Easy HP Officejet 8702 Setup

To HP Officejet 8702 Setup, you require the printer’s power cable, installation CD, and ink cartridges. Firstly, you must unbox the printer, connect it to a power source, set the language and region preferences, install the ink cartridges and install the software using the installer disc.

hp officejet 8702 setup

How to Setup HP Officejet 8702 Printer?

  • Unseal the tape on the printer box and take the machine out of it.
  • Place the printer on a flat, clean surface.
  • Clear the tape on the printer and the surrounding sides of it.
  • Take the power cable, fix one end of it into the printer’s rear port.
  • Fix the other end into a direct electrical wall outlet.
  • Do not turn on the printer until the ink cartridges are installed.
  • Load an A4 paper into the input tray of the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and insert the ink cartridges into their slots.
  • Close the door and wait for the calibration page to print.
  • Insert the CD into the computer’s CD/DVD drive, follow the prompts and complete the driver HP Officejet 8702 Setup.

Free HP Officejet 8702 Driver and Manual Download

To download driver and manual, click on the respective link provided under the driver and manual download columns. The link provides the full-feature driver for accessing all applications and software supported by the printer. With the user manual, you can perform the printer setup and troubleshoot its problems.

How to Download HP Officejet 8702 Driver for Windows?

  1. Insert the software installation CD of your printer.
  2. Wait until the contents of its display on your Windows computer screen.
  3. Copy the setup file folder and paste it any of the required folders on your computer.
  4. Click twice on the .exe file, which is supported by Windows and a command box appears.
  5. Click on Run, Save or Open to initiate the driver installation process.
  6. Install the HP Easy Start app on your computer and get the driver using it.
  7. Click the Download link visible below and get the respective driver on your computer.

How to Download HP Officejet 8702 Driver for Mac?

  1. Mac computers launched after 2014 may not have the CD/DVD drive.
  2. Instead, the driver comes in a USB.
  3. Insert the USB into the respective port and wait till the Mac system detects it.
  4. Click on the drive, view the contents and open the setup file or copy it on your computer.
  5. Now the HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer driver file is saved on your Mac computer.
  6. Install the Mac driver for your printer using the Apple Software Update.
  7. For a simple method, you can click the download link below and the full-feature driver downloads directly on your Mac system.

Easy Wireless HP Officejet 8702 Setup

The steps provided below help you with the setup on a wireless network. You have three methods to connect the printer on Wi-Fi. Before you proceed with the process, keep your network name and password ready.

How to Connect HP Officejet 8702 Printer to Wireless?

  1. The default network id for the printer will be SSID.
  2. You can locate the network password on the rear of your internet router, the paper provided by ISP, or from the EWS information page.
  3. Ensure that the computer is already connected to a wireless network.
  4. Choose Settings Network Settings Wireless Setup Wizard to begin the wireless HP Officejet 8702 Setup.
  5. You can also enable the network using the Wi-Fi icon on the printer.
  6. Download and install the wireless driver and choose the network type as Wireless when prompted during the process.
hp officejet 8702 wireless setup

HP Officejet 8702 AirPrint setup

The HP Officejet 8702 printer has versatile mobile printing solutions. To print from your iOS device, view the steps below to set up and use the AirPrint feature. We have solutions for printing from Android devices as well.

  1. Check the iOS version requirement of your Apple device, which should be higher than 4.2 and more.
  2. Determine if the printer you bought supports AirPrint.The iOS device and your printer must be connected to the same wireless network.
  3. Verify if your printer supports HP Wi-Fi Direct.
  4. Before connecting your printer to the device using Wi-Fi Direct, check if blue light is on and stable, next to the Wi-Fi icon.
  5. If the button is available, press it, if not, access the control panel menu settings to locate Wi-Fi Direct.
  6. Touch Settings and then Wi-Fi on your iOS device.
  7. Choose your printer under the Choose network menu and it should begin with DIRECT.
  8. Provide the default password 12345678 if prompted.

How to HP Officejet 8702 Setup to the Computer?

