HP Deskjet 3637 Setup Guidance

  1. Set the HP Deskjet 3637 printer box on a flat surface.
  2. Cut the sealing tape and open the box.
  3. Remove the HP Deskjet 3637 setup software CD, user guide, getting started guide, and power cable from the box.
  4. Discard the styrofoam packing and place the HP 3637 printer on a level surface.
  5. Peel off the "plastic packing material" stuck to the HP 3637 machine.
  6. Attach the HP 3637 machine’s power cable to the rear Power port and wall electrical outlet.
  7. "Touch" the HP machine’s power button to turn it on.
  8. Lower the HP 3637 machine’s front lid and remove the cardboard sheet.
  9. Remove the tapes stuck here as well.
  10. Lower the ink cartridge door by grasping the handle groove and pulling it down.
  1. "Wait" until the HP 3637 machine’s ink cartridge carriage stops at the center.
  2. Unpack the HP 3637 printer’s ink cartridges and set them aside.
  3. Peel off the orange tapes stuck to the cartridges and install them in their respective slots.
  4. Raise the HP 3637’s ink cartridge access door.
  5. Close the HP machine’s front door as well.
  6. "Lift" the HP 3637 printer’s paper input tray at the top.
  7. Make way for the paper by pushing the paper width guide to the end.
  8. Load the paper stack and adjust the paper width guide until it rests against the paper gently.
  9. Pull out the HP Deskjet 3637 setup’s output tray and its extension.
  10. Download the HP 3637 printer driver from the manufacturer’s site and install it on your PC to complete the rest of the setup.

HP Deskjet 3637 Driver Download

Download the HP Deskjet 3637 driver from this page or from the manufacturer’s site.

HP Deskjet 3637 Manual Download

The HP Deskjet 3637 setup manual is available to be downloaded from this site and the manufacturer’s site.

Install HP Deskjet 3637 Driver Software

  1. "Download" the HP 3637 driver from the manufacturer's site and wait until it is downloaded on your computer.
  2. Click the 'Run' button at the bottom of the browser once the download is completed.
  3. Click the Yes button if your OS requests permission to let the HP installer make changes to your computer.
  4. The HP Deskjet 3637 setup’s Easy Start utility opens.
  5. Click the ‘Allow’ checkbox to accept the HP 3637 installer’s user statistics collection.
  6. Click the checkbox below it to accept the 3637 installer’s license agreement. 
  7. Click Continue.
  8. The HP ‘printer found’ message appears.
  1. Click the ‘Enable HP Auto Wireless Connect’ checkbox and then click Continue.
  2. The HP 3637 Easy Start application prompts you to choose a recommended option for the software package. 
  3. Select that recommended software package and click Continue.
  4. The application downloads the 3637 machine’s software packages.
  5. The HP 3637 installer displays a message stating that it is time to install the software.
  6. The HP 3637 printer installer’s software selection screen appears. Click Next.
  7. Click the license agreement checkbox at the bottom and click Next.
  8. Follow the HP3637 installer’s connection prompts that are displayed on the screen to complete the installer setup.

How to Connect HP Deskjet 3637 to Wifi?

  1. Connect the computer to the Wi-Fi SSID to which you want to connect the HP Deskjet 3637 setup.
  2. Check whether the HP 3637 machine is powered on and not in standby.
  3. Run the HP 3637 installer on your computer as an administrator and follow the prompts displayed on the screen.
  4. Ensure that you select the ‘Enable HP Auto Wireless Connect’ option.
  5. When the HP 3637 installer displays the Connection screen, perform these actions.
  6. Click Wireless and then click Next.
  7. The HP 3637 machine will be listed under the list of devices found on the network.
  8. Click it and then click Next.
  9. The HP 3637 installer asks you how the machine will be used and where it is located.
  10. Make the appropriate usage and location choices. Type them if required. Click Next.
  11. The HP 3637 installer configures web services for the HP machine.
  12. This completes the HP 3637 Wi-Fi connection procedure.
HP Deskjet 3637 Setup

HP Deskjet 3637 WPS Pin Guide

  1. Power on the HP Deskjet 3637 setup.
  2. Tap the Wireless button(antenna icon) and Information(I inside a circle) simultaneously and hold it.
  3. The HP 3637 printer prints the network configuration page.
  4. Look for the WPS pin on the configuration page at the top.
  5. Make a note of it.
  6. Now, touch & hold the HP 3637 machine’s Wireless button for about three seconds.
  7. The Wireless Protected Setup mode is now enabled, and the Wireless LED blinks.
  8. Open your router’s EWS page, navigate to the WPS option, and enter the PIN.
  9. The HP 3637 machine is now connected to the router via the WPS PIN.

How to Connect HP Deskjet 3637 to Laptop?

  1. Download the HP 3637 printer’s software on your computer.
  2. Run the HP 3637 installer, accept the license agreement, and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. Click the affirmative action buttons to progress from one HP 3637 installer screen to the other.
  4. When the HP 3637 driver installer displays the Connection screen, select the USB connection option.
  5. When prompted by the HP 3637 installer, connect the computer to the HP machine by using the USB cable provided.

How to Scan on HP Deskjet 3637?

