top cover after installing the ink cartridges.
  • You have almost completed the first step of the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup. One more to go.
  • Fan out the paper that is recommended for your printer.
  • Move the guides on the paper support to the ends. Load the paper with its print side facing up.
  • Ensure that the loaded papers are manageable. Adjust the guides properly. That's it! You have completed the first step of the setup. Two more steps to go. Let's finish them quickly.

#2 Configuring The Initial Settings

Turn on your printer and configure the initial settings by following the instructions below.

  • Get the printer's power cord.
  • Connect the power cord from a working electrical outlet to the back of the Lexmark printer.
  • Now, turn on the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer by pressing the Power button.
  • Need help finding this button? Well, it is on the printer's control panel and exactly above the Setup button (it looks like the spanner).
  • The printer might take a few seconds longer than usual to stabilize when you switch it on for the first time. So sit back and wait for the boot-up process to finish.
  • You will see the screen with a list of languages on the printer display once it is ready to use. Select your language from the displayed list and press OK.
  • Similarly, configure the other settings, such as date and time, region, paper settings, etc., by following the prompts displayed on the screen.
  • Do you want to check whether the printer's hardware setup is done correctly? Yes? Then there is a method for it.
  • The method is nothing more than printing the printer's report sheet. This report will tell you everything about your printer and its configured settings.
  • The printer will prompt you to print this report once you complete the printer's hardware setup.

#3 Printer Software Installation

The final and last step of the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup is installing the printer on your computer. You do it using the setup CD-ROM (which is provided with the printer), the downloaded driver file, and your computer's built-in driver. The choice is yours. But before you begin the driver installation, ensure that the printer is turned on.

  • Open the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup file for Windows or Mac on your computer from the setup CD or downloaded driver file.
  • Connect your printer to the computer using the USB or wireless connection, and install the basic drivers by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete the rest of the setup by following the on-screen instructions.

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Driver Download

Are you looking for the most compatible and latest Lexmark Prospect Pro205 driver for your OS? Yes? Then this section is for you.

  • Go to the official Lexmark website from the browser that you're using currently, or open a new browser of your choice.
  • Click on the "Drivers and Downloads" tab. Have you done it? Yes? Good!
  • Now, you will see a screen, as shown in the image below, in your browser. Here, enter Lexmark Prospect Pro205, tap Enter, or click Find Drivers and Downloads.
  • Wait for the drivers and downloads page to load. Once it is done, scroll down the screen.
  • You will see the Compatible Download Results for Lexmark Prospect Pro205 section, and below it, you can find the drivers available for your OS type.
  • Click the Download button beside the driver you want. The selected printer driver will start downloading as soon as you click the Download button.
Click Find Drivers And Downloads

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Setup

Have you lost the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup manual that was provided during the product purchase, or is the manual damaged or not provided? Yes? Then it is okay. You can obtain the soft manual by using any of the methods listed below.

  • Can you find the Manual Download button above? Yes? Click on it to download the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 manual within a few seconds.
  • An alternative method, go to your printer's official website.
  • Click on the Support & Downloads tab on the left panel, followed by Manuals.
  • Now, choose the manual you want and click on the Download icon beside it. The manual that you have selected will start downloading.

Driver Installation: Lexmark Prospect Pro205

Have you finished the first phase of the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup, which is hardware setup, and are you looking for the right way to install the printer's setup software on your computer? Yes? You have opened the right website for it. In this section, we have outlined in detail how to perform the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup on your computer using the built-in driver and the recommended manufacturer driver.

Using the Download Driver File or Setup CD

  • Are you looking to use the setup CD for driver installation? Yes? Then, insert the installation disc into your computer's CD drive and open the driver file.
  • Or else, open the downloaded driver file and run the installer file.
  • You have to accept the license agreement from the printer manufacturer to continue the installation. So, click Accept to agree with the license agreement when prompted.
  • You can complete the rest of the driver installation by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Using The Built-in Driver In Windows

Before you start installing the printer on your computer using the built-in driver, you have to ensure that the devices are connected to the same network. This way, you can perform the driver installation easily and without problems. For USB, connect the USB cable from your Lexmark printer's USB port to the computer's USB port. For wireless, connect your printer and computer to the same network. Go through the instructions below in the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 wireless setup section of this page to learn how to connect your printer to Wi-Fi. Are your Lexmark printer and computer on the same network? Yes? Then, follow the instructions below to set up your printer on Windows using the built-in driver.

