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HP Envy Printers


123.hp.com/envy is one of the most preferred printers for home users. These printers are supported by wireless technology for easy access and printing. 123.hp.com/setup offers guidance to HP Envy printer users for all queries.

HP Officejet Printers


123.hp.com/officejet printers are best-suited for business users. They come with optimized functional features, that can be used in a wide variety of printing applications. Produce high-quality prints at an affordable cost.

HP Officejet Pro Printers


Achieve long-lasting, laser-quality prints at an affordable cost using 123.hp.com/ojpro printers. These printers are most suitable for business and office use. These are high-speed printers with excellent printing quality.

HP Deskjet Printers

123.hp.com/dj printers are best-suited for home and industrial use. These are compact, less expensive lightweight inkjet printers are capable of printing up to 400 pages. These 123.hp.com/setup printers occupy a small desk space.

123 HP Support and Services

We provide simple and instant guidelines for setting up your printer. Avail quick solutions to solve any 123.hp.com/setup printer issues. You can get the latest version of the printer driver that suits the operating system version of your computer or laptop. We provide the driver software for free. Our technical team is here to guide you in fixing any problems in your printer.

Printer Setup

Follow the easy and quick procedure on this page to set up your printer. We provide guidelines for configuring the hardware and software of the printer.

Driver installation

Download the driver software of your 123 HP setup printer for free. You can get the latest version of the full-featured printer driver software that suits any OS version of your computer.

Wireless Setup

Get complete guidelines for setting the wireless connection on your printer. You can also call our technical experts for easy and quick instructions.

Network Setup

Acquire quick and simple procedure to configure the network settings in your 123.hp.com/setup printer. Also, get in touch with our technical experts for more guidance.

Connectivity Setup

Go through the quick and simple instructions on this site to set up the wired or wireless connection for your printer and computer.


We provide instant solutions to solve any problems in your printer. You can also get assistance from our technical support team by contacting them.

How to setup/install HP Printer (First time setup)

Setting up the HP printer is very simple and it takes only a couple of minutes. Before installing the software, it is necessary to finish the printer’s hardware setup. The 123.hp.com/setup Printer setup provides all the essential printing functions with increased productivity. Easily set up the 123 HP Printer using a USB or wireless network. Enjoy the experience of mobile printing from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

How to Unboxing HP Printer

  1. Check the list of contents in the printer’s shipment box before unboxing it.
  2. Take the 123.hp.com setup printer out from the box and remove all the packaging materials from exterior and interior of the box.
  3. Gently take all the other hardware components out from the box and unfasten the tapes & packing materials on them.
  4. Handle the printer components with care because any damage to them can cause malfunctioning of the device.
  5. Keep the cardboard box and other packing materials aside for recycling.
  6. Connect the power cord that comes with your printer to an external source.
  7. Provide power supply to your printer.
  8. Turn On the printer and set the control panel preferences to proceed further.

How to Install Ink 123 Cartridges

  1. Use only the 123.hp.com/setup ink cartridges that come with your printer.
  2. Take the ink cartridges out from its package and remove the protective tapes on them individually.
  3. Access the ink cartridge latch and wait until the carriage moves to the replacement position.
  4. Handle the ink cartridges carefully by holding the black colored plastic.
  5. Insert the ink cartridges into their corresponding slots and press it until they fix into place.
  6. Do not leave the ink cartridges exposed for more than 30 minutes.
  7. Make sure that you don’t place your fingers on the copper-colored contacts as it may lead to ink system failure.
  8. Close the ink cartridge access door.

How To Load Paper Into A HP Printer

  1. Pull the input tray and take all the 123.hp.com/setup packing materials out from it.
  2. Extend the paper width guides to their extreme end.
  3. Insert some plain sheets of paper into the input tray.
  4. Load papers with the short edge facing forward, and the print side facing downwards.
  5. Do not insert curled or wrinkled papers into the input tray.
  6. Make sure you don’t overfill the ink cartridges.
  7. Adjust the stack of paper inside the tray until it fixes in position.
  8. Move the paper width guides until they hit the edges of the paper.
  9. Insert the input tray into the printer until it locks in its corresponding slot.
hp printer load paper into tray

How to Install 123 HP Printer software

  1. Download the required software for your HP printer and computer from the 123 hp setup site.
  2. The software should be compatible with your printer model and PC’s operating system.
  3. Make sure that you connect your 123 HP printer and computer to the same network.
  4. Do not turn off your HP printer or computer during the download process.
  5. Make sure that the internet connection is stable.
  6. Choose the mode of connection as Wired or Wireless based on your printer model.
  7. Select the Next option to proceed further or choose Help to learn more.
  8. Read the instructions thoroughly to complete the printer 123.hp.com/setup.
hp printer setup support

We are here to assist you for perfect printing

Get quick solutions to solve the 123.hp.com setup printer problems in one easy click. Contact our customer support team for more guidelines.

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How to download HP Printer driver and manual

  1. Download the driver and manual from the 123 hp printer setup site for free.
  2. The driver should be compatible with your HP Printer and computer’s operating system.
  3. Click the link and begin the download process. If you are using the Chrome browser, the setup file downloads automatically in the Downloads folder.
  4. If your PC has the Mozilla Firefox browser, click the Open option to view the list of files.
  5. Do not turn Off your HP printer or computer during the download process.
  6. The setup file is available in the .exe format.
  7. If the setup file is available in the .zip format, extract it to a separate folder and begin with the installation process after a few minutes.

How To Print

This is the basic function of a printer. You need to turn On your 123.hp.com/setup printer and computer for performing this function. Check if they are connected. Insert some plain sheets of paper into the printer’s input tray. Extend the paper width guides, and let them touch the edges of the sheet for secure alignment. Open the document or photo that you need to print from your device. Click Print to start the printing process and collect the printed sheets from the output tray.

How to Scan

Scanning is the process of converting the original