HP Envy 5052 Setup Guidelines

The HP Envy 5052 Setup printer delivers high-quality printouts. This printer suits both homes and offices. Once you buy the HP Envy 5052 printer from the manufacturer, set it up. Find easy and quick guidelines on this page to configure the hardware and software of your printer. This site also includes the troubleshooting methods to fix the printer problems. Even our technical experts help in fixing the issues in your printer.

HP Envy 5052 Setup

How To Install HP Envy 5052 Printer

  1. Once you get the HP Envy 5052 printer from the manufacturer, check if it is sealed properly.
  2. Unbox the printer box and ensure the printer components are provided in it.
  3. Take the Envy printer from the box and keep it on a flat surface.
  4. Peel off the blue-colored tapes from the printer.
  5. Also, remove the packing materials.
  6. Unpack the power cord provided in the printer box and link the cable to the respective port of the printer & electrical outlet.
  7. Power up the Envy 5052 printer by force pressing its power button.
  1. Configure the preferences on the control panel of the printer. Lift the top access door.
  2. Unpack the ink cartridges enclosed with the printer package.
  3. Peel off the tapes on the cartridges.
  4. Insert the cartridges into the corresponding slots.
  5. Load the input tray with suitable papers.
  6. Arrange the cartridges utilizing the alignment sheet.
  7. Install the printer software on your computer and complete the first time printer setup.

HP Envy 5052 Driver And Manual Download

Get the manual and driver of the HP Envy 5052 Setup printer from the Driver Download & Manual Download button provided on this page. Click on the buttons and start the download process. Once you download the driver and manual, locate them in the destination folder on your computer or laptop. We offer the current version of the full-featured printer software that suits the operating system version of your computer or laptop.

HP Envy 5052 Driver Installation

  1. Double-click on the downloaded driver file and initialize the installation process.
  2. Extract the driver file if it is in the .zip format.
  3. Go through the instructions on the display of your computer.
  4. Enable the checkbox of terms and conditions.
  5. Configure the connection between your printer and computer.
  6. The installation procedure varies depending on the operating system version of your computer or laptop.
  7. For more instructions to install the printer software on your computer or laptop, get in touch with our technical support team.
123.hp.com/envy 5052 driver install

How To Connect HP Envy 5052 To Wireless

The wireless setup is one of the best methods in connecting your printer and computer. Follow the step by step and easy procedure in the following topic to set up the wireless connection.

How To Connect HP Envy 5052 To Wireless

  1. Power up your printer and check if it provides an active internet connection.
  2. On the HP Envy 5052 printer’s control panel, tap the Wireless icon.
  3. Select Setup -> Wireless Setup Wizard.
  4. Choose the network name of your router and tap OK.
  5. Provide the password of the network when the system prompts and tap Done.
  6. Download the printer driver on your computer if you have not installed yet.
  7. Install the driver after downloading it.
  8. Configure the connection method as wireless.
  9. Go through the guidelines on the screen & complete the wireless setup.

HP Envy 5052 Wifi Direct Setup

  1. Ensure your printer is powered on and ready to perform its functions.
  2. Click the Start menu on the computer display.
  3. Go to Settings and select Devices.
  4. Choose the Printers & Scanners option.
  5. Pick Add a Printer or Scanner --> Show Wi-Fi Direct Printers.
  6. Locate the printer name which begins with the word Direct.
  7. Click on the Add Device button near the name of your printer.
  8. An 8-digit WPS PIN displays on the control panel of your HP Envy 5052 Setup printer.
  9. When the Enter the WPS PIN For Your Printer message appears on your computer, provide the pin that displays on the control panel.
  10. Thus the Wi-Fi Direct setup is implemented successfully.

How To Connect HP Envy 5052 To Wi-Fi

  1. Power up your router and check if your printer provides an active internet connection.
  2. Link your printer to the network of the router.
  3. The wireless connection between your HP Envy 5052 Setup printer and computer are made using the HP Smart application.
  4. You can get the application from the Microsoft Store for Windows OS and Apple Store for Mac devices.
  5. Download and launch the HP Smart application.
  6. Open the application and add your printer.
  7. Now you can execute all the functions of your printer.

How To Connect HP Envy 5052 To Computer

  1. Link your HP Envy 5052 printer and computer to the same network of a router or access point.
  2. On the printer’s control panel, tap the Wireless menu.
  3. Find the IP address of your printer.
  4. Open an internet browser on your computer or laptop.
  5. Type the IP address in the address bar of the browser and hit search.
  6. When a website security certificate appears, tap Continue.
  7. Now an Embedded Web Server page opens.
  8. Thus your HP Envy 5052 printer and computer are connected.

