Solved: Epson ET-2720 Paper Jam Issue

To fix Epson ET-2720 Paper Jam issue, read the guided instructions given below and proceed with the same.
  1. If a paper jam has occurred in the rear paper feed tray, gently remove the jammed paper slowly using your hands.
  2. Make sure not to tear the jammed paper while removing it from the rear feed tray.
  3. If a jam has occurred inside the Epson ET 2720 printer, then lift the control panel and open the inner cover.
  4. Locate and remove the jammed paper from inside the printer.
  5. After removing all the jammed paper from inside the printer, close the inner cover and lower the control panel.
  6. After removing all the stuck paper bits and jammed paper, restart the printer.
  7. Check if you are able to print. If the Epson ET-2720 Paper Jam issue persists, reset the printer.
Epson ET-2720 Paper Jam
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