How to Print Envelopes on Epson ET-2720 Printer?

The Epson ET 2720 printer is an All-in-One printer with an option of Print/Scan/Copy. The Eco Tank is also compatible with printing envelopes. Learn, how to print envelopes on Epson ET-2720 Printer using our simple steps, given below:

  1. On the paper support side of the printer, you can load up to ten envelopes.
  2. You have to load them with the printable side up and flap edge to the left.
  3. Do not load envelopes that have folds, curls, or any adhesive on it.
  4. The envelopes do not have a double-sided printing capacity. The Eco Tank has a paper type setting separately for envelopes.
  5. On the Control panel of the Epson printer, the orientation of the document is set to print envelopes.
  6. The paper specifications for envelopes is given
  7. 4.1 x 9.5 inches 
  8. The paper type for envelopes is bond paper.
  9. Align the envelopes in the paper tray and fan them evenly.
  10. Navigate through the control panel and choose the envelope icon under the Print option.
  11. It is also possible to print envelopes through windows.
  12. Once your printer is available online, connect to your computer.
  13. The Epson windows will now open, select the Printing Options.
How to Print Envelopes on Epson ET-2720
  1. You can change the Document Size and Output Paper options.
  2. You can select a printing preset from the Print Settings. You can also add or remove presets from the More Options tab.
  3. Open the document you need to print in the envelope.
  4. Open File > Print properties.
  5. Select the Rear Paper Feed Slot from the Paper Source from the drop-down list and set OK.
  6. Open the paper tray below the control panel of the printer.
  7. Load the number of envelopes in the paper tray.
  8. Align the paper edges evenly and not to tight and load the paper tray in the printer.
  9. Set the paper size as “Envelope DL” and paper type as "envelope" and save the settings.
  10. Select the File option on the document and set the number of copies you need.
  11. Click Print, the printed envelopes will be aligned in the output paper tray.
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