Lexmark MS312dn Setup Guidance

Lexmark M312dn is a monochrome laser printer that can print up to 33 pages per minute. The printer is capable of duplex printing. It can be connected to your computer using Ethernet, USB, or Wireless network. You can print up to 2500 pages per month using the printer. It has a 50-sheet multipurpose feeder, and the input paper tray can hold up to 250-sheets of paper. The total weight of the printer is 14kg, and it comes with a one year warranty period.

Are you setting up the printer for the first time? You can follow the guidelines that are given below to do Lexmark MS312dn setup.

Step 1: Unpacking the printer

  1. Take out the printer from the carton box and check the components included in the package.
  2. The printer package consists of the following.
  3. Toner cartridge
  4. Software CD
  5. Imaging unit
  6. Setup guide
  7. Power cord
  8. Stability sheet
  9. Warranty statement
  10. Remove the Styrofoam covers from the sides of the printer.
  11. Dispose of the protective cover and tapes from the printer.
  12. Place the printer on a stable surface that is away from the direct sunlight.
  13. Lower the printer cover and take out the cartridge and imaging unit.
  14. Pull the tag on the tray, and remove the external sheet and shipping restraint.
  15. Fix the imaging unit and cartridge into the printer.

Step 2: Loading Paper

  1. Pull out the paper tray at the bottom of the printer.
  2. The printer supports a number of media sizes that include A6, A4, A5, and other letter sizes.
  3. Adjust the paper guides according to the size of the paper that you are going to load.
  4. Fan a stack of paper well before loading and align it on a flat surface.
  5. Now, insert the tray back into the printer.
Lexmark Ms312dn Setup

Step 3: Connecting the Power Cord

  1. Connect the power cord to the rear side of the Lexmark MS312dn setup.
  2. Plug in the other end of the cord to an electrical outlet.
  3. Turn on the printer and set the required initial settings on the printer.

Step 4: Installing the Printer Software

  1. Insert the installation disc into the CD drive of your computer.
  2. You can also download the software from the official Lexmark website.
  3. Choose a type of connection when prompted.
  4. After installing the software, you can print from your computer easily.
  5. For an Ethernet connection, connect the Ethernet cable to the rear side of the printer before connecting the power cord. Then, plug in the other end to your router.
  6. If you are connecting the printer and computer using a USB cable, first install the printer software and connect the USB cable only when prompted by the software installer.
  7. For Wireless connection, you can either connect the printer directly to your wireless network, or use the Wireless Setup Utility for Windows computers. If you have a Mac computer, install the Wireless Setup Assistant software to connect the printer wirelessly.

Lexmark Ms312dn Driver Download

Driver for Lexmark MS312dn Printer

Don't have the installation disc with you?

There is another way to install the driver; the driver can be downloaded online and then installed. Proceed with the steps that are given below to download the driver for the Lexmark MS312dn printer.

  1. Look for the Driver Download button on this site and click it. That’s all, the driver will be downloaded, and you can install it.
  2. Otherwise, open the official Lexmark website from your web browser.
  3. Navigate to the Support page and enter your printer model number in the Search section. Then, click on the Go button.
  4. Select the Support & Downloads link and choose your operating system from the drop-down list.
  5. You can download the required driver by selecting the software.
  6. Click on the Driver Download button on the page to download the driver for the Lexmark printer.

Lexmark Ms312dn User Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark MS312dn Printer

User manuals are very useful, especially when you are handling the Lexmark MS312dn setup for the first time. If you have lost it, you can very well download a soft copy of the manual from our site.

  1. Just click the Manual Download button, and the manual will be downloaded as a PDF file. Install a PDF viewer to open and view the manual.
  2. Otherwise, launch the official Lexmark website, choose your printer from the Product Category, and click the Manuals & Guides link. Select the User's Guide PDF option to open the manual. You can download the manual.

Lexmark Ms312dn Driver Installation

You can follow the guidelines that are given below to install the driver for the Lexmark printer.

  1. Use the installation disc to install the driver, or download the driver from the official Lexmark website.
  2. Run the installer file to open the installation wizard.
  3. When the driver installation wizard appears, click Next.
  4. Select the I accept option to agree with the terms and conditions of the license agreement.
  5. If you want to choose an installation folder, click Change. After selecting the folder, click Next.
  1. When the Add Printer wizard appears, choose an option according to your connection type.
  2. If you are connecting the printer and computer using a USB cable, select the Add a local printer option. Then, click Next.
  3. Complete the rest of the instructions on the screen to finish installing the driver.

Lexmark Ms312dn Wireless Setup

Do you want to print wirelessly? Proceed with the steps that are given below to set up the printer wirelessly.

  1. Connect the Lexmark MS312dn setup to a power source.
  2. For wireless setup, connect the wireless network adapter that came in the printer package.
  3. If you have connected an Ethernet cable to the printer, disconnect it.
  4. Make sure to keep the router turned on.
  5. Go to the Settings menu on the control panel of the printer.
  6. Select Network and Ports option using the navigation button and tap OK.
  7. Now, select Active NIC and press the OK button. You have set the Active NIC to Auto.
  8. Turn off the printer and turn it on after a few seconds.
  9. Open Settings, and select Network/Ports and touch OK.
  1. Navigate to the Network section and select Network Setup.
  2. Now, go to the Wireless section and select Wireless Connection Setup.
  3. Choose your wireless network name from the displayed list.
  4. Enter the password of the network to connect to the network.
  5. Now, insert the installation disc into the CD drive of your computer.
  6. Double-click on the installer file and complete the rest of the installation process by following the instructions on the screen.
  7. After installing the printer software, you can print wirelessly from your computer.
  8. Press the Tools button and select the Reports option. Then, press the OK button.
  9. Select the Network Setup page option and tap OK to print the network configuration sheet.