You can scan a document/photo on the HP Deskjet 3637 printer by using the HP Deskjet application on a computer. The scan operation on a Deskjet 3637 printer can be performed from the printer itself or by using Webscan.

How to Scan Documents on HP Deskjet 3637?

  1. Power on the HP Deskjet 3637 setup.
  2. Ensure that it is connected to the computer, and the driver software is installed.
  3. Raise the HP 3637 printer’s scanner cover.
  4. Set the original photo/document on the HP 3637 machine’s platen.
  5. Make sure that you align the document/photo with the marking on the platen.
  6. Lower the HP machine’s scanner lid.
  7. Open the HP 3637 printer application on your PC.
  8. This application icon is usually located in Start --> All Programs --> HP --> HP 3637
  9. Click the ‘Scan a Document or photo’ button.
  10. Select either of the two scan output options to save the file in a PDF or JPEG format.
How to Scan Documents On HP Deskjet 3637

HP Deskjet 3637 Setup Trobleshooting Guidance

The HP Deskjet 3637 printer user can encounter technical issues with the machine on some occasions.

The HP 3637 machine goes offline, does not print black, does not connect to Wi-Fi, etc. But, whether these issues originate from the printer or are caused by incorrect configuration can be found out by reading the topics given below.

Fixed: HP Deskjet 3637 Offline Issue

If the HP 3637 printer is offline, you can follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix them.

  1. Download and use the HP Print & Scan Doctor on your computer to detect and resolve connection issues easily.
  2. To manually resolve the HP 3637 offline issue, follow these steps.
  3. On your Windows 10 computer, enter the word ‘devices’ in the search field after clicking the Windows icon on the desktop.
  4. Click the Printers & scanners option from the list of results.
  5. Deselect the ‘Let Windows manage my default printer’ option.
  6. Select the HP 3637 printer icon. Click Manage.
  7. Choose the ‘Set as default’ option. Check whether the offline issue is resolved.
  8. Check the HP 3637-computer connection cables, such as Ethernet or USB.
  9. Replace them if they are faulty.
  10. If the HP 3637 printer is connected to the computer over a wireless network, check whether the HP 3637 printer is connected to the correct wireless network SSID.
  11. Check whether the Wi-Fi network connection to which the HP 3637 machine is connected to is stable and active. 

Fixed: HP Deskjet 3637 won't Print Black Issue

  1. Check the HP 3637 printer’s ink level by following these steps.
  2. Power on the HP Deskjet 3637 printer.
  3. Ensure that the HP Deskjet 3637 printer is connected to the computer correctly.
  4. Open the HP Printer Assistant application on your computer.
  5. Click the ‘Maintain Your Printer’ option.
  6. Locate the Estimated Ink Levels tab and click it.
  7. If the HP Deskjet 3637 setup’s black ink is low, follow these steps to replace the cartridge.
  8. Ensure that the HP 3637 machine has sufficient paper in the paper tray.
  9. Lower the HP 3637 printer’s front tray.
  10. Open the HP machine’s ink cartridge door.
  11. Wait until the HP 3637 printer’s ink cartridge carriage stops moving.
  12. Press the HP 3637 printer’s black ink cartridge gently to release it.
  13. Take it out of the slot and set it aside.
  14. Remove the new HP 3637 black ink cartridge from the package.
  15. Peel off the protective tape and install it in the black ink cartridge slot.
  16. Push the black ink cartridge in until it locks in place.
  17. Close the HP 3637 printer’s ink cartridge door and front door.
  18. Perform the actions shown on your PC screen and wait until the alignment page is printed.
  19. Set this page on the HP 3637’s scanner glass and close the scanner cover.
  20. Tap the Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color button on the HP printer’s control panel to begin the ink cartridge alignment.
  21. If the black ink still does not get printed, perform printhead cleaning by using the Clean Ink Cartridges option, which can be found under the Device Services tab after clicking the ‘Maintain Your Printer’ option in the HP Printer Assistant.

Fixed: HP Deskjet 3637 won't Connect to Wifi Issue

If you are not able to connect the HP Deskjet 3637 printer to a computer over a wireless network, follow these steps to resolve it.

  1. Download the HP application troubleshooting application called the HP Print & Scan Doctor from the manufacturer’s official site.
  2. Run the HP troubleshooting tool on your computer to detect connection issues and resolve them easily.
  3. To manually resolve Wi-Fi connection issues, follow these steps.
  4. Uninstall the HP3 3637 driver from your computer and reinstall it.
  5. Restart the computer and reinstall the HP driver.
  6. If the HP 3637 printer’s Wi-Fi issue persists, follow these steps.
  7. Power off the HP printer, the router, modem, and other networking devices, if any.
  1. Detach the power and networking cables from all the devices.
  2. Take the HP 3637 machine’s power cable and reattach it to the wall outlet and its power port.
  3. Wait for about 10 minutes.
  4. Power on the HP 3637 printer and wait until it initializes.
  5. Connect the HP Deskjet 3637 setup to the computer via the wireless connection option found on the control panel.
  6. If the Wi-Fi issue still persists, print a network connection page and check whether the network configuration has been done correctly. Call our tech support team to get help with resolving this issue.
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