Solution for HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

The printer is specially designed for those who love to share photographs. It allows you to print stunning, lifelike images with the HP Instant Ink service. Easily HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup your printer and connect it to the HP Smart app. Print from social media or cloud, and scan documents on the go using your mobile camera.

hp envy photo 7155 setup

How to Install HP Envy 7155 Printer?

  • Open the shipment box and take all the accessories out from it.
  • Gently take the printer out from the box.
  • Remove all the tapes and packing materials from the outside and inside of the printer.
  • Check whether all the accessories are delivered to you without any damage.
  • Connect your printer to an electrical source using a power cord.
  • Set the preferences on the control panel once the printer’s display turns On.
  • Pull the input tray out and load some plain papers in it.
  • Push the input tray into the printer.
  • Open the ink cartridge access door.
  • Insert the cartridge into the respective slot after removing the packing from it.
  • Shut the ink cartridge access door and the scanner lid.
  • Print an alignment page to check the ink flow.

Free HP Envy 7155 Driver and Manual Download

A printer driver is necessary for a device to function. The printer comes with a driver installation CD. Download and HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup the latest version of the printer driver and software from our website. Click the link on our site to download the user manual for free. Learn more about the specifications of the printer by using this manual.

How to Install HP Envy Photo 7155 Driver?

  1. The printer comes with a driver HP Envy 7155 Setup disc.
  2. Connect your printer and computer using a USB cable.
  3. Eject the CD drive from your computer.
  4. Push the drive in after inserting the disc.
  5. The computer detects the disc automatically and opens the folder that contains the setup files.
  6. If not, go to My Computer and then open the folder.
  7. Select the OS version and locate the setup file.
  8. Right-click the file and pick the Copy option from the drop-down menu.
  9. Choose a destination path to save the file.
  10. Open the folder and right-click on it again to proceed further.
hp envy 7155 driver install

How to Print Photos on HP Envy Photo 7155?

  1. Connect the printer to a power supply and turn it On.
  2. Pull the input tray and make sure that it is empty.
  3. Move the paper width guides to their maximum.
  4. Load the newly purchased photo sheets into the tray.
  5. Push the input tray inside the printer.
  6. HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup your printer and computer to the same network.
  7. Choose a photo to print and open it on your computer.
  8. Click the File menu on top of the screen and select the Print option from the drop-down menu.
  9. Modify the photo quality settings if necessary and then click OK.
  10. Check the output tray for the printed photo.
how to print photos on hp envy 7155 printer

Instant USB HP Envy 7155 Setup

The simple and quick procedure to set up the printer USB connection is explained in the forthcoming topic.

  1. Unpack the USB cable enclosed in the printer package.
  2. Before initializing the USB setup, download and install the printer driver software on your computer or laptop.
  3. You can download the recent version of the driver from this site for free of cost.
  4. Choose the connection type as USB during the HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup process.
  5. Plug the cable when the display prompts.
  6. Link the cable into the appropriate port of your printer and computer.
  7. Now you can perform all the functions of the printer from your computer.
hp envy 7155 usb setup

Easy HP Envy Photo 7155 Wireless Setup

HP Envy 7155 Setup to a wireless network is very simple and easy. Almost all HP printers have the Wireless setup option.

HP Envy 7155 to WiFi Setup

  1. Push the Wireless button on the printer’s control panel.
  2. If not, enable the Wi-Fi option by sliding the toggle switch below the Wireless Settings menu.
  3. Turn On the router and make sure that it provides a strong network signal.
  4. The printer connects to your wireless network automatically.
  5. If the auto-connection fails, check the printer’s screen for the list of available networks.
  6. Choose a desired network.
  7. A status message pops up once the connection is established.
  8. Turn On the Wi-Fi feature on your computer in the same manner.
  9. Connect your computer and printer to the same network.
  10. Refer to the user manual for more details.

HP Envy 7155 Wireless Direct Printing

  1. HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup the printer to a power outlet.
  2. Power On the printer and the laptop that you use to print.
  3. Turn On the router and make sure that it provides a stable internet connection.
  4. Enable the Wi-Fi option on your printer’s control panel.
  5. Switch On the Wi-Fi feature on your computer’s taskbar.
  6. Check whether both the devices connect to your network automatically.
  7. If the auto-connection fails, navigate to the Wireless Settings menu.
  8. Select the Scan devices option and wait for a few seconds.
  9. Pick your desired network from the list of available networks.
  10. The network turns active once the devices get connected.

Quick HP Envy 7155 ePrint Setup

HP ePrint is a cloud-based application that enables you to print from anywhere in the world. Ascertain that your router has an active internet connection.

  1. Connect your printer to the wireless network.
  2. Choose a document to print and launch an email application on your computer.
  3. Select the Compose icon on top to open a new mail.
  4. Fill the To field with the HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer’s mail address.
  5. Enter a valid subject in the email’s subject line.
  6. Select Attach on top and add a document or photo to the email.
  7. Click the Send button to share the document through email.
  8. The printer automatically prints the received document.
hp envy 7155 eprint

Easy Airprint HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup

Apple AirPrint is a mobile printing application it is inbuilt for devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod which operates on the iOS version 4.2 or later.

hp envy 7155 airprint
  1. Turn On your printer and enable the Wireless network.
  2. Link it to your wireless router connected to a network source.
  3. Make sure that the WAP has an active and strong internet connection.
  4. Turn On the Wireless feature on your Mac device.
  5. Connect your printer and MAC device to the same network.
  6. Access the document to be printed by opening it and tap the Share or Menu icon.
  7. Choose the Print option and select your printer model.
  8. Get the printed documents from the HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer.

