How To Clean Epson l3110 Print Head?

How to Fix Epson L3110 Printer Not Printing

When the print quality recedes due to printing blank pages, gaps between the print, faded print, or missing color, there is a need how to clean Epson l3110 print head of the printer for clear and better print results. In order to perform the print head cleaning, a stack of paper is required in the printer, and enough amount of ink in the ink tanks is needed. The printer and computer must be connected to a network or directly through a USB connection.

Epson L3110 Print Head On Windows

  1. Open the Epson printer application on the computer. Right-click on the printer folder from the list of options, and select Printing Preferences.
  2. Now, the printing preferences window opens and then click the Maintenance tab.
  3. In the Maintenance section, there are various cleaning options; choose the Head Cleaning menu.
  4. When Head Cleaning window appears, click the Start button to do the nozzle check.
  5. See that the printer power light is flashing all the time while the nozzle check is occurring.
  6. When the power light stops, it means the nozzle check is also stopped.
  7. Next, click the Print Nozzle Check Pattern button to print the nozzle check pattern.
  8. An A4 size paper is necessary to print this, so load one into the paper tray and select Print.
  9. Now, the printer starts printing, after which the print result is displayed on the Nozzle Check page.
  10. If you find a need for cleaning the print head, select Clean if not click Finish.
  11. If print gaps are still present, then do another head cleaning and switch off the printer.
  12. After some time, power on the printer and perform a nozzle check again.
  13. Even then, if the print gaps do not vanish, you can execute the head cleaning again, but the head cleaning cannot be done beyond the maximum limit, which is six times.

Epson L3110 Print Head On Mac

  1. Prepare the Epson L3110 printer by feeding the paper in the printer and extending the output paper support.
  2. Make sure the ink level in the ink tanks is not too low. If the ink is low, then refill and then continue with the head cleaning.
  3. Click the Apple menu on the dock and then choose the System Preferences option.
  4. Next, select the Printer & Scanners menu from the list of options.
  5. In the Printers & Scanners window, select the printer model name from the Printers list on the left panel.
  6. Then, click on the Options & Supplies button on the right side.
  7. When the dialog box appears, select the Utility tab and choose Open Printer Utility.
  8. After that, go ahead to select the Nozzle Check menu in the Epson Printer Utility window.
  9. Click Print to print the nozzle check pattern and analyze the printed result if there are errors found.
  10. If there is no need for cleaning, click Finish. In case the printed results have gaps, then click the Clean button.
  11. Following that, select the Start button to clean the print head nozzle.
  12. Let the print head cleaning process completes, then click Print Nozzle Check Pattern.
  13. Again, select Print. Now, the printer prints the nozzle check pattern.
  14. Examine the print, and if you find any gaps, then turn off the printer.
  15. After 12 hours, switch on the printer and repeat the head cleaning steps again. If there are gaps in the pattern, perform the power cleaning method. 
  16. For that, check the printer and ensure there are no errors.
  17. Verify that the ink tanks are at least 1/3 full. On the Mac dock, follow the path Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners.
  18. Select the printer from the left panel and follow the path: Options & Supplies -> Utility -> Open Printer Utility -> Power Cleaning/Power Ink Flushing.
  19. Read the instructions on how to clean Epson l3110 print head and click Next.
  20. Under the Power Cleaning caption, check the checkbox of the two menus and select Next.
  21. Then, click on the Start button to begin the print head cleaning, after power cleaning is done select click Finish.
  22. In the Epson Printer Utility window, choose the Nozzle Check to print the nozzle check pattern to verify whether the gaps are present in the pattern.
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