HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Setup Unboxing Guide

  • Unpack the M227FDW printer and set it on a flat surface.
  • Remove the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup accessories, such as power cable, software CD, and user guides from the box.
  • "Peel off" the adhesive tapes from the M227FDW machine.
  • Open the HP MFP printer’s scanner cover and remove all the packaging materials from the printer’s interior components.
  • "Grasp" the toner cartridge and take it out of the MFP machine.
  • Rock the cartridge back and forth a couple of times to redistribute the toner.
  • Twist the tab on the left side of the cartridge to break it away and pull it to remove the sealing tape.
  • Reinstall the toner cartridge after making sure that all the packing materials have been removed.
  • Lower the MFP M227FDW printer’s front door and extend the paper output tray.
  • Push the edge width guides outward, load a paper stack, and adjust the guides to secure the stack.
  • Take the HP power chord, uncoil it, and attach it to the "MFP M227FDW printer" & wall electrical outlet.
  • Press the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup’s power button located on the front side.
  • Wait until the printer initializes and then set the preferences, such as language, date, and time from the control panel.
HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Setup

HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Driver Download

HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Driver for Windows

Download the HP M227FDW printer driver from this site by clicking the link. This driver is for Windows 10 64-bit computers.

HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Driver for MAC

You can download the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW printer driver for Mac from this link. This driver is for Mac OS 10.15

HP Laserjet Pro Mfp M227FDW Printer Driver for Mac

HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Manual Download

The HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup manual can be downloaded from this link. You can save it on your computer to view it offline at any time.

Steps: HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Driver Install

  • Run the HP MFP M227FDW driver installer file while logged on to the computer as an administrator.
  • Click the Continue button and then select the software packages to be installed.
  • Accept the terms of the MFP M227FDW installer and proceed with the driver installation by following the on-screen prompts.
  • Choose a connection method for the M227DW printer and perform the actions on the screen to complete the driver installation.

Steps: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M227FDW Wireless Setup

  • Open the HP Pro M227FDW driver installer.
  • Accept the HP software’s license agreement and follow the prompts on the installer screen.
  • When the connection screen appears, choose the Wireless option.
  • Click Next.
  • The HP M227FDW software installer prompts you to follow some steps to enable Wi-Fi on your printer and connect it to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Once the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the installer detects it.
  • It then guides you through the rest of the steps to complete the wireless setup.

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Wi-Fi Direct Guidance

  • Open the Start menu on your Windows computer and select the Settings option.
  • Select Devices --> Printers & Scanners --> Add a printer or scanner.
  • Choose the ‘Show Wi-Fi Direct printers’ option.
  • Select the MFP M227FDW Wi-Fi SSID. (It has the word ‘Direct’ at the end.)
  • Check whether the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup is in the active mode. If it has entered the sleep mode, tap the Power button to wake it.
  • Now, go back to the computer and select the ‘Add device’ option.
  • The computer might prompt you to enter a WPS pin. Go to the M227FDW printer’s control panel and make a note of the WPS PIN.
  • Enter this PIN in the PIN field displayed on your computer.
  • NOTE:You need to enter the PIN within 90 seconds from the time when the PIN was displayed on the printer.
  • Click Next.
  • The M227DW printer should now be connected to the router via WPS.
HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Wifi Direct Guide

Guide: HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Scan to Computer

LJPRO M227FDW Scan to Computer On Windows

  • Open the HP Scan software on your computer.
  • You can access it by going to the Start menu --> All Apps--> HP --> HP M227FDW.
  • On older computers, go to Start --> All Programs --> HP --> HP M227FDW.
  • The HP M227FDW Printer Assistant opens.
  • Select the Scan option --> Scan a Document or Photo.
  • Set a destination folder on your computer for the scan output.
  • Tweak the other scanning preferences.
  • Place the document on the HP M227FDW printer’s platen and close the cover.
  • Click Scan to begin scanning.

LJPRO M227FDW Scan to Computer On Mac

  • Ensure that the document is loaded correctly on the HP M227FDW machine’s scanner glass.
  • Navigate to the Applications folder on your Mac computer and open the HP Easy Scan application.
  • Set the scanning preferences, including the destination folder for the scan.
  • When scanning multiple pages, make sure that you load the document(print side up) in the M227FDW machine’s ADF. Single-page documents can be placed (print side down) on the platen.
  • If the document has been loaded on the platen, make sure that the scanner cover is closed.
  • Select Scan and wait until the scanning is completed. 
  • Proceed to scan the other pages if the document has multiple pages.
  • Once all the pages have been scanned, select File-->Save.

HP Laserjet pro MFP M227FDW Scan to Email Guide

Open the Start menu, click All Programs --> HP--> Scan to E-mail Wizard.Navigate to the Outgoing Email Profiles option.Select New to open the ‘Scan to Email Setup’ window.


  • Key in the sender’s email address in the ‘Email Address’ field.
  • Type the email sender’s name in the ‘Display Name’ field.
  • Enter a secure PIN in the ‘Security PIN’ and ‘Confirm Security PIN’ fields.