HP Envy Photo 7155 Ink Cartridges Installation

The printer comes with a set of black and tricolor ink cartridges. Go with the upcoming steps to replace the ink cartridges.

How to Replace Ink Cartridge on HP Envy 7155 Printer?

  1. Lift the scanner lid and open the HP Envy 7155 Setup printer ink cartridge access door.
  2. Wait for the carriage moves to the center and becomes idle.
  3. Locate the ink cartridge assembly and open the slot covers.
  4. Take both the ink cartridges out from the package.
  5. The black ink cartridge slot is indicated by a black colored label and the tricolor with a pink one.
  6. Insert the ink cartridges into their corresponding slots.
  7. Close the ink cartridge access door.
  8. Finally, print a test report to check the ink flow.
hp envy 7155 replace ink cartridge

How to Change Ink on HP Envy 7155?

  1. Check the estimated ink level of each cartridge.
  2. The ink level should not be lower than the last mark.
  3. If the level is low or the cartridges fail to deliver ink, replace them by following the steps below.
  4. Buy a new set of ink cartridges from the manufacturer.
  5. Make sure the cartridges that you purchase are compatible with your HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer.
  6. Raise the scanner lid and open the ink cartridge access door.
  7. Wait until the carriage becomes idle, and then open the ink slot covers.
  8. Remove the old ink cartridge and insert a new one into its corresponding slot.

How to Load Paper in HP Envy 7155?

  1. Hold the handle of the input tray and pull it towards you.
  2. Load some plain papers into the input tray.
  3. Push the photo tray inside the printer.
  4. Move both the left and right paper guides as far as possible.
  5. Take a stack of plain papers and arrange them evenly.
  6. Place the stack inside the tray and push it towards the printer’s rear.
  7. Move the paper guides inwards until they rest against the stack.
  8. Push the paper tray inside the printer until it locks in its position.
  9. A message stating Have You Changed the Paper displays.
  10. Tap Yes and customize the paper settings accordingly.

How to Scan on HP Envy 7155?

  1. Open the Settings menu and click the Scan to Email option under the Applications menu.
  2. Share the scanned document directly to the recipient’s email using your HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer’s e-print email address.
  3. Open Finder and click the Go button.
  4. Select the Applications sub-menu.
  5. Double-click the Image Capture option.
  6. Modify the settings under the Scanner settings tab and tap the Scan option.
  7. Choose the format of the email to be sent, either as PDF or JPEG.
  8. Enter the recipient’s email address and tap Send to share the document.

How to Scan Multiple Pages on HP Envy 7155?

  1. Turn On your HP Envy 7155 Setup printer and select a document to scan. Lift the scanner lid.
  2. Keep the document on the flatbed scanner and gently press the lid over the paper.
  3. Push the lid until the LED light at the corner turns off.
  4. Go to the printer menu on your computer.
  5. Open the Scanner tab. Preview and customize the scan settings.
  6. Click Scan or OK to begin the scanning process.
  7. The printer produces a sound during the scanning process.
  8. Save the scanned document that is displayed on your computer.

How to Make Copies on HP Envy 7155 Printer?

  1. Place the original document to be copied, on the scanner glass or Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
  2. Do not load photos on the ADF to avoid copying issues.
  3. On the control panel of your HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer, touch the Copy option.
  4. Tap the Settings icon to view more configurations.
  5. Change the advanced settings if needed.
  6. Go back to the home screen to start the copy function.
  7. You can also touch the Start Black or Start Color button to initialize the copy function.

HP Envy Photo 7155 Troubleshooting

HP Envy 7155 is a dynamic printer; it encounters printing problems and operational issues. The methods for resolving the printer issues are clearly explained on our website.

Why HP Envy Photo 7155 Won't Pick up the Photo Paper?

  1. Power up the HP Envy printer if it is turned off.
  2. Disconnect the power cable when the printer turns on.
  3. Wait for a few minutes and link the cord into the appropriate port of the printer and power supply.
  4. Now the printer turns on automatically.
  5. If the printer does not power on, turn it on by force pressing its power button.

How to Solve HP Envy 7155 ePrint Issue?

  1. Restart your printer.
  2. Print a test page and check the connection status between your printer and computer.
  3. On the control panel of the HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer, select the HP ePrint icon.
  4. Go to Settings and enable the Web Service option if disabled.
  5. Check if you have typed the proper mail address in the To field while sending.
  6. If the problem persists, reset the network connection.

Why HP Envy Photo 7155 Not Working?

  1. Open the ink cartridge access door.
  2. Wait until the carriage moves to the ink cartridge access region.
  3. Lift the ink tank cover.
  4. Remove the tri-color ink cartridge out of the slot and check whether it is drained or misplaced.
  5. Similarly, check if the black ink cartridge has drained.
  6. If any one of the ink cartridges is drained, purchase a new one from a trusted retailer.Reinsert the ink cartridges.
  7. Repeat the printing process and check if the issue is resolved.

How to Solve HP Envy 7155 Setup Problems?

  1. Restart your printer and computer.
  2. If you have connected the devices using a router, restart the router.
  3. Uninstall the outdated printer driver and reinstall with the latest version.
  4. You can avail the latest version of the driver from this site for free of cost.
  5. Download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor application to solve the issue with your HP Envy Photo 7155 Setup printer.
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