HP Deskjet 3631 Setup Guidance

HP Deskjet 3631 Setup

Unbox the Printer

  1. "Take" the HP Deskjet 3631 setup box and set it on the table.
  2. Cut open the sealing tape with a box cutter.
  3. Pull the HP33631 box’s flaps back to access the contents.
  4. Set the HP3631 box on its side and slide the printer out.
  5. Remove the styrofoam supports from the sides of the printer.
  6. Keep the HP 3631CD, Instant Ink leaflet, Start Here guide, power cable, and ink cartridges beside the printer.
  7. Remove the plastic bag covering the HP3631 printer and peel off all the sealing tapes as well.
  8. Open the HP3631 machine’s front door and remove the cardboard packing material.

Power Connection

  1. Take the HP power cord out of the cardboard box, remove the twist tie from the cable.
  2. Uncoil the HP power cord and attach it to the HP3631 printer’s rear Power Port and wall outlet.
  3. Press the HP3631 machine’s Power button and let it initialize.

Steps: Cartridge Installation

  1. Remove the HP ink cartridges from their packages.
  2. Lower the HP Deskjet 3631 setup’s front lid and then open the ink cartridge access door.
  3. Wait until the HP3631 machine’s ink cartridge carriage stops moving.
  4. Pull the orange tab on the black ink cartridge to expose its ink nozzle.
  5. Install this black ink cartridge in its respective slot on the HP3631 machine.
  6. Slide the black ink cartridge into its slot until it snaps into place.
  7. Similarly, install the HP tricolor ink cartridge.
  8. Raise the ink cartridge access door and then close the HP3631 printer’s front door.
  9. Pull the HP3631 printer’s paper input tray tab to extend the tray.
  10. Load a paper stack into the HP3631 machine’s input tray and secure it with the paper width guide. (Take care not to crumple the paper with the guide.)
  11. Slide out the paper output tray towards the right such that it rests in the vertical orientation. Flip open its paper support.
  12. Download the HP3631 printer driver on your computer and install it to complete the rest of the HP3631 printer setup.

HP Deskjet 3631 Driver Download Guidance

HP Deskjet 3631 Driver for Windows

Download the HP Deskjet 3630 series full-feature software and driver for Windows 10 64-bit computers by clicking the Download button given below.

HP Deskjet 3631 Driver for Windows

HP Deskjet 3631 Driver for Mac

Download the HP Deskjet 3630 series driver for MacOS 10.15 computers by clicking the Download button given below.

HP Deskjet 3631 Printer Driver for Mac

HP Deskjet 3631 Manual Download

Download the HP Deskjet 3631 setup comprehensive user guide by clicking the Download button given below.

Install HP Deskjet 3631 Driver Software

  1. Launch the HP3631 software installer by double-clicking it.
  2. Ensure that you have logged into the computer as an administrator.
  3. Click Yes to allow the HP software installer to install the software on your computer.
  4. The HP3631 software installer dashboard appears.
  5. Set the software installation language. 
  6. On the following HP3631 software installation screens, you will need to select the HP software to be installed on your computer.
  7. Follow the HP3631 installer’s on-screen prompts to connect the HP printer to your computer and complete the driver installation.

Steps: HP Deskjet 3631 Wifi Setup

  1. Run the HP 3631 software installer on your computer.
  2. Choose the ‘Connect new device’ option.
  3. Select the Wireless method and click Next.
  4. The HP3631 software installer prompts you to connect the printer to your computer by using a USB cable.
  5. Use the compatible USB cable that came with the HP3631 printer. If there was no USB cable in the HP Deskjet 3631 setup box, buy a compatible USB cable and use it.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. Select the ‘access router’ option. Click Next.
  8. Enter the Wi-Fi passphrase and click the Yes radio button to save the router settings. Click Next.
  9. When the device sharing prompt appears, click Yes.
  10. Disconnect the USB cable when prompted.
  11. Set the device’s usage purpose and location.
  12. This completes the HP3631 Wi-Fi setup.

HP Deskjet 3631 WPS Pin Guide

  1. Power on the HP Deskjet 3631 setup.
  2. After it initializes, press its Wireless and Information buttons at the same time. 
  3. The HP3631 machine prints the network configuration page.
  4. Locate the WPS PIN and make a note of it.
  5. "Return" to the HP 3631 printer.
  6. Long-press the Wireless button (3 seconds) and release it.
  7. The HP 3631 printer is now in the "WPS mode".
  8. Go to your PC and enter the router’s IP address in the browser’s address bar.
  9. Press Enter and type the router’s login credentials.
  10. "Go to" the Wireless tab on the router’s EWS page and navigate to the WPS option.
  11. Find the WPS option and select it. 
  12. Enter the WPS PIN that you made a note of.
  13. The HP3631 printer will now be connected to the router through WPS.

