Lexmark M1246 Setup

Lexmark M1246 is one of the best laser printers that can perform the print operation over a wired or USB cable network. This laser printer supports Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX. If you wish, you can connect the Lexmark M1246 printer over a wireless network using a network adapter such as MarkNet 8370. The toner cartridge and the imaging units are pre-installed inside the printer. Lexmark M1246 setup for the first time, refer to the simple instructions given below.

  1. First, open the printer box.
  2. Take the Lexmark printer and all the components out of the box.
  3. Place the Lexmark M1246 printer on a table and remove all packing tapes surrounding it.
  4. Open the front door (A). Remove the toner cartridge from the printer.
  5. Shake the cartridge three times.
  6. Similarly, remove the imaging unit and shake it.
  7. Take the packing materials off the imaging unit and place it back into the printer.
  8. Replace the toner cartridge into the printer.
  9. Close the door A.
  10. Now, pull the paper tray out of the printer. Adjust the guides.
  11. Get a stack of clean plain paper and load it into the tray.
  12. Push the paper tray into the printer.
  13. Now, connect the Lexmark printer to the power outlet and turn it ON.
Lexmark M1246 Setup
  1. Set the basic printer preferences as instructed on the product screen.
  2. Connect the USB cable between the printer and your computer only when prompted during the driver installation.
  3. After completing the Lexmark M1246 setup, try a test print.

Lexmark M1246 Driver Download

Driver for Lexmark M1246 Printer
  1. Click the Driver Download for Windows or Driver Download for Mac button provided below.
  2. Now, the driver download process will be initiated, wait for it to complete.
  3. After download, you can begin the driver installation on your computer.

Lexmark M1246 User Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark M1246 Printer
  1. Click the Manual Download button provided below.
  2. Now, a soft copy of your Lexmark M1246 setup user guide will start to download.

Install Lexmark M1246 Driver

You can perform the Lexmark M1246 printer driver installation on your computer in two different ways.

Using Software Setup CD:

  1. Insert the setup CD into your computer’s disc tray.
  2. It may take a while for the installer to detect your OS type.
  3. After detecting your OS type successfully, the installation wizard will open.
  4. Follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  5. Make sure to select the connection type correctly when prompted.
  6. Connect the USB cable securely between the Lexmark printer and your computer when prompted by the installer.
  7. After completing the driver installation, run a test print to verify the setup.

Using Downloaded Driver File:

  1. On your Windows or Mac computer, open the downloaded driver file.
  2. Click the Install button when prompted.
  3. Select the connection type and carry out the connection setup as displayed on the screen.
  4. If you have a Mac, enter your Mac computer admin password if prompted during the driver installation.
  5. Finally, try a test print.

Lexmark M1246 Toner Replacement

This section will help you to replace the defective or empty toner cartridge with a new one on your Lexmark M1246 setup.

  1. Get a new toner cartridge from a trusted retailer.
  2. Unlock the door A.
  3. Take the defective or used toner cartridge out of your Lexmark printer.
  4. Remove the packing materials surrounding the new toner cartridge.
  5. Shake the toner cartridge a few times and place it in its slot.
  6. After replacing the toner cartridge, close the door A of your printer.

Lexmark M1246 Imaging Unit Replacement

  1. First, get a new imaging unit from a trusted site or the Lexmark printer site.
  2. Now, open the door A of your printer.
  3. Gently, take the toner cartridge out of your Lexmark printer.
  4. After taking it out, remove the old, used, or defective imaging unit from the Lexmark printer.
  5. Now, take the new imaging unit out of its package.
  6. Remove all the packing materials surrounding the unit.
  7. Shake the new imaging unit thrice and then insert it into the printer.
  8. Now, place the toner cartridge back into the printer.
  9. Close the door A.
  10. Now, perform a test print.

Lexmark M1246 Print

Before you begin the print operation, check if you have installed the Lexmark M1246 printer driver software on your computer.

  1. Check if you have loaded enough paper to print.
  2. Make sure that your computer and the Lexmark M1246 setup are connected.
  3. Now, open the document that you want to print on your computer.
  4. In the document application window, launch the Print preferences dialog box.
  5. Select your Lexmark printer. Set the print preferences as per your need.
  6. Finally, click the Done button.
  7. Now, your Lexmark printer will start to print the document you have opened.

Lexmark M1246 Print From A Flash Drive

  1. Insert the flash drive containing the document to be print into your Lexmark printer.
  2. Now, a list of documents stored on the drive will be displayed on your Lexmark printer screen.
  3. Choose the document you want to print.
  4. Select the Print option.

Lexmark M1246 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

At times, you may face issues with your Lexmark printer. The most common issues are loss of connection, paper jams, print quality issues, etc. To get remote assistance in solving any issues with your Lexmark printer, contact us. If you encounter the Printer Offline issue or the paper jam error with your Lexmark M1246 printer, then try some quick solutions given below.

Lexmark M1246 Offline Solution

If you encounter the Printer Offline issue while performing the print operation, then try some possible solutions discussed below.

  1. First, make sure that your Lexmark M1246 setup is turned ON.
  2. If not, turn it ON and check if the printer offline issue has been resolved.
  3. If the printer offline error persists, check if the USB cable is connected securely between the Lexmark printer and your computer.
  4. If you have used the Wi-Fi connectivity, then check if both the devices are connected to the same network.
  5. Restart your Lexmark M1246 printer and the computer.
  6. For Windows users: Go to the Printers & Faxes or Printers section.
  7. Select and right-click on your Lexmark printer.
  8. Choose the Use Printer Online option.
  9. Now, check if the Printer Offline issue is resolved. If yes, run a test print.
  10. If the Printer Offline issue remains unresolved, then uninstall and reinstall the Lexmark print driver on your computer.

Fixed: Lexmark M1246 Paper Jam

To resolve the error paper jam, perform the quick steps given below.

  1. Usually, paper jams occur in locations like standard bin, rear door, tray [x], and multipurpose feeder of your Lexmark printer.
  2. As soon as you receive the error paper jam, first, try to identify the jam location.

Paper jam in the front door A 

  1. First, take the paper tray out of the printer.
  2. Now, open the door A of your Lexmark printer.
  3. Slowly, remove the toner cartridge followed by the imaging unit from the printer.
  4. Look for the jammed paper. If found, remove it.
  5. Make sure to remove all the paper fragments from the printer.
  6. After removing the jammed paper, insert the imaging unit and toner cartridge into the printer.
  7. Close the door A.
  8. Fix the paper tray back into the Lexmark M1246 setup.
  9. Similarly, remove all the jammed paper present in the different parts of the printer.
  10. Test print a document to check if the jams have been cleared.
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