Epson XP-4105 Setup

To set up the Epson XP-4105 printer, follow the quick steps given below. After setting up the Epson printer, you can start operating it. The Epson XP-4105 setup’s box contains the installation CD, power cord, genuine ink cartridges, and user manual.

Complete Epson XP-4105 Printer Unboxing & Setting Up

Unpack the Printer

  1. Open the printer box and take out the Epson XP-4105 printer. Place the device safely on a flat surface. Remove all the protective materials from the outside of the printer.
  2. Next, lift the scanner lid of your printer. Clear all the protective materials inside it.
  3. Place the scanner unit back to its position.

Turn on the Epson XP-4105 printer:

  1. Hold the power cord and connect it between an electrical outlet and the printer.
  2. Search for the Power button on the printer. Press it and the device turns on.
  3. Once the printer is turned on, set the language on the control panel.

Ink cartridge installation

  1. Open the scanner unit of the printer.
  2. You will find the ink cartridge holder moving towards the replacement position.
  3. Remove the new ink cartridges from their package carefully and install them in their respective slots.
  4. Close the scanner unit in the Epson XP-4105 setup. Press the OK button on the control panel to begin ink charging.
Epson XP-4105 Setup

Loading the media in the paper cassette:

  1. Open the feeder guard and raise the rear paper support.
  2. Slide the edge guides outwards.
  3. Load a stack of plain paper in the rear feed slot with the print side facing outwards.
  4. After loading the paper, adjust the edge guides, and select the paper settings on the printer’s control panel.
  5. Pull out the paper output tray and then proceed to install the printer driver on your computer.

Epson XP-4105 Driver Download

Driver for  Printer

After the Epson XP-4105 setup, install a compatible printer driver on your computer. Only then you can start operating your printer. The process to download the printer driver from this site is given below.

  1. Search for the Download button below and click on it. The suitable Epson XP-4105 driver will be downloaded to your PC.
  2. After some time, when the download completes, check for the downloaded file in the Downloads folder.
  3. Click on the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  4. Otherwise, you can download the printer driver from the official Epson site. While downloading from the official site, make sure to choose your operating system correctly.

Epson XP-4105 Manual Download

User Manual for Brother MFC-L2690DW Setup
  1. The Epson XP-4105 setup user manual is provided in the product box. If the manual is unavailable or lost, download the user guide from this site by clicking the Manual Download button.
  2. Alternatively, go to the official support page of the printer and click the Manual and Warranty tab.
  3. Now, click the PDF link beside the required manual to download it to the computer.

Epson XP-4105 Driver Installation

If you have downloaded the Epson XP-4105 printer driver from this site and need instructions on how to install it, then follow these steps.

  1. Check if the downloaded file is available in the Downloads folder of your PC.
  2. Double-click on the file to start the installation.
  3. In the installation wizard, accept the license agreement.
  4. Follow the prompts in the wizard and choose the Wired or Wireless connection when prompted.
  1. Complete the remaining on-screen prompts to install the printer driver on your PC.
  2. If an issue arises during the Epson XP-4105 printer driver installation, click the Call button.

How to Replace Ink in Epson XP-4105 Printer?

Make use of these steps to replace the ink cartridges in the Epson XP-4105 setup. Before continuing with the ink cartridge replacement, make sure genuine ink cartridges are available. You can replace the ink cartridge if you see the message to replace them. If you want to replace the cartridges even before the error message appears on the printer’s LCD, then select the following options on the printer’s control panel: Maintenance > Ink Cartridge(s) Replacement > Next > Start. Now, proceed with the steps given below

  1. Open the scanner unit in your Epson XP-4105 printer.
  2. Check your printer to know whether the ink cartridge holder has moved to the replacement position.
  3. Locate the old ink cartridges in the ink cartridge holder. Take them out one-by-one and keep them aside. Note: The empty ink cartridges should not be refilled as it might create printing related issues. Instead, recycle the empty ink cartridges.
  1. Remove the new black ink cartridge from its package. Before removing, shake it for 4 to 5 times. Next, hold the cartridge carefully, remove the yellow tape, and install the cartridge into its slot.
  2. Now, take the other color ink cartridges out from their package. Install them in their respective slots.
  3. The scanner unit can be closed after the ink cartridge installation is completed.
  4. Once you select the Completed option on the printer LCD, ink charging begins.

Epson XP-4105 Wi-Fi Setup

The quick steps to set up Wi-Fi on your Epson XP-4105 printer are provided below. Follow them accordingly and if there is an issue, contact us by clicking the Call button.