Guide: Lexmark Ms312dn Print Double-Side

Carry out the steps that are given below to print double-sided using the Lexmark printer.

  1. Load the required sheets of paper into the input paper tray. Keep the Lexmark MS312dn setup turned on
  2. Make sure to install the printer software and connect the printer to your computer.
  3. Now, open the document you want to print.
  4. Click the File menu and select the Print option.
  5. You can view the print preview of the document. After that, select Print.
  1. Select the Properties tab and click Layout.
  2. In the Print on Both Sides (Duplex) section, select the Print on both sides option.
  3. Choose a Long edge or short edge option according to your preference. Then, click OK.
  4. Your document will now be printed double-sided.

Lexmark MS312dn Setup Troubleshooting

The Lexmark MS312dn printer may fall into certain issues like all other printers. When any problem occurs, the printer LCD screen displays the error. You can follow the on-screen instructions shown on the printer display to clear the error.

Most of the printers fall into paper jamming issues frequently. To avoid such issues, make sure to load the paper after aligning it correctly.

For connection issues, check with the Internet Service Provider. If you face any issues that you feel difficult to rectify, click on the Call button on this page to engage with us. We are ready to sort our problems and give appropriate solutions. Some of the major issues that occur on the printer and the respective troubleshooting techniques are mentioned below.

Lexmark Ms312dn won't Print from Tray Issue

  1. If the Lexmark MS312dn setup can’t print from a tray, carry out the steps that are given below to fix the issue.
  2. Make sure the paper loaded into the printer is compatible. Check if you have loaded paper correctly.
  3. Pull out the input paper tray and remove the stack of paper you have loaded. Fan it and align the paper stack on a flat surface.
  4. Now, reload paper in the tray and slide the paper guides to the size the paper you have loaded. Then, fix the tray back to the printer.
  5. If any paper is jammed, remove it and check if the issue is resolved.
  6. Update printer driver to the latest version. Now, check if the issue has been resolved.
  7. Ensure that you selected the correct paper size on the software.
  8. If the issue persists, unplug the power cord from the printer. Turn on the printer after some time and try printing.
  9. If the issue persists, reset the printer, reconfigure the printer settings, and start printing.

Lexmark Ms312dn Duplex not Working Issue

  1. If you can't perform duplex printing on the Lexmark MS312DN printer, proceed with the steps that are given below to fix the problem.
  2. First, check the driver settings of the Lexmark printer.
  3. Go to the Start menu and open the Control Panel window.
  4. Select the Printers and Faxes section and right-click on the printer driver to select Properties.
  5. Navigate to the Device Settings tab and ensure that the duplex unit is set to Available under Installable Options. 
  6. Now, try printing again to check whether the issue is resolved.
  7. If the issue persists, set the correct paper type and preferences on the software.
  8. You can check the settings that enable double-sided printing on this page.

Fixed: Lexmark Ms312dn won't Stop Printing Issue

If you have connected the Lexmark MS312dn setup to a Windows computer, and the printer doesn't stop printing, then you should take some action immediately, otherwise, the printer can end up in a serious issue.

  1. Press the Windows and R buttons together to launch the Run dialog box.
  2. Type "services.msc" in the Search section. Then click on the OK button.
  3. Locate the Print Spooler service and right-click on it to select Stop.
  4. Open the Run dialog box and enter "C:\Windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS." Then, click OK.
  5. Now, when the Printers folder appears, delete all the files in it.
  6. Go to the Start menu and type Run.
  1. In the Run dialog box, type "services.msc" and hit the Enter key.
  2. Launch the Services window and right-click on the Print Spooler service to select the Properties option.
  3. Choose the Startup type as Manual and click OK.
  4. Exit the Properties window, and right-click on the Print Spooler service. Then, select Start.
  5. Now, the printer should stop printing.
  6. Contact our technical experts for more assistance in resolving this issue. 

Lexmark Ms312dn Printer Offline Guidance

If you are facing Lexmark MS312dn setup offline issues frequently, there might be connection issues, or it might be due to incorrect settings.

  1. Go to the Settings section from your Windows computer.
  2. Right-click on the Lexmark printer and select the Use Printer Online option if the Use Printer Offline mode is enabled.
  3. Clear your print jobs to resolve the issue. Go to the Printer menu and select the Cancel All Documents option.
  4. Turn off the printer and turn it on after a few minutes to check if the issue is resolved.
  5. If the problem persists, reinstall the printer driver from the official Lexmark to fix the issue.

Steps: Lexmark Ms312dn Factory Reset

A factory reset brings back the default factory settings on the printer, and there is no going back. Reset is usually recommended only when there are issues that cannot be solved with other troubleshooting steps.

  1. Tap the Settings button and select the General Settings option using the navigation buttons.
  2. Navigate to the Factory Defaults section and select the Restore Now option. Then, press the OK button.
  3. Now, your Lexmark MS312dn setup will be restored to the factory defaults.
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