HP Deskjet 2600 is a three-in-one printer that allows you to perform the printer-related operations over a USB cable connection or a wireless network. This page explains how to connect HP Deskjet 2600 printer to Wifi

You can connect this printer to a Wi-Fi network either from your hand-held device or a desktop or laptop device. Let’s see both the methods in detail.

Details To Check

  1. Check if you have configured your printer’s initial hardware setup correctly.
  2. Make sure that your printer prints an alignment page successfully.
  3. If your printer is connected to the computer over a USB cable, then disconnect it.
  4. Make sure that your Printer is not performing any printer-related operations.
Connect HP Deskjet 2600 Printer To Wifi

Method 1: Using HP Smart on iPhone

This is the easiest method to connect the HP Deskjet 2600 printer to Wi-Fi.

  1. Power on your HP printer.
  2. Check if the wireless router is turned ON. If not, turn it ON.
  3. Press the Wi-Fi button on your printer’s control panel.
  4. Now, go to the Wi-Fi Settings section of your iPhone.
  5. Wait for your printer’s network name to display.
  6. Once it is displayed, tap on it. 
  7. If you’re asked to enter the password, then enter it correctly in the given field.
  8. Open the HP Smart app on your iPhone. Now, the app will automatically detect your wireless network. 
  9. When prompted, enter your wireless network’s password in the given field.
  10. Tap Done.
  11. Now, the app will automatically detect your printer and connect it to the Wi-Fi network. 
  12. Make sure to perform the prompts correctly.
  13. Once the HP printer is connected to the wireless network, the Setup Complete message will be displayed on the screen,
  14. Tap All Done and try a test print. Now you are successfully connect HP Deskjet 2600 printer to Wifi.

Method 2: Using a Computer

Using the HP Printer Setup & Software utility (Windows) 

If you’ve already set up your HP Deskjet 2600 printer over a USB cable connection, but you wish to set it up over a wireless network, then perform this method.

  1. Open HP Printer Assistant on your Windows computer.
  2. On the main screen, click the Utilities or Tools menu.
  3. Select the Printer Setup & Software or Device Setup & Software option followed by Convert a USB connected printer to wireless. 
  4. Now, the utility window will be launched. 
  5. Connect your printer to the wireless network by following the prompts displayed in the utility window.

Using Wireless Setup tool (Mac)

To connect your HP Deskjet 2600 printer to a Wireless network using a Mac computer, follow the below instructions.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Click Go > Applications > HP > HP Utility.
  3. Go to the All Settings tab.
  4. Launch the Wireless Setup utility by clicking on it.
  5. Now, connect your HP printer to the Wi-Fi network by following the on-screen instructions.
  6. Finally, try a test print. To get remote assistance to connect HP Deskjet 2600 printer to Wifi, contact our technical team.
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