HP Laserjet M209dwe Setup | Guidelines

Are you looking for the right procedure for setting up your HP LaserJet M209dwe HP printer? Look no more! On this web page, you will learn how to set up your printer, install the right software, print your documents from your smartphone, troubleshoot common issues, and much more. Without further ado, let's learn the detailed procedure.

HP Laserjet M209dwe Setup

Table of content

  1. Unboxing & Setup Instructions
  2. Driver Download
  3. Driver Install
  4. Manual Download
  5. Wi-Fi Setup
  6. USB Setup
  7. Mobile Printing Setup
  8. Enrolling Instant Ink Subscription
  9. How to print
  10. How to scan
  11. How to copy
  12. Troubleshooting

Unboxing & Setup Instructions

Once you receive your printer, you should unbox it and set it up to get started with your printing job. These instructions will show you the procedure in detail.

  1. To begin with, unpack the printer from the package and take out the box contents.
  2. Remove all the protective tapes and covers from both inside and outside the printer.
  3. Next, connect your printer to an electrical outlet using the provided power cord and then turn on the printer.
  4. On your computer, install the HP Easy Start app.
  5. Run the setup wizard and carry out the onscreen instructions to establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  6. Once the connection is established, you are ready to access the printer from the computer.
  7. Before you begin printing any documents, load a paper stack into the paper input tray and install the tray cover.
    Install The Tray Cover
  1. Make sure to extend the output tray.
  2. To verify the printer functionality after the HP Laserjet M209dwe setup, print a test page.

HP Laserjet M209dwe Driver Download

You can download the HP LaserJet M209dwe printer driver by clicking the Driver Download button on this page. Alternatively, you can get the software from the official HP site by following these steps.

  1. On your computer, launch the default browser after ensuring that you have a stable Internet connection.
  2. Visit the official HP site and enter your printer's model number in the search field.
  3. Hit the Enter key or click the printer model in the search results.
  4. Click the Software, Drivers and Firmware tab on the product support page.
  5. Wait until your OS version is detected automatically and the compatible drivers will be displayed.
  6. In case your OS version is not detected or incorrectly detected, click on the Choose a different OS link and select the correct OS version manually from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select the required driver from the list and click the Download button.
  2. Once the driver file is downloaded to your computer, you can proceed with the HP LaserJet M209dwe driver Setup.
  3. HP Laserjet M209dwe Driver Download

HP Laserjet M209dwe Driver Install

These instructions will guide you through the procedure for installing the HP Easy Start software on your Windows computer.

  1. First, turn on your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer.
  2. On your Windows computer, download and install the HP Easy Start software. It is available for download on the official HP site.
  3. If the device prompts for User Account Control, click Yes.
  4. Connect your printer and computer via a USB cable.
  5. In the HP Easy Start window, accept the license agreement.
  6. On the Printer found screen, check if your printer has been detected. If not so, click the My Printer is Not Shown button.
  7. Follow the onscreen prompts and establish the connection between your printer and computer.
  1. Finish the driver installation and print a test page to verify the printer functionality after the HP LaserJet M209dwe Setup
  2. HP Laserjet M209dwe Driver

Manual Download

Manual is indeed a reference book that can teach you how to use your device in the right manner. For your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer, the manufacturer must have provided a hard copy of the manual. If you have misplaced the manual, you can get it from HP's official website. Alternatively, you can also get the right manual with a single click; just click the Manual Download button on this page.

WI-FI Setup

Wireless printing has become a standard feature on most modern printers. This is because it allows you to print wirelessly, meaning that you don't have to be near the printer in order to print. Wireless printing is also more convenient, as you no longer have to worry about cords getting in the way and making it difficult to reach the printer. Complete the HP LaserJet M209dw printer's Wi-Fi setup by referring to these instructions.

  1. Before starting, restore the network settings to factory defaults if this is not your first-time setup.
  2. Restart your printer and verify that it is placed closer to your router.
  3. Turn on your router and wait until it becomes steady.
  4. Ensure that your printer's paper input tray is loaded with a paper stack.
  5. Navigate to the printer control panel.
  6. Press And Hold Down The Wireless
  1. Press and hold down the Wireless button for at least five seconds.
  2. Within two minutes, press the router's WPS button.
  3. In a short duration, a connection will be established between your printer and router.
  4. Check if the wireless light on the printer stops blinking.
  5. Once the connection is made, connect your computer to the same wireless network. Install the HP Easy Start app and follow the onscreen instructions. If prompted, choose the Wireless connection option as your connection type.
  6. Establish a wireless connection between your HP LaserJet printer and computer.
  7. Finish installing the driver by following the instructions in the setup wizard to finish the HP Laserjet M209dwe wireless Setup.

USB Setup

  1. Connect your HP LaserJet printer and computer using a USB cable.
  2. Open the HP Smart application on your computer.
  3. Click the + icon under the Add a printer option.
  4. Choose your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer and follow the onscreen instructions to add this to HP Smart.
  5. When prompted, create an HP account and register your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer.
  6. Now, you can print your documents using HP Smart.
    The Add A Printer Option

Mobile Printing Setup

HP LaserJet M209dwe supports mobile printing, and you no longer need a computer to print your documents. In this segment, you will learn how to print your documents from your iOS and Android devices.


