Lexmark C4150 Setup

You got to set up the printer before you connect it to any other device. Use the below steps to complete Lexmark C4150 setup.

Lexmark C4150 Setup


  1. Take out the printer from the carton and place it on a stable surface.
  2. Check the printer accessories such as the power cord, cartridges, manuals, and installation CD, in the box and keep them safe for later use.
  3. Remove all the packaging tapes and the protective tapes from the printer.
  4. After that, open the cartridge door (B) and the paper tray, and take off the protective material from the inside of the printer.

Install the Toner Cartridges

  1. Close the paper tray and keep the cartridge door (B) open.
  2. Unpack the new toner cartridge and carefully insert the cartridge in its holder in the printer.
  3. Install the other toner cartridges in the printer and then install the waste toner bottle.
  4. Next, close the cartridge door (B).

Load Paper 

  1. Now, draw out the paper tray and move the paper guides away to the paper size you are going to load.
  2. Neatly arrange the paper such that its print face is on the top.
  3. Place the paper in the tray and make sure the paper level is below the maximum paper fill indicator.
  4. Adjust the paper guides to the paper edges and make sure not to bend or fold the paper.
  5. Replace the tray into the printer.

Power Connection

  1. Connect the power cord to the printer and plug the other end to an electrical wall socket.
  2. Now, press the power button on the printer’s control panel to switch on the Lexmark C4150 setup.

Printer-Computer Connection

  1. When the hardware setup is complete, go on to install the printer software or driver on the computer.
  2. The printer driver helps to manage and control the printer operations.

Lexmark C4150 Driver Download

Driver for Lexmark C4150 Printer
  1. The Lexmark printer driver is available on the installation disc which is provided with the printer, or else, you can download the printer driver online.
  2. Click the Driver Download button on our site to instantly download the printer driver.
  3. Else, visit the official Lexmark support website from the browser window.
  4. When the support page opens up, enter the printer model number in the search bar, and find your printer model’s support page.
  5. In the Download panel, choose the Operating System from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click the download link to start downloading, and when it is complete, the driver package is stored on the system.

Lexmark C4150 Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark C4150 Setup
  1. The Lexmark C4150 setup manuals are provided during the purchase; if you have lost any of those, you can get it online.
  2. Click the Manual Download button on this site, and the manual for the Lexmark C4150 printer will start downloading.
  3. Otherwise, you can download the manuals from the official Lexmark site.
  4. Launch the browser application and go to the official Lexmark webpage.
  5. Find your printer model on the page and select it to access the support page.
  6. In the Manuals section, you can find the printer manuals below Manual & Guides.
  7. The manuals are available in PDF and HTML formats.
  8. Select the manual which you have to download on the system and click Download.

Install Lexmark C4150 Driver

The following instructions will help you to install the printer driver.

  1. Insert the installation CD in the computer and open the CD/DVD directory.
  2. After that, open the printer driver installer file in the directory.
  3. If the computer does not have a CD drive, then download the driver from the official Lexmark webpage.
  1. Once the driver download is done, open the driver installer file to start the installation.
  2. Follow the guided instructions in the installation window and complete the setup.

Guide: Lexmark C4150 Toner Reset

  1. Once you replace the old toner cartridge with a new one, you need to perform a toner reset, which will erase the printer’s previous toner level memory and start afresh.
  2. Press the Menu button on the control panel and hold it until the Tests Menu shows up on display.
  3. Press the Select button two times, and the Settings page appears on the panel.
  4. Below Printer Information, check if the base code level is “803.04” or above, then continue with the toner reset process.
  5. In case the code level is lower than the mentioned code, update the printer code and then proceed with the toner reset.
  6. Now, again press the Menu button on the Lexmark C4150 setup and select Reset Toner Lvl.
  7. Choose the cartridge that has to be reset on the printer by navigating through the options by pressing the Menu button.
  8. When the toner cartridge with the Reset message appears on the screen, press the Select button.
  9. Following that, the “Resetting Toner” message appears on display, and the Reset message appears again when the reset is complete.
  10. If you have to reset the other ink cartridges, repeat the above steps, and choose the desired ink cartridge color.
  11. After that, power off the printer and turn it on again.
  12. Go to the Menu Settings screen again and verify whether the toner level is reset.

Guide: Lexmark C4150 Fuser Replacement

  1. Switch off the printer and disconnect the power cord from the wall socket.
  2. Next, open the front door (A) located below the control panel. Following that, open the top cover (D) (above door A).
  3. Take off the old fuser from the printer and then unpack the new fuser.
  4. Place the new fuser inside the printer and close both the doors.
  5. Reattach the power cord to the outlet and turn on the printer.
  6. Now, reset the fuser by following the path, Settings > Device > Maintenance > Configuration Menu > Supply Usage And Counters > Fuser Reset or ITM Reset.

Lexmark C4150 Black Imaging Unit Replacement

  1. Keep the cartridge door (B) open during the replacement.
  2. Separate the waste toner bottle from the printer and then remove the old imaging kit.
  3. Remove the toner cartridges, next, open the new imaging kit package and remove the packaging materials.
  4. Remove the black imaging unit from the old kit and insert it into the new kit.
  5. Install the toner cartridges, insert the new imaging kit, and replace the waste toner bottle.
  6. Close the cartridge door (B) of the printer.

Lexmark C4150 Setup Problems Solution

When you encounter network issues, print issues, paper jam, paper feed issues, and hardware problems with the printer, error messages appear on the display panel. Try to fix the error by carrying out the appropriate troubleshooting steps. Otherwise, contact our technical team for support to get assistance from them. Quick solutions to some of the common printer issues are given below for your reference,

Solved: Lexmark C4150 Offline Error

When the printer goes offline while performing any operation, try out the below measures.

  1. Make sure the network and power cables of the Lexmark C4150 setup are connected properly; if they are not, then secure the cable ends.
  2. Disable the Sleep mode of the printer; for that, select the Settings menu on the home screen, follow the path, Devices > Power Management > Timeouts > Sleep Mode. Set the maximum time or disable the mode.
  3. Keep the Hibernate mode turned off by navigating to the Timeouts menu on the printer and turning off the Hibernate Timeout.
  4. Set the printer as default printing source on your computer.

Fix Lexmark C4150 Paper Jam Error

  1. Open the paper tray and slowly take out the paper from it.
  2. If the paper is stuck inside the tray, carefully remove every piece of the paper and close the tray.
  3. Look for jammed paper in other areas of the printer, and if found, remove the jammed bits slowly using both your hands.
  4. Neatly align some paper and place it in the input tray. Try to print.

Solved: Lexmark C4150 Fuser Error

  1. The fuser in the Lexmark C4150 setup changes temperature depending on the paper you load. In order to prevent any problem, configure the paper settings correctly to match the paper you load. 
  2. If you find the fuser is damaged, go ahead to replace the fuser of the printer and then reset the fuser count.
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