HP Deskjet 3631 Wifi Direct Print Guide

To connect the HP Deskjet 3631 setup to your mobile device by using Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps.

  1. Power on the HP 3631 printer.
  2. Press the Wi-Fi Direct button (Its icon looks like a printer connected to a device) located on its control panel.
  3. On your Android/iOS device, enable Wi-Fi Direct.
  4. The HP 3631 printer’s Wi-Fi Direct LED glows steadily.
  5. It is typically located in Settings ConnectionsWi-FiWi-Fi Direct.
  6. The list of Wi-Fi Direct devices appears on your smartphone’s screen.
  7. Choose the HP Deskjet Wi-Fi SSID with Wi-Fi Direct as its suffix.
  8. Key in the Wi-Fi Direct passphrase. (In most cases, where Wi-Fi Direct is Automatic, you won’t have to enter a PIN. However, in Manual mode, you will need to enter the Wi-Fi Direct PIN.)
  9. This completes the Wi-Fi Direct connection.
  10. Print documents from the smartphone on the HP Deskjet 3631 printer.

How to Scan on HP Deskjet 3631?

Before starting the scan process, make sure that the computer from which you are trying to initiate the scan has the HP Deskjet 3631 software installed on it.

  1. Raise the HP Deskjet 3631 machine’s scanner lid and place the document on the scanner glass.
  2. Align the document’s top right corner with the marking on the 3631 machine’s platen.
  3. Close the lid.
  4. Now, open the HP Deskjet 3631 software on your computer.
  5. Set the scanning preferences and click the Scan option to begin scanning the document.
  6. The document scanned by the HP Deskjet 3631 setup is saved to the folder that you specified by using the HP software.

How to Scan Documents on HP Deskjet 3631?

Ensure that the HP 3631 software has been installed on your computer before proceeding with the steps given below.

  1. Open the HP Deskjet 3631 setup’s scanner cover and load the original document face-down on the platen.
  2. Close the scanner lid.
  3. On your Windows computer,click StartAll ProgramsHPHP Deskjet 3631.
  4. The HP Deskjet 3631 application opens.
  5. Customize the scanning preferences by clicking the Settings option and changing the values.
  6. Return to the HP Deskjet 3631 software’s dashboard and click ‘Scan a Document/Photo.’
  7. Choose the appropriate scan sub-option and then choose to save the file as pdf or jpeg.
How to Scan Documents on HP Deskjet 3631

HP Deskjet 3631 Setup Troubleshooting Guidance

If you encounter printing issues on the HP Deskjet 3631 printer, refer to the guide given below to resolve it.

How to Reset HP Deskjet 3631?

  1. Power on the HP 3631 printer.
  2. Press the 3631 printer’s Wireless and Cancel buttons and continue holding them for three seconds.
  3. Release the buttons and then connect the HP 3631 machine to the router.
  4. To power reset the HP Deskjet 3631 setup, follow these steps.
  5. While the HP 3631 printer is powered on, detach its power cable from the Power port.
  6. Detach it from the wall outlet as well.
  7. After about a minute, reattach the HP power cable first to the printer and then to the wall outlet.
  8. The HP 3631 printer is now reset.
How to Reset HP Deskjet 3631

Fixed: HP Deskjet 3631 Won't Print

  1. To diagnose HP 3631 printing issues, download and run the HP Print & Scan Doctor tool on your computer.
  2. Follow the prompts that are shown by the PSDR software to resolve the connection issues.
  3. Check whether the settings of the network to which the HP 3631 printer is connected were modified recently.
  4. If the Wi-Fi network’s passphrase was changed, you need to connect the HP 3631 printer to the network once again.
  5. Check whether the HP 3631 printer has been set as the computer’s default printer.
  6. Go to Control Panel-->Devices & Printers-->Right-click HP 3631-->Ensure that the ‘Set as default printer’ option is ticked.
  7. Find out whether the HP 3631 printer is in the sleep mode. If so, tap a button on the HP 3631 printer’s control panel to wake it.
  8. Disable the antivirus and firewall on your computer.
  9. Now, check whether the HP 3631 printer prints. If so, you need to add exceptions for the HP printer software packages on your firewall/antivirus application.
  10. If the printing issue persists, try uninstalling the HP 3631 printer driver.
  11. Download the latest HP 3631 printer driver on your computer from the manufacturer’s site and install it.
  12. This should resolve the printing issue on your HP Deskjet 3631 setup.
  13. If it doesn’t, contact our tech support team.
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