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How Do I Download a driver For My Printer

There are two ways to download the printer software on your computer. One method is by obtaining the printer software from the software CD provided in the printer box, and the other is by downloading the software from the Driver Download button on this page.

Refer to the upcoming procedure to download the driver from the installation CD enclosed with the printer package.

  • Unpack the software CD.
  • Insert the CD into the disc drive on your computer.
  • Copy the content on the CD and paste it in the destination folder on your computer.
  • Some devices like recently manufactured Mac systems do not contain a disc drive.
  • So, you need to use a flash drive to obtain the printer driver on your computer.
How do i download driver for my printer

Carry on with the following steps to get the software using a flash drive.

  • Copy the CD’s content to the flash drive.
  • Insert the drive into the corresponding port on your computer.
  • Paste the copied content to the desired folder on your computer.
  • Thus the printer software is obtained on your computer.

You can also download the printer software by using this website for free.

  • Locate the Driver Download button on this page.
  • Click the button to initialize the download process.
  • Wait until the system downloads the driver.
  • Once the driver gets downloaded, place it in the desired folder on your computer or laptop.
  • If you find it difficulty in downloading the printer driver, reach our technical support team and avail more guidance.
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