  1. Let us see how to HP Officejet 8702 Setup the printer using a USB cable.
  2. Keep the printer in a turned-on state. Acquire a USB cable which is less than 3m in length.
  3. Remove the USB cable connected if any previously.
  4. Go to Devices and Printers on your Windows computer, right-click the printer model and select Remove Device.
  5. If you see more than one name, delete all. Download HP Easy Start and launch it.
  6. Select the network mode as USB when prompted.
  7. Print, Scan or copy to check if the connection has established successfully.

HP Officejet 8702 Ink Cartridges

You might be required to replace the ink cartridges HP 952 & 952 XL Black, similarly Cyan, Magenta and Yellow on your printer if the ink is dried out or empty. Sometimes, low ink level may also suggest for replacement.

How to Replace HP Officejet 8702 Ink Cartridge?

  1. To replace the ink cartridges of HP Officejet 8702, you must first remove the old or empty ones.
  2. The HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer ink cartridge area is located above the output tray and accessible as well.
  3. Unlock the door of the cartridge access area, remove all the empty ink cartridges one by one and keep it aside.
  4. Take the new replacement cartridge and insert it into the relevant slot. Ensure that you insert the correct cartridge as per the printhead color.
  5. Check if your printer has required papers in the input tray.
  6. Print an alignment page manually to confirm the ink cartridge installation.

How to Install HP Officejet 8702 Ink Cartridge?

  1. Do not turn on your printer during the ink cartridge installation process.
  2. Open the cartridge access door located above the output tray and access the carriage area.
  3. Take the ink cartridges out of the package installing one after the other.
  4. The moment you access the cartridge area, the carriage moves to the middle position.
  5. Clear the tape stuck on the ink cartridge and place it in the respective slot.
  6. Observe the color code on the printhead and set the respective ink cartridge into the slot.
  7. After the cartridges are appropriately aligned, the HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer prints an alignment page confirming the same.

How to Print on HP Officejet 8702 Printer?

To print from your HP Officejet 8702 printer, you must keep appropriate paper for documents and photos accordingly.

  1. Open the application from which you have planned to print the text.
  2. Click the File menu and choose the Print option under it.
  3. Go to Printer Preferences or Documents and Properties tab.
  4. Select the required settings and alter the paper size, quality, one or two-sided printing and more.
  5. If it is a document, place A4 plain paper in the input tray, come back to the Print window.
  6. Click on Print and the printer prints the assigned job.
  7. If you are printing a photo, grab the supportive photo paper and keep it in the input tray which is on top.
  8. Ensure that the paper size matches with the size chosen in the print settings.
  9. You can also use HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint to print from your email on your computer.

How to Scan from HP Officejet 8702 Printer?

With the printer, you can not only scan to your computer but also do duplex scanning using the ADF.

HP Officejet 8702 Scan to email

  1. HP Officejet 8702 Setup the scan software along with HP Scan on your computer before you perform the scan to email feature.
  2. If the printer has a touch screen menu or the Scan button, tap it, choose your computer name and the scan job type.
  3. Hold on until the scan completes and get back to operate your computer.
  4. The folder where the scanned item has been saved opens automatically.
  5. For printers without the Scan button, use HP Scan to for the scan to email feature.

How to Copy on HP Officejet 8702 Printer?

Copying is a simple job with your printer if you follow these steps. You can do duplex copying, ID card copying, and more.

  1. Keep the document or picture on the scanner glass or ADF of the printer.
  2. Press Copy, Copy Photo, or Copy Document on the printer’s control panel.
  3. Alter any preliminary settings if required.
  4. Tap Settings to display advanced copy settings.
  5. You can choose settings such as 2-Sided copying, ID copy, Size, paper size, type, qualityand more; change it if required.
  6. Tap Start else, go back to the main copy screen by using the Back or Return symbol.
  7. Now tap Start Black, Start Color, or OK to begin the copy job.

Instant Fax HP Officejet 8702 Setup

Faxing from this HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer lets you send documents or photos as a fax to the recipient instantly without the need of an Internet connection.