  1. Initially, make sure that your wireless router and printer are turned on. Press the Home button available on the Epson XP-4105 setup.
  2. In the displayed window, choose the Wireless icon.
  3. Next, choose the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option.
  4. When the next window opens, press the OK button to select the Start Setup option.
  5. Now, choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  1. Wireless network name can be entered manually. Otherwise, you can select it.
  2. When you are prompted to enter the wireless password, type it. Select the Start Setup option.
  3. On the Setup Complete screen, you can either select Print Check Report or Dismiss.
  4. Now, install the printer driver on your computer and choose Wireless as the connection method when prompted.

How to Connect Epson XP-4105 to Mac?

To connect the Epson XP-4105 setup to your Mac PC, follow the steps below.

  1. After setting up the printer, ensure both the printer and the computer are switched on.
  2. Open the downloaded Epson XP-4105 driver file from the Downloads folder on your Mac computer.
  3. When a list of prompts appears on the computer screen, follow them.
  4. During the installation, choose USB or Wireless Network as the connection method.
  5. Finally, after completing all the prompts, the installation completes and the Epson XP-4105 printer will be connected to the Mac PC.

How to Copy on Epson XP-4105?

Copying a document or a photo is quite easy with this Epson XP-4105 printer. You can perform this operation with various sizes and types of media. Follow the instructions given in a step-wise manner.

  1. Hold the document or photo you need to copy and place it on the scanner glass of your Epson XP-4105 printer.
  2. Ensure there is enough paper loaded in the rear feeder slot.
  3. Search for the Home button on your printer and press it.
  4. Choose the Copy option.
  5. If required, press + or – buttons to increase or decrease the number of copies. This option is used if you need more than one copy.
  6. In order to view and change additional copy settings, choose the Advanced Settings tab.
  7. Once you are ready to start the copy function, go to the Start button.
  8. If any issue arises while copying the document, get help from our experts by clicking the Call button provided on this page.

Guide: Epson XP-4105 Double-Sided Printing

If you want your Epson XP-4105 setup to print on both sides of the page, follow the instructions below on a Windows computer.

  1. Open the document you want to print and select File > Print. Choose one of the options in the 2-Sided Printing drop-down menu as per your preference.
  2. Auto (Long-edge binding)
  3. Auto (Short-edge binding)
  4. Manual (Long-edge binding)
  5. Manual (Short-edge binding)
  6. Select the Settings button on the displayed window.
  7. Choose the double-sided printing options.
  8. Select OK to go back to the Main tab.
  9. Choose the Print Density button.
  10. Go to the Document Type setting and choose the type of document.
  11. If required, choose Adjustments.
  12. Tap on OK and go back to the Main tab.
  13. To test the selected settings, print a test copy of your double-sided document.
  14. Follow the on-screen prompts and finally, the document gets print on both sides.

Epson XP-4105 Scanner Setup:

It is quite simple to scan an image or document to a variety of destinations using the Epson XP-4105 setup’s control panel. Check if the suitable printer software is installed on your device. Also, check if the printer is connected to the PC or network. Restart the PC once you install the printer software. This enables the scanning from the control panel. Place the image or document for scanning on the scanner glass. Press Home and choose the Scan option. Select the required scan option and follow the instructions to complete the scanning process.

Steps: Epson XP-4105 Scan to Email:

You can scan a document using your Epson XP-4105 printer and attach it to an e-mail from the printer’s control panel. For this, you must have an e-mail client program on your computer that is connected to the printer. The steps to perform the scan to email operation are as follows.

  1. Turn on the printer and load your original document on the scanner glass.
  2. Press the Home button on the printer’s control panel and choose the Scan option.
  3. Next, select Computer > Select a computer. If you have connected your computer and printer over a network, then you have to choose your computer by its name. If the connection is made using USB, then choose the USB Connection option.
  4. Now, for the list of scan options, choose Attach to e-mail.
  5. Press the Start button. The email program on your computer will be launched and the scanned document will be attached to an e-mail message as JPEG attachment.
Epson XP-4105 scan to email

Epson XP-4105 Scan to Computer:

Make use of the Epson XP-4105 setup’s control panel to scan a document and save it to your PC. Either USB or Wireless connection should be established between both the printer and the computer. Save the document as PDF or JPEG file, or attach it to an email. Make use of the Event Manager to set up custom scan settings.

Note: Before going to the scanning process, check if the Event Manager and Epson XP-4105 scan software are installed on your PC.

  1. Hold the document or image and place it on the scanner glass of the printer to perform scanning.
  2. Press Home -> Scan.
  3. Choose Computer on the displayed window.
  4. Click on Select a computer. Then choose one of the following options.
  5. If the printer and the PC are connected over a wireless network, then choose your computer name from the displayed list.
  6. If the devices are connected using a USB cable, choose USB Connection.
  7. Select Save as PDF. Then choose one of the displayed options below.
  8. