HP Envy 100 Driver Download

Are you searching for the software of your HP Envy 100 printer? You are in the right place. You can obtain recently released printer software by utilizing this website for free.

Windows Operating System

Click the Driver Download button if the OS version of your computer is present in the below given drop-down list.

hp envy 100 printer driver for windows
  • Driver file name: LSD410_1315-1.exe.
  • Software file type: Printer software installation file in the .exe format.
  • Version: 28.8.
  • Date of release: August 17 of the year 2014.
  • The given software encloses all the printer drivers that are required for performing the functions of your HP Envy 100 printer.
  • Additional software: HP ePrint, HP Print & Scan Doctor app, basic driver and more.

Mac Operating System

Note: There is no separate HP Envy 100 printer software to be downloaded on your Mac system. You can install the printer driver using the Apple Software Update on your Mac device.

Manual Download

Get the manual of the HP Envy 100 printer using the Manual Download button given below.

hp envy 100 printer manual

Mac OS Mojave Driver For HP ENVY 100

The HP Envy 100 printer software will be available in the OS of your Mac device. If you cannot find the printer software in your system, update the OS of your Mac device. Also, update the printer driver. You can update the driver either by using a related option on the control panel of the printer or the HP Smart app in your computer. Carry on with the guidelines to update the printer driver using a suitable option on your printer. Tap the ePrint icon on the control panel of the printer. Tap Settings or Setup. Select Product Update or Check Product Updates. If you are asked to sign up, follow the guidelines on the control panel of the printer. Accept the Terms & Conditions by following the on-screen instructions. Enable the Web Services feature. Check if your printer starts to update the printer software. Click Check For Updates or a related menu to initialize the update process.

Tap the Apple menu present at the top of the left corner of the display. Click System Preferences --> Print & Scan or Printers & Scanners. Check your printer name in the Printers list. If the name is present, click on it. Now tap the Minus (-) sign to delete the printer name. When there are multiple print queues for the same printer name, delete all the duplicate printer names using the minus sign. Now add your printer name to the list using the plus sign. Click Add Printer or Scanner and choose your printer name. Go to the Use or Print Using menu and choose AirPrint or Secure AirPrint. Tap the Add button. Thus the HP Envy 100 printer software is downloaded on your Mac OS Mojave computer or laptop.

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