  • Open the Devices and Printers screen on your computer.
  • Here, you will find the Add a Printer button. Click on it.
  • Now, the Add a Printer dialog box will open. This box will search for and display the printers connected to the same network that you have connected to the computer.
  • Select your Lexmark printer if its name is displayed on the screen. If not, it's okay.
  • You can go for this alternative method to install the printer on your computer.
  • Click on the "The printer that..." option followed by "Add a local printer...."
  • Perform the on-screen prompts to install the printer on your computer using the built-in driver.

Click the toll-free button provided on this page if you're using a Mac and looking to install the Lexmark printer on it using the built-in driver. Our support team will provide you with real-time assistance in performing it.

Add A Local Printer

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Wireless Setup

Are you looking to set up your Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer for wireless communication? That's great! Configuring a wirelessly enabled printer on a computer via wireless communication is simple. If this is your first experience connecting the printer to a wireless connection, it is alright. We are here to guide you throughout the process. You will learn how to connect your Lexmark printer to Wi-Fi using the traditional method, the push method of WPS, and the PIN method of WPS in this section. So, are you ready? Let's get started!

First Things First

  • Before starting the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Wi-Fi setup, make sure that your wireless network is configured correctly and turn on the router.
  • If you are setting up the wireless connection using a setup wizard, note down the login credentials for the network.
  • Similarly, if you're using the push-button method of WP, get a WPS-compatible router.
  • Close all the running software programs on your computer.

Connecting The Printer To A Wi-Fi Network

  • Open the setup screen on your printer. You can do this by pressing the Setup button on the printer's control panel.
  • Have you opened the setup screen? Yes? Then, select Network Setup > Wireless Networking > Wi-Fi Protected Setup > Enable Auto Detect.
  • Press the wireless router's WPS button when prompted.
  • Tap OK when the confirmation message appears on the printer screen to connect to the network.
  • If your wireless router does not have a WPS feature, you can connect the printer to your network by selecting the SSID. Choose your network name and enter the password if prompted.

Completing The Wi-Fi Setup

  • Install the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer software on your computer to complete the Wi-Fi setup.
  • You can use the installation disc, downloaded software file from the official Lexmark website, or the built-in driver to install the printer on your computer.
  • Open the driver file if you're looking to install the printer on your computer using the disc or downloaded file. Click Accept > Install.
  • When prompted to select a connection type, select "Wireless."
  • You can complete the rest of the driver installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Ink Cartridge Replacement

Usually, you will receive low-quality printouts, printouts with gaps, or blank pages from the printer when the ink level of the cartridges runs out of ink. In this case, the only way to resolve the print quality issue and continue printing on your printer is to replace the existing empty or low cartridges with new ones.

You can not only replace the cartridge when the ink cartridges run out of ink, but you can also perform the replacement if the cartridge that is installed on your printer is damaged or incompatible. Replacing the existing cartridge with a new one is as simple as installing the cartridge for the first time. However, before you start the cartridge replacement, ensure that you have the new cartridges.

  • Switch on your Lexmark Prospect Pro205 printer if you want to turn it on.
  • Gently open the printer's cover. Locate the ink cartridge that you want to replace and press its release tab.
  • Now, remove the cartridge from its slot. Pack the empty or used cartridge properly and store it in a safe location.
  • Unpack the new replacement cartridge and insert it into the slot. Do the same for all the other cartridges that you want to replace.
  • After installing all the cartridges, close the printer cover.
  • You want to know whether you have installed the ink cartridge correctly. Yes? Then, print a test page. This will help you know whether the cartridge is installed correctly and check the cartridge's quality.

Solve Lexmark Prospect Pro205 Printer Issues

An issue or a problem can occur at any time when working with the printer. It is common, and there is a solution for every printer problem. So, if you're facing an issue with your Lexmark printer, take it easy. You can resolve it. Generally, when the printer encounters a problem, an error message or code relating to the same will be displayed on the printer's or computer's screen. So, first, check the printer LCD for any error messages. You can immediately follow the instructions on the screen to resolve the error.