  1. Open the document/image/web page you want to print.
  2. Tap on the Share icon and select the Print option.
  3. Note: you don't need to install any software to get started with AirPrint. Instead, you can print your documents with the inbuilt AirPrint feature.
  4. Ensure your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer is selected in the Printer field.
  5. Choose the required number of copies.
  6. Choose The Required Number
  7. Make the appropriate changes to your document and touch the Print option.

HP Smart

  1. Install the HP Smart application on your smartphone.
  2. You can get the app from HP's official support page and Play Store.
  3. Open the HP Smart app and turn on Bluetooth and Location services.
  4. Click the + icon; proceed with the onscreen instructions and add your printer.
  5. When prompted, create an HP account and register your printer.
  6. HP Smart
  7. Once a connection is established between your printer and smartphone, start printing using the HP Smart application.

Enrolling Instant Ink Subscription

  1. To begin with, open your default browser and visit the HP instant ink page.
  2. You need an HP Connected account to enrol your printer in the ink subscription plan.
  3. If you have an account use the credentials and sign in to the HP Connected account. If not, create an account
  4. Now, sign in to your HP Connected account.
  5. When prompted, choose your printer model.
  6. Enrolling Instant Ink
  7. Click Instant Ink and go to the Overview tab.
  8. Click Enroll a Printer and continue with the instructions to complete the enrolment process.

How To Print

  1. Start by turning on your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer.
  2. Load a paper stack into the paper input tray.
  3. Connect your printer and Windows computer via a USB cable or over a wireless network. Open the document/image on your computer and click the File menu. Select Print from the drop-down list to open the Print dialog box.
  4. Click on Preferences or Properties. In the pop-up window, click the Layout, Paper/Quality, or Printing Shortcut tab to access the available print settings.
  5. For advanced print settings, click the Advanced button at the bottom-right corner of the window.
  6. For Advanced Print Settings
  7. After choosing the required print settings, click OK to return to the Print dialog box.
  8. Finally, click Print to start printing your document after the HP Laserjet M209dwe Setup.

How To Scan On HP LaserJet M209dwe

HP LaserJet M209dwe is a single-function printer; you can print your documents seamlessly, but the printer doesn't support the Scan function.

How To Copy

Since HP LaserJet M209dwe doesn't support the Copy function, you cannot make any copies using this printer.


If your experience a problem with the HP LaserJet M209dwe printer, troubleshoot the issue with the correct steps. Errors like paper jams and printer offline have to be resolved to continue printing. In this section, we will show you some effective techniques to handle your printer issues.

Printer Offline

  1. Is your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer offline? Check the connection between your printer and Windows computer. To help you detect and resolve connection issues, use the HP Print and Scan Doctor diagnostic tool.
  2. Ensure that your printer is set as the default printer on your computer. In case it is not, open the Settings app on your computer. Click the Devices tab in the Settings window and select the Printers & scanners option from the left-side panel. Choose your printer's name from the displayed list and click the Manage button. Click the Set as default button. This will make your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer the default printer on your computer.
  3. If the printer status is still offline, open Control Panel and click the Devices and Printers tab. Right-click your printer's icon and select the See what's printing option. Clear all the pending print jobs and click the Printer tab. Deselect the Use Printer Offline option from the drop-down list. This will bring your printer back online.
  4. Deselect The Use Printer Offline Option

Not Printing

  1. If your HP Laserjet M209dwe printer is not printing as expected, check the print settings. Verify whether the print settings match the paper you have loaded into the paper input tray. Next, check the print quality. If the toner cartridge has been expended, replace it.
  2. Check the connection between your HP LaserJet printer and computer.
  3. If the problem is with the printer software, remove and reinstall it on your computer. You can also use the printer troubleshooter on your Windows computer to identify and resolve printing issues automatically. To do this, navigate to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click the Printer icon and choose Troubleshoot. Wait until it diagnoses and fixes your printer issue.
  4. Right-click The Printer Icon
  5. If no troubleshooting steps resolve the printing issue, reset the printer to factory defaults. And finally, finish the HP LaserJet M209dwe Setup.

Not Connecting To WI-FI

  1. If your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, restart your printer and computer. In many cases, this technique proved to be the best one to fix common issues.
  2. You can also try to rectify the problem using the HP Print and Scan Doctor application. Get the utility from HP's official website and install it on your computer. Open the tool and add your printer. Wait until the application diagnoses and fixes the connection issues. Then, ensure your printer can connect to your Wi-Fi network.
    Connect To Your Wi-fi Network

Long Story Short

Therefore, this is how you should set up your HP LaserJet M209dwe printer. For further questions and clarifications, get in touch with our technical experts. They will connect with you and help you rectify the printer issue in the best way possible. Reach us through the Toll-Free button on this page.

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