Lexmark B2865dw Setup Guidance

Lexmark B2865DW is a monochrome laser printer that prints up to a maximum speed of 65 ppm. This printer supports USB, wired network, and wireless connections. Below are the easy guidelines to perform Lexmark B2865dw setup.

  1. Check if the components that are mentioned below are included in the box.
  2. Power cord
  3. Software and documentation CD
  4. Toner cartridge
  5. Return program imaging unit
  6. Statement of limited warranty/guarantee
  7. Stability sheet and safety sheet or booklet
  8. Take the Lexmark B2865DW printer out of the box and remove all the protective materials from the inside and outside of the printer.
  9. Establish a connection between the printer and the power source using the power cord.
  10. Hold the Power button for five seconds on the control panel to turn on the printer.
  11. Draw out the paper tray, adjust the guides, and load a stack of paper into the paper tray.
  12. Position the guides correctly according to the paper dimension.
  13. Do not place the paper above the maximum paper limit.
Lexmark B2865dw Setup
  1. Place the paper tray back into the printer and then set the paper size and paper type in the control panel.
  2. Open the printer’s front door, place the new toner cartridge in the slot, and close the front door.
  3. Use the software and documentation CD to install the printer software on your computer.
  4. Make sure to establish a connection between the printer and the computer using the supported interface.

Lexmark B2865dw Driver Download

Driver for Lexmark B2865dw Printer
  1. Click the Driver Download link available on this web page to download the Lexmark B2865DW printer driver on your computer.
  2. Alternatively, open a web browser and visit the official Lexmark website. Navigate to the Downloads section, mention the OS of your computer, and click the printer driver file download link.
  3. This will download the Lexmark B2865DW printer driver on the computer.
  4. By default, the downloaded file will be saved in the Downloads folder.

Lexmark B2865dw Manual Download

User Manual for Lexmark B2865dw Setup
  1. First, launch the default web browser on your computer and then go to the manufacturer website.
  2. Search for the Lexmark B2865DW printer, navigate to the Manuals tab, and click the manual link.
  3. Once you click the Download icon at the top of the screen, a soft copy of the Lexmark printer manual will be saved in the Downloads folder of your computer.
  4. If you want to get a hard copy of the Lexmark B2865dw setup manual, click the Print icon at the upper-right end of the screen.
  5. Alternatively, you can download the soft copy of the Lexmark printer manual by clicking the Manual Download link available on this web page.

Lexmark B2865dw Driver Install

  1. Insert the software CD (that is available when you purchased the Lexmark B2865DW Printer) into the computer’s CD drive.
  2. The installation wizard will start automatically.
  3. If not, locate the setup file and double-click it.
  4. Perform the on-screen prompts to finish the installation process of the Lexmark B2865DW printer.
  1. If you do not have the software CD, download the printer driver from the official Lexmark website.
  2. Once done, navigate to the path where the printer file is saved and double-click the file to begin the installation process.
  3. Now, you can use the Lexmark B2865DW printer driver to perform the printer functions from the computer.

Lexmark B2865dw Scan Driver

The Lexmark B2865dw setup does not support the scanning function.

Step: Lexmark B2865dw Fuser Replacement

  1. The quick steps to perform the fuser replacement on the Lexmark B2865DW printer are provided below.
  2. Lower the rear cover of the Lexmark B2865DW printer.
  3. Take the used fuser out from the printer.
  4. Take a new fuser and then remove it from the package.
  5. Place the fuser into the printer, lock it correctly, and close the printer’s rear cover.

Guide: Lexmark B2865dw Toner Cartridge Reset

To know how to reset the toner cartridge of the Lexmark B2865DW printer, refer to the simple guidelines mentioned here.

  1. Go to the Lexmark printer’s control panel, press the Menu button repeatedly until you see the ‘Reset Toner Lvl’ option on the LCD panel, and press the Select button.
  2. Press the Reset option on the printer’s control panel.
  3. While resetting, you will see the Resetting Toner message on the LCD panel.

Lexmark B2865dw Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

To check the print quality, you have to print a Print Quality Test page on the printer. You can sort out the problems using this page and troubleshoot them accordingly. Printer status offline and paper jam are the mostly occurring problems on the Lexmark printer. The solutions to these problems are mentioned on this web page. If you require any assistance in resolving the Lexmark B2865DW printer problems, contact our technical experts by clicking the Call button given below.

Lexmark B2865dw Offline Guidance

Changing the printer status from offline to online:

  1. On your Windows computer, open the Control Panel window and go to the Printers and Faxes section.
  2. Right-click the Lexmark B2865dw setup icon and choose the Use Printer Online option.
  3. Try to print and check if the printer offline problem is resolved.

Default Printer:

  1. If another printer is set as a default one on your computer, set the Lexmark B2865DW printer as default.
  2. Locate the Lexmark B2865DW printer icon, right-click on it, and select the Set as Default Printer option from the context menu.

Pause Printing:

  1. Remove the checkmark beside the Pause Printing option.

Fixed: Lexmark B2865dw Paper Jam Error

Jammed paper in the paper tray:

  1. Pull out the Lexmark B2865dw setup’s paper tray.
  2. Grasp the jammed paper tightly and pull it out firmly using both your hands.
  3. Check if all the fragments of the paper are removed from the paper tray.
  4. Once done, push the paper tray back to the printer.

Jammed Paper in Door A:

  1. Open the printer’s front cover, take out the toner cartridge, and remove the imaging unit.
  2. Draw out the duplex unit and then clear the jammed paper.
  3. Push the duplex unit back into the printer and place the imaging unit followed by the toner cartridge.
  4. Make sure to close the printer’s front cover properly.

Jammed Paper in Door C:

  1. Open the Lexmark B2865DW printer’s rear cover.
  2. Take the jammed paper out from the fuser area as well as from the duplex area.
  3. Also, clear the jammed paper below the fuser area.
  4. After clearing all the jammed paper from the rear side of the Lexmark B2865dw setup, close the rear cover.

To avoid the paper jam problem in the future, do the following.

  1. It is mandatory to load a paper correctly in the paper tray.
  2. You are strongly recommended not to use a wrinkled or curled paper.
  3. If you want to use a stack of paper, fan them well before loading them in the paper tray.
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