HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Setup Guidance

you have to set up the hardware parts of the HP printer before you operate it. Use the following procedure to physically HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup.

Printer Unboxing:

  1. Place the printer in a place where there is ample space to open the printer trays freely.
  2. Unbox the printer and keep the other printer accessories safe.
  3. Peel off all the orange protective tapes from the printer
  4. Open the cartridge access door by pressing the release button and take out the cartridge drawer.
  5. Remove the plastic and paper packaging materials from inside the printer and the cartridge.
  6. Replace the cartridge drawer inside the printer and close the access door if you are not following the next step.
HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Setup

Install Toner Cartridge:

  1. Open the cartridge access door, then draw the cartridge drawer.
  2. Unpack the toner cartridge and remove all the packaging covers and sheets.
  3. Then hold the cartridge by the handles and shake it to distribute the toner.
  4. Insert the toner cartridge in the cartridge drawer and move the cartridge drawer into the printer.
  5. Finally, close the cartridge access door.

Install Staple Cartridge:

  1. In case you do not have a staple cartridge, skip this step.
  2. If you want to install the staple cartridge, buy a staple cartridge from the store.
  3. Keep the stapler cartridge door open.
  4. Place the staple cartridge into the slot and see that it locks into the position.
  5. And close the stapler door.

Feeding Paper in Tray-2:

  1. Draw out the paper tray-2 and shift the blue holders to adjust the paper guides to the paper size you are loading.
  2. Arrange the paper and place it in the tray, and verify if the paper level remains below the maximum limit indicator.
  3. Move the paper edge guides to the paper edges, also check that the paper does not squeeze or bend.
  4. After that, slide the tray inside the HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Setup.

Loading Paper in the HCI Feeder:

  1. Pull the High Capacity Input feeder tray from the printer.
  2. Alter the paper-size lever to set the position for the paper.
  3. Place the paper stack into the feeder, and maintain the paper level within the maximum paper indicator.
  4. Slowly close the feeder tray.

Set the Printer Stand:

  1. Turn the tray lock on the front side, so that it secures the tray onto the printer.
  2. Now, rotate the printer wheels, such that it aligns with the edges.
  3. Cover the wheels using the wheel covers, and then unscrew the stabilizer leg, till it touches the floor.

Connect the Network Cable:

  1. Only if you are using the wired network connection, connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the printer.

Fax Setup:

  1. Attach the phone cord between the printer’s phone port and the telephone wall jack.

Basic Setup

  1. After the printer turns on, the display panel shows the initial setup guidelines.
  2. Set the language, date & time, region, and other basic settings.

Check printer settings

  1. To check the printer functions, you can print the report on the printer.
  2. Go to the Reports menu on the printer’s display, and select the Configuration or Status Pages menu.
  3. Following that, choose Configuration Page and select Print.

Power Connection:

  1. Connect the power cord between an electrical wall socket and the HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup.
  2. To switch on the printer, press the power button.

Update Firmware and Install Software:

  1. When you complete the printer’s hardware setup, proceed to install the printer software, and then if required, update the firmware.

Install HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Driver Software

With the printer driver on the computer, you can easily control the printer operations. The HP printer driver is available in two ways.

Installation CD:

  1. Insert the CD-ROM into the computer.
  2. Go the CD drive on the computer, and then open the driver package.
  3. Run the installation to complete the printer setup.

Download Online:

  1. Launch the web browser on the computer and visit the official HP website.
  2. Find the printer model and open its support page, then navigate to the Software, Drivers and Firmware section.
  3. Choose the appropriate OS version and download the printer driver.
HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Driver Install

HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Setup Manual Download

Go to the support page of the printer model and click the Manuals tab.

Select the language of your preference from the drop-down menu, and download the manual in PDF format.

Guide: HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Toner Replacement

Remove Old Toner Cartridge:

  1. Press the release button while opening the cartridge access door.
  2. Slide-out the cartridge drawer, then hold the handles of the old the toner cartridge and take it out.

Install a New Toner Cartridge:

  1. Remove the packaging cover of the new toner cartridge and gently rock it by holding the handles.
  2. Install the toner cartridge in the cartridge drawer and close the access door.

Steps: HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Wireless Setup

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi router network and not down the network name and password.
  2. Connect your computer to the router network and keep the printer turned on.
  3. Open the HP printer driver package on the computer and start the setup.
  4. In the HP Easy Start window, read the Installation, Agreement and Settings and accept it.
  5. Select the Wireless network menu as the connection method.
  1. Choose the appropriate printer model, and then connect a USB cable between the printer and the computer.
  2. When the printer model appears on the screen, select it, and continue with the wireless setup.computer.
  3. Enter the network password after the Wi-Fi network name displays in the window.
  4. If the wireless connection is established, choose the software and drivers for installing and complete the wireless setup.

HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Print Setup 

  1. Load the paper in the tray and get it ready for printing.
  2. The HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup and the computer should be connected to the same router network or directly connected via USB connection.
  3. Download and install the printer software on the computer.
  4. Open the printer software, and select Print, then click the printer name.
  5. Configure the print settings under Finishing and Quality panel, and click OK.
  6. Select the Print button to start the printing task.
HP Laserjet Enterprise Flow Mfp M632z Print Setup

How to Scan on HP Laserjet Enterprise Flow MFP M632z?

Scan to a network folder:

  1. Get the IP address of the printer from the printer’s display panel.
  2. Open the browser on your computer, and enter the IP address to access the Embedded Web Server.
  3. Under the Scan/Digital Send tab, configure the necessary scan settings, and complete the scan setup.
  4. Lift the printer’s scanner lid and place the document on the scanner glass by following the proper placements.
  5. Now, press the Scan icon on the home screen of the HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup.
  6. After that, choose the Scan to Network folder option.
  7. When the printer prompts to enter the folder location, type the path.
  8. Enter a file name in the Name field, then configure the scan settings and preview the scan document.
  9. If there are any changes in the scan document, return and modify the settings.
  10. Then tap the Send button.

HP Laserjet Enterprise Flow MFP M632z Troubleshooting

When the HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup faces any issues, the error message appears on the printer’s display panel. Try to resolve the error by troubleshooting the problem. The printer encounters various problems like network, setup, print, scan, fax, etc.

Fixed: HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Offline Issue

  1. When you cannot function properly, then solve the problems using the below solutions.
  2. Check the network cable ends; if it is a loose connection, then secure the cable ends at the router and the printer.
  3. If the printer firmware is old, update the firmware and try to operate the printer.
  4. Open the printing tasks on the computer, and look for any stalled or paused printing tasks, then remove those tasks.

Resolved: HP Laserjet Enterprise Flow MFP M632z Paper Jam Issue

  1. When the paper gets stuck inside the printer, use the procedure to clear the paper jam.
  2. Extend the paper tray from the printer.
  3. And pull out the paper which is clogged inside the printer.
  4. If there are small pieces of paper under the feed rollers, remove them from the inside of the printer.
  5. Replace the tray and close the front door.
  6. Now, open the door on the printer’s right side.
  7. Discard the jammed paper, then separate the fuser from the printer.
  8. Check if the fuser has got any paper; if it is, then remove the paper.
  9. Install the fuser into the printer and close the door.

How to Reset HP Laserjet MFP M632Z Printer?

You can perform the factory reset using the below steps;

  1. Turn on the HP Laserjet MFP M632Z setup and select the Settings menu or the gear icon on the printer’s touchscreen.
  2. Following that, choose the General menu, then tap Reset Factory Settings.
  3. Next, select Reset to start the process, and when the printer prompts to verify, confirm, and tap the Reset menu.
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