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How To Connect USB Printer Using Driver in Windows

You can connect a USB Printer with the Windows system using the full feature software of the printer easily. Just set the related configurations in the basic software on your computer and connect the devices. You can install the basic driver using the Microsoft Windows Update. Make sure that the USB cable is not connected to the printer and computer.

If the cable is connected, unplug it. Connect your computer to the network of a router or access point. It is mandatory to check if the router provides an active internet connection. Go ahead with the further instructions to connect your USB printer using the full feature software on your computer.

Right-click the Start or Windows button present at the bottom left corner of the computer’s screen. Tap the Search bar next to the Windows icon. Type Devices and Printers and select it from the result. Go to the Devices & Printers option. Click Add a Printer to open its window. Find The Printer that I Want isn’t Listed and click on it. Tap Add a Local Printer / Network Printer with Manual Settings and click Next. Choose the Use an Existing Port option and click on the Use an Existing Port drop-down list. Click LPT:(Printer Port) and tap Next. Locate the Windows Update button and click it. The process may take a few minutes. So, wait until your system completes the process. Now Install the Printer Driver window opens. Find HP under the Manufacturer section and click on it. Choose your printer name and click Next. Carry on with the instructions by clicking the Next button. Tick the checkbox of Set as the Default Printer and tap Finish.

Unpack the USB cable if it is packed. Do not use the cord longer than 15 feet. Attach one end of the cord to the respective port of the printer and the other end to the Windows system. Now the Device Driver Software was not Successfully Installed window opens. Close all the windows on your computer.

Search Devices and Printer and select its option in the result. Right-click the name of your printer and tap Printer Properties to open its window. Go to the Ports tab and select the drop-down menu present on the screen. Change the LPT1 port to USB / DOT4. If many numbers of ports present, choose the port which has the highest port number. Click OK and complete the connection between the USB printer and Windows system.

Now print a test page and check the status of the connection between the devices. Right-click the Start or Windows menu on your computer. Open Devices & Printers. Right-click the printer name & select Printer Properties. Go to the General tab and click Print Test Page. Glance through the page and check the connection status between the devices.

How to connect usb printer using in windows
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