What Is Lexmark Photoconductor?

The Photoconductor unit is a supply item that is similar to a toner cartridge. The black and color photoconductor units are available for the Lexmark printers. Touching the photoconductor drum might affect print quality. To get good print results, you are recommended to use the genuine photoconductor unit. After the end of the life of the photoconductor unit, you have to replace it with a new one. The Lexmark Photoconductor kit consists of a photoconductor, cleaner blade, and a charging system. The print quality degrades when the photoconductor is not replaced after the end of its life.

Set Up Photoconductor

If you are installing the photoconductor unit for the first time on a Lexmark printer, carry out the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Open the door A (front cover) of the Lexmark printer.
  2. Take a new photoconductor unit from the package and then place it correctly.
  3. If needed, wipe the printhead lens using the printhead wiper.
  4. Insert other components into the Lexmark printer and close the door A.
Lexmark Photoconductor

Lexmark Photoconductor Replacement Guide

If you see any of the following messages on the display panel of the Lexmark printer, you have to replace the photoconductor kit followed by resetting the counter.

  1. 84 PC Kit life warning
  2. Photoconductor Kit Life Warning
  3. 84 Replace PC Kit
  4. Photoconductor Exhauste
  5. The instructions to replace the photoconductor on the Lexmark printer are provided below.
  6. Make sure the Lexmark printer is turned off.
  7. Remove the photoconductor kit followed by the toner cartridge from the Lexmark printer.
  8. Separate the toner cartridge from the photoconductor kit.
  1. Take the new photoconductor kit and place the toner cartridge in it.
  2. Insert the photoconductor unit and toner cartridge together into the Lexmark printer.
  3. Once done with replacing the photoconductor, reset its counter by performing the steps given here.
  4. Open the Lexmark printer’s front cover, press the Stop/Cancel button, and close the front cover.
  5. Note: Resetting the Lexmark photoconductor counter without performing the replacement steps might damage the Lexmark printer.
  6. Finally, power up the Lexmark printer.
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