  • Type the SMTP server hostname and port number.
  • Ensure that SSL/TLS is selected if you use Gmail.
  • Set the maximum email size.
  • For SMTP servers that require authentication, ensure that ‘Email Log-in Authentication’ is selected.
  • Key in the User ID & password. Click Next.


Select the ‘Include sender in all email messages sent from the printer’ option and click Next.


  • Check whether the information on the page is correct and then click ‘Save and Test.’
  • If there are no errors, the email configuration is correct.
  • Click Finish --> Close.
  • Print the HP M227FDW network configuration page. Alternatively, tap its Wireless button located on the control panel and make a note of the IP address.


  • Enter the IP address of the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup in your browser’s address bar, and press Enter to log into the HP M227FDW printer’s EWS page.
  • Go to System-->Administration-->Toggle Scan to Email On.
  • Navigate to Scan-->Outgoing E-mail Profiles link-->New-->Key in your email address, display name, and set the SMTP server preferences in the SMTP Server Settings section.
  • Set the rest of the preferences such as ‘SMTP server requires authentication for outgoing e-mail addresses,’ ‘SMTP User ID,’ ‘SMTP Password,’ ‘PIN,’ etc.
  • After all the preferences have been set, click ‘Save and Test’ and then go to ‘Email Address Book’ located on the left pane.
  • Key in the contact name and contact e-mail address. Click Add/Edit.
  • Click Save.
  • Set the Scan to email preferences from the ‘E-mail options’ menu located in the left pane.
  • Click Apply after the settings have been changed.

Performing Scan to Email

After loading the document on the HP M227FDW printer, navigate to the Scan option on the machine’s control panel.

  • Select the ‘Scan to Email’ option.
  • Set the From address(outgoing) and the To(recipient) address.
  • Key in the subject in the Subject field.
  • Select the Scan option to begin scanning.

HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

For issues relating to scanning, internal errors, and memory errors, read the instructions given in the topics below. You can troubleshoot these issues and resolve them quickly.

HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW won't Scan Issue

  • Perform a hard reset on the M227FDW printer.
  • Power on the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup.
  • After the printer has initialized, detach the power cable from the machine’s rear Power port.
  • Detach it from the wall electrical outlet as well.
  • After a minute, reattach the power cable to the M227FDW printer’s Power port.
  • If you use a surge protector, set it aside and connect the M227FDW machine’s power cable directly to the wall outlet.
  • If the HP machine does not get switched on automatically, press the Power button.
  • Check whether the scanning issue gets resolved after the printer initializes.
  • Go to the HP M227FDW machine’s control panel and press the Web Services button.
  • Tap Settings --> Remove web services.
  • Return to the Web services menu and configure it again.
  • After reconfiguring web services, check whether the scanning issue is resolved.
  • Ensure that your firewall or antivirus application is not blocking the HP Scan application.

Guide: HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Factory Reset

  • Power off the MFP M227FDW printer.
  • Wait until the MFP machine is powered off completely.
  • Power on the Laserjet Pro MFP printer.
  • When the M227FDW printer starts booting press and hold the bottom-right section of the touchscreen. 
  • After the booting animation is complete, a message stating that ‘Permanent storage init.’ is displayed.
  • Now, you can let go.
  • Then, the ‘Initializing’ message appears on the screen.
  • The HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup has been successfully reset.
HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Factory Reset

Solution: HP Laserjet Pro MFP M227FDW Supply Memory Error

The HP supply memory error appears when the toner cartridge is not recognized by the printer.

This supply memory error can be caused by a toner cartridge e-label issue.It can also be caused by a cartridge that is not in contact with the printer. (Because it was incorrectly installed)

Toner Cartridge Reinstallation

  • Raise the M227FDW printer’s toner cartridge access door.
  • Take the toner cartridge out of the printer.
  • Carefully reinstall the cartridge inside the M227FDW machine.
  • Ease the cartridge into its slot until you hear a click.
  • Now, power on the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup and check whether the supply memory error is cleared.

Replacing the Cartridges

  • Open the M227FDW machine's cartridge access door and remove the cartridge.
  • If an incompatible toner cartridge is used, it might cause this error.
  • Unpack a new HP toner cartridge and install it in the printer after removing the sealing tape.
  • (Break open the tab and pull it to remove the seal from the cartridge.)
  • After installing the new compatible HP toner cartridge in the printer, power the MFP machine on.
  • Check whether the supply memory error is cleared.

Inspecting the Toner Cartridges

In some cases, dust, debris, or even protective packaging materials stuck to the cartridge prevents it from being recognized by the MFP M227FDW.

Take the cartridge out, peel off the tapes, remove the packing material and then install it in the printer.

Updating the Firmware

  • Download the MFP M227FDW firmware updater from the manufacturer’s site and install it on your computer. Run the MFP M227FDW firmware updater as an administrator and install the latest firmware for your MFP machine.
  • This is because the firmware on the M227FDW might be out of date, and the printer might not recognize the microchip on the toner cartridge. 
  • If the error persists, detach the power cable from the HP Laserjet Pro M227FDW setup and power outlet. Reattach the power cable to the MFP machine and the wall outlet after half a minute. If the MFP M227FDW machine does not get powered on automatically, press the Power button and wait until the machine initializes. The supply memory error should now be resolved
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