HP Envy 5052 Eprint Setup

  1. Power up your printer by force pressing its power button.
  2. Ensure the input tray is loaded with suitable papers.
  3. Check if the ink cartridges are installed into the corresponding slots.
  4. On the HP Envy 5052 Setup printer’s control panel, touch the HP ePrint option.
  5. Select the Setup option & go through the instructions on the display.
  6. Turn on the Web Services feature.
  7. Tap the Print or Print Info option.
  8. Now the mail address of your HP Envy 5052 printer displays on the control panel.
  9. You can easily send your document or image to the mail address to perform the printer functions.

HP Envy 5052 Airprint Setup

  1. Power on your HP Envy 5052 printer if it is turned off previously.
  2. Select the Wireless option on the function panel of the HP Envy 5052 printer.
  3. Turn on the Wireless Direct option.
  4. On your Apple device, select the Settings icon.
  5. Choose your printer name and complete the AirPrint option.
  6. For Mac computer or laptop, click the Apple icon at the top left corner of the computer screen.
  7. Choose System Preferences -->Print & Scan.
  8. Turn on the AirPrint feature and complete the setup.

How To Install The Ink Cartridge In HP Envy 5052

  1. Lift the access door of the ink cartridge until it does not move further.
  2. Now, the carriage makes a move to the left side slightly.
  3. Let the carriage become silent and idle.
  4. Take a new cartridge from the package and shake it well before placing it in its slot.
  5. Remove the plastic tape stuck on the cartridge.
  6. Unlock the ink cartridge slot lid and insert it into the slot with the nozzles facing the printer.
  7. Lock the lid and ensure that the cartridge is placed securely.
  8. Perform the same procedure for the other ink cartridge as well and shut off the cartridge access door.

How To Replace Ink Cartridge HP Envy 5052

  1. Enable your HP Envy 5052 Setup printer connection.
  2. Elevate the ink cartridge access door until it does not move further.
  3. The carriage will now move slightly to the left. Allow it to become idle.
  4. Lift the replaceable ink cartridge slot and take the low or empty ink cartridge out of it.
  5. Remove the replacement ink cartridge from its package and cut the tape completely that covers the cartridge.
  6. Insert the new cartridge into its slot. Lock the lid of the cartridge slot and shut off the cartridge access door.
  7. Now, keep the output tray extended and wait for the Envy 5052 printer to eject the alignment page.
  8. Position the alignment page on the printer's scanner glass with the text side facing the glass and perform a scan.

How To Print On HP Envy 5052

  1. First, decide if you want to print a document or photo.
  2. If it is a document, then open the text editor or word application from which you want to print the content.
  3. Click File in the Application menus and under the File menu, click Print.
  4. When the Print window opens, select the printer HP Envy 5052 Setup from the drop-down list.
  5. Click on Printer Properties or Document Preferences, look for required print settings and change the essential one.
  6. Click OK to save the alterations and then click on Apply for the changes made to be effective on that print job.
  7. Again, click on Print and the printer produces the print job.
  8. how to scan on hp envy 5052
  1. Before proceeding to scan, ensure that the compatible driver is installed on the computer that lets you scan.
  2. Search Windows for HP and then choose your printer.
  3. Now the HP Printer Assistant opens.
  4. Click Scan a Document or Photo to access the HP Scan.
  5. Select a shortcut and modify the required settings in the right pane. By changing the settings on this shortcut, you can preview the scan and choose the destination folder for saving the scanned item.
  6. Click on OK or the Save icon in the scan shortcut.
  7. Depending on the number of scans you do, keep saving the shortcuts using the same procedure.

HP Envy 5052 Fax Setup

  1. Ensure that the recipient has a fax machine or fax-enabled printer.
  2. Connect the printer’s 1-LINE jack line and the telephone’s jack at the printer’s rear.
  3. Similarly, connect the printer’s 2-EXT port and the calls receiving machine using the telephone cord.
  4. To set up fax settings and preferences, either you can use the Fax setup wizard in HP Software or navigate to the Fax or Setup menus on the printer’s control panel.
  5. Align the settings such as Fax header, Auto-answer, Rings to answer, Ring type, Dial type, and more.
  6. Now, run a fax test report from the printer’s control panel by locating the Run Fax Test, or Fax Test Report in the Fax or Setup menu.
  7. This report confirms that the fax setup was successful or not.

