When it comes to printing, HP LaserJet printers are one step ahead as they can produce quality outputs. But sometimes, printing issues can happen if the settings are misconfigured or your printer is running low on ink. This page will help you define the HP LaserJet 4250 print quality issues and what to do to correct them. So, continue reading the instructions below.


Basic Troubleshooting:

  1. First, check your printer driver to make sure that you are using the correct print quality option.
  2. Next, try to print your document using alternate printer drivers such as HP Easy Start or HP Smart.
  3. Clean the printer and check if you have properly loaded the paper stack into the tray.
  4. Ensure that you select the correct paper settings on the printer control panel.
  1. Check for a paper jam inside the printer. If so, remove it without damaging the internal parts.
  2. Verify if the print cartridge is installed without the packing materials.
  3. Remove and reinstall the cartridge into the printer.

Troubleshooting The HP Laserjet 4250 Print Quality Issues:

For Light Print:

  1. Check if the cartridge is completely installed into the printer.
  2. If the toner level is low, replace the cartridge.
  3. Ensure that the print media meets the HP specifications.
  4. Turn off the EconoMode setting using the printer control panel.
  5. Open the Print Quality submenu in the Configure Device menu on the printer control panel.
  6. Increase the toner density and fix the print quality issues.

For Dropouts and Lines:

  1. Ensure that the environmental specifications for the printer are being met.
  2. Use a smoother paper.
  3. Open the Configure Device menu and select the Print Quality submenu.
  4. Select FUSER MODES and choose the paper type setting you want.
  5. Clean the inside of the printer and the fuser.
  6. Replace the print cartridge to fix the dropouts and lines in the printouts.
  7. If your HP LaserJet 4250 printer still produces print quality issues, deep clean the print cartridge and the parts inside the printer.

For Toner Smear:

  1. Try to print a few more sheets to check if the issue is fixed automatically.
  2. Run a cleaning page to the fuser.
  3. If the maintenance is due, install the new printer maintenance kit.
  1. Remove any paper bits inside the printer.
  2. Restart your printer and check if the print quality issue is resolved.
  3. If the problem remains unsolved, reset your printer to factory defaults.

To get more assistance on resolving HP Laserjet 4250 print quality issues, CALL our tech experts.

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