If you face print quality issues, check to ensure that genuine ink cartridges are installed on your printer. Also, ensure that the cartridges are seated properly. If none of the solutions resolve the problem, clean the print head to resolve the issue. Clean the print head directly from the printer's control panel by following the instructions below.

  • Open the Settings screen. Choose Maintenance > Clean Printhead > Deep Clean Printhead from the menu.
  • The printer will start cleaning now.
  • Restart the printer after the cleaning process is complete.

Two common Lexmark Prospect Pro205 issues and their solutions are listed below. We hope you will find them useful.

Offline-Fixed Lexmark Prospect Pro205

It's frustrating, but at the same time, one of the common issues faced by many people is "offline." There are numerous reasons for this issue, ranging from "not connecting the printer and your computer to the same network" to "installing an incompatible or wrong printer driver on your computer." Whatever the causes might be, you can resolve this printer problem within a few seconds. Proceed with the steps that are given below to bring your Lexmark printer back online.

Best And Simple Solutions

  • Restart the printer. It is a simple and effective method that helps you resolve these kinds of common issues.
  • Is the restart process sufficient to resolve the offline issue? No? It's okay. Let's get started with the next solution.
  • Check and resolve the communication issue. This issue occurs if the devices are not connected to the same network. So, you can resolve it by connecting the devices to the same network.
  • For USB, check if the USB cable is connected securely from the printer to your computer. If not, unplug and reconnect the cable directly from your printer to your computer.
  • For wireless, ensure that your Lexmark printer and the computer are on the same network. Sometimes, using the wrong network range might also lead to wireless problems. So, ensure that the network range you're using is the suggested.
  • One of the very important things you must check when encountering the "offline" issue is the printer driver version. Generally, the printer driver must be up-to-date and compatible with your computer's OS to access the printer for printing and other printer-related needs.
  • If the driver is incompatible or outdated, please update or reinstall the driver and then check your printer status.

Advanced Solutions (only for Windows 7 users)

  • There is a feature called "Use Printer Offline" in Windows that puts the printer in offline mode.
  • Check whether this feature is enabled. If yes, disable it to bring your Lexmark printer back online. To do it, first, open the Devices and Printers screen. Have you opened it? Yes?
  • Now, locate and select your printer below the Printers section. After doing this, open your printer's Print Queue.
  • Select the Printer option. Now, the list of options will show up. Can you see the options? Yes? Locate and click on the "Use Printer Offline" option. The tick mark beside it will disappear now, and this indicates the Use Printer Offline option is disabled.
  • Also, check if the Pause Printing option is enabled. If yes, deselect it too. If you find the "Set as default printer" option deselected, select it.
  • Click Use Printer Offline
  • When you initiate a print job, this option will assist the printer software or application (that you use for printing) in selecting the printer that is set as the default.

Paper Jam — Lexmark Prospect Pro205 — Cleared

Paper jams can be either real jams or false jams. There is a method for distinguishing between real and fake jams. Restart your printer when you see the "paper jam" message on your screen. After your printer restarts, check its display. If the paper jam is false, the error must be gone. If the "paper jam" message shows up again, you can confirm that a sheet of paper is jammed inside your printer.

It's alright. We are here to assist you in resolving this printer problem. The one and only quick method to clear the paper jam error on your printer are to remove the jammed paper. So, check and remove the jammed paper from your printer. You can do this within a few minutes by following the instructions below.

  • There are many possibilities for paper to jam in the following parts of the printer:
  • Input tray
  • Output tray
  • ADF
  • So, first, look for the jammed paper in these parts of the printer. If you find any, remove it as soon as possible and as carefully as you can.
  • Check all other parts of the printer to see if there is no paper jam in the above-mentioned areas. This will help you find the packing materials on your printer that you left or forgot to remove.

Get All Your Printing Solutions With A Single Click

Have you now learned how to perform the Lexmark Prospect Pro205 setup? We believe, yes, you have. We have also seen how to set up this Lexmark printer for wireless communication, install it on a computer, and resolve two common problems: offline and paper jams. We hope that this article was useful! Are you new to printers? If yes, getting real-time support from an experienced technical expert in setting up your printer might be more helpful. Click the toll-free button provided on this page to contact our technical team now.

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