  1. Ensure that the recipient whom you are sending the fax also has the fax machine.
  2. Place a single or multi-page document into the ADF tray aligning the engraved guide.
  3. If you are using the scanner glass, load the document facing down the glass aligning the edges.
  4. Insert papers in the input tray. Dial the fax number from the printer’s control panel along with the area or region code.
  5. Tap the Send, Black or Color button to initiate the fax. The fax is sent if you hear a loud sound on the receiver. If a fax report is printed, then the fax is sent successfully.

How to Factory Reset HP Officejet 8702 Printer?

The printer requires a factory reset when error codes appear on your printer screen and you try to resolve it.

  1. Go to the control panel of your HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer and access the Main menu.
  2. Tap the Setup icon, select Tools and tap Restore Factory default.
  3. If the steps given above did not help you to complete a factory reset, then try the steps below.
  4. Press the Back button four times until you find the Support menu.
  5. Keep scrolling the right button until you locate the Reset menu.
  6. Now you should see various types of resets such as reset, partial reset, and full reset.
  7. Do not choose the old reset method which did not work previously.
  8. After you press the required reset method, the printer should be able to reset.

How to Update HP Officejet 8702 Printer Firmware?

The firmware update is required to get access to all the latest features released by the manufacturer including bug fixing. To update your printer’s firmware, follow these steps.

  1. If your printer contains the HP ePrint icon, tap the icon, press Settings or Setup based on what it displays under the printer update feature.
  2. Now tap Product Update or Check Product Updates.
  3. If your HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer contains a text-based panel, choose Setup, Service, or Settings menu, then Preferences, Printer maintenance, or Tools if essential, and then press Web Services or Printer Update.
  4. If you see an accept to the terms of service, then enable Web services and set up automatic updates with the instructions that display.
  5. If the printer fails to do the automatic update process, then choose to Check for Updates or an option that is same as it and begin the update.

HP Officejet 8702 Troubleshooting

These are the commonly occurring issues with your printer. Our experts have provided appropriate solutions to them so that you can go through the same and fix them independently. Not every printer throws the same error. The error can be while setting up your printer or comes on long usage as well.

How to Solve HP Officejet 8702 Printhead Error?

  1. If you see a printhead failure error on your printer’s control panel, the first and best solution would be resetting it.
  2. To reset the HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer, you must remove the power cable’s connection from the printer without turning it off.
  3. After the printer finishes its warming period, connect the cable back to the printer’s rear port and wall outlet.
  4. Try removing and reseating the printhead or replace it. Otherwise, service the printer hardware.

How to Solve HP Officejet 8702 Ink Cartridge Problem?

  1. HP Officejet 8702 Printer Setup with compatible cartridges.
  2. Remove and reseat the ink cartridges correctly.
  3. Clean the dust over the ink cartridge contacts.
  4. Repeat the second and third procedures.
  5. Reset the hardware of the printing machine completely.
  6. Replace the problematic ink cartridge with a new one, if any.
  7. Reach our technical experts through chat and resolve your printer problem.
  8. Service the printer hardware with a technician if none of the above steps help.

Why HP Officejet 8702 Not Printing?

  1. Check if there is a problem with the power cord of the printer.
  2. If so, try connecting with the new power cord and then check if the machine is printing.
  3. Examine the network connection between the computer and printer.
  4. If you find an issue, then run the HP Print and Scan Doctor self-diagnostic and fixing tool.
  5. Sometimes, restarting the device may also help to overcome the printing problem.

Why HP Officejet 8702 Printer Offline?

  1. If your printer suddenly goes offline, access the network settings of your computer and click on Print.
  2. If the printer status shows Offline under the Print option, then enable it to Online and check if it works.
  3. Otherwise, try to fix the issue with Print and Scan Doctor tool of HP.
  4. Try setting the printer manually by changing it to a default one.
  5. Restart the printing machine and see if the HP Officejet 8702 Setup printer Offline error disappears.
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