What Is Lexmark Printer Imaging Unit?

Today's printers are more sophisticated than ever. For example, earlier, we used printheads and cartridges to create images on paper. But recently, the pattern has changed completely. Instead of printheads and cartridges, we have their updated version in the form of imaging units. The imaging unit is the key component of the printer that creates images on paper. A properly functioning imaging unit can deliver the excellent image quality and smear-free printouts.

This web page provides instructions for installing, cleaning, replacing, and resetting the imaging unit for Lexmark printers. Read this page and learn the right process. You can also contact our technical experts for real-time assistance.

Lexmark Printer Imaging Unit

How To Install Lexmark Imaging Unit?

After purchasing a printer, you need to complete the initial setup. This process typically includes turning on the printer, loading paper, installing cartridges, and completing the software installation. However, if your printer is equipped with an imaging unit, you will need to install it manually. These guidelines will help clarify the process of installing an imaging unit into your Lexmark printer.

  • Open the front door of the printer.
  • Unpack the imaging unit and shake it to distribute the toner evenly.
  • Install it into the appropriate slot on the printer.
  • Close the printer door.
  • If the imaging unit was preinstalled in the printer, remove the unit from the slot, remove the protective tape, and reinsert it into the same slot.
Install Lexmark Imaging Unit

How Do I Clean My Lexmark Printer Imaging Unit?

Regular cleaning is recommended to keep your printer working properly. The same law applies to imaging units. These instructions explain how to clean the imaging unit of your Lexmark printer.

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Open the printer's front door and pull out the imaging unit by the handle.
  • Using a lint-free cloth, gently wipe the imaging unit. After cleaning the unit, reinsert it into the printer.
  • After verifying that the imaging unit is properly installed, close the printer's front door.

How To Change Lexmark Imaging Unit?

If the imaging unit is low on toner, it should be replaced soon. These guidelines provide instructions for replacing the imaging unit on Lexmark MX317DN printers (for reference).

  • Open the printer's front door and pull the green handle to remove the toner cartridge. Then set it aside.
  • Remove the existing imaging unit from the printer.
  • Unpack the new imaging unit and insert it into the appropriate slot.
  • Put the toner cartridge back into its holder.
  • When the green light on your printer stops blinking, you can start using the printer.
Lexmark Imaging Unit

How To Reset Lexmark Imaging Unit?

  • With the printer turned on, open its front door.
  • Press the X (Cancel) button on the printer control panel.
  • After a few seconds, the lights on the printer display will flash.
  • When you see the message "Resetting Counters," release the X (Cancel) button.
  • Close the printer's front door.
  • The Lexmark printer's imaging unit resets, and the printer automatically turns on.
  • If the printer does not turn on, press the power button to turn it on.

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To Conclude

Here's what you have to know about the imaging units on Lexmark printers. If you need further clarification or are looking for more information on this topic, please contact us using the call button on this page. Our technicians will contact you and resolve all your doubts.

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