HP Envy 5052 How to Reset

  1. Power on your HP Envy 5052 Setup printer if it is not powered on previously.
  2. After the printer comes to the ready state, remove the power cable from the rear port of the machine and the direct electrical outlet.
  3. Now, the printer takes its cooling off time not more than a minute.
  4. Do not disturb the printer until it completes the settling period.
  5. Now, re-plug the power cord’s connection to the printer and the wall outlet.
  6. Your printing machine is reset now.

HP Envy 5052 Factory Reset

If the printer encounters a malfunction or has undergone any software or hardware changes recently, doing a factory reset will keep an end to the problem that you face due to the printer.

  1. From the printer panel's home screen, swipe to the left of the display and then locate and tap the Setup option.
  2. Touch Tools Restore Factory Defaults and with the set of prompts that display, the default settings are saved in the HP Envy 5052 Setup printer.
  3. Otherwise, tap Wireless Settings from the printer’s Home screen.
  4. Tap Restore Network Settings and complete the reset based on the prompts that display.
  5. Get a network configuration page printed from the printer and confirm that the factory reset has been done successfully.

HP Envy 5052 Firmware Update

  1. Tap the ePrint icon and Settings or Setup provided what is present on the printer.
  2. Press the Product Update or Check Product Updates option. Accept the terms and service window and go ahead with the instructions that display, activate Web Services and set up updates automatically near that option.
  3. This will set a reliable internet connection for your printer so that you receive updates automatically whenever released by the manufacturer.
  4. Check for Updates or a similar menu if the printer does not initiate the update process automatically.
  5. If the printer is not a touchscreen type, then press Setup, Service, or SettingsPreference, Printer maintenance, or Tools (which is optional)Web Services or Printer Update and follow the remaining as for how you perform it with the printer that has the ePrint icon.

How to Fix HP Envy 5052 Printer Problems

Go through the printer problems of your HP Envy 5052 provided below along with the solutions to try. We have provided solutions for issues that are mostly experienced by printer users.

HP Envy 5052 Printing Blank Pages

  1. Examine if the issue is due to the ink cartridges of the HP Envy 5052 Setup printer and if so, diagnose both the black and tri-color cartridges separately.
  2. If you are using an ink cartridge that has been refilled, to print with your printer, then the lack of originality in ink can also be a reason behind the printer printing blank pages.
  3. Sometimes, the ink level of the cartridge might have come down, and because of that, the printer may not print what is expected out of the print job.
  4. It is essential that you maintain the printhead properly by cleaning the internal and external factors that hit the printer’s performance.
  5. Use the automated tool available on the printer’s control panel to clean the printhead.
  6. In case, a cartridge is faulty, the faulty and the other one may not work correctly. Check whether there is a leakage of ink in the cartridge.

HP Envy 5052 Paper Jam

  1. The first step is to diagnose if the printer is allowing the carriage to move without any obstruction.
  2. Turn the HP Envy 5052 printer on and the moment it calibrates, the carriage moves to slightly and becomes silent.
  3. Now, open the ink cartridge access door to locate the carriage and move it manually.
  4. If the carriage moves to the right and becomes idle, then move it to the left.
  5. In case it moves to the left side, then slowly push it to the right.
  6. If it stops at the center by moving, then position it on the right side.
  7. Clear the ink smears to appear if any with the automated tool on the printer’s control panel.
  8. To clear the ink smears, swipe to the left of the control panel display and tap Setup.
  9. Press ToolsClean Page Smears and wait for the printer to release the blank page slowly.
  10. If the steps-above did not resolve the problem, try to reset after clearing the jams.

HP Envy 5052 Offline

  1. The offline printer problem begins when there is poor communication between the printer and the device.
  2. Search for Control Panel on Windows and choose the name Control Panel from the list and then click on it.
  3. Now, click Network Settings and under that, choose the Printer tab to verify if the printer status is set to Online.
  4. If the Printer offline has been enabled, change it to online and this should subsidize the problem.
  5. Uninstall the printer driver installed on the computer and reinstall with the latest version.
  6. At this point, you will re-establish the network connection by clicking the preferred one.
  7. As a last try, reset your printer by disconnecting it from direct power when it is turned on.

HP Envy 5052 Ink Cartridge Problem

  1. When there is a problem with the printer’s ink cartridge, try updating the firmware using its control panel.
  2. Ensure that you are using compatible ink cartridges with your HP Envy 5052 Setup printer.
  3. Install the ink cartridges properly so that there will not be any print quality issues.
  4. Carefully handle the electrical contacts and clean the dust on it.
  5. If you find an error message due to the ink cartridge, then resetting the printer might help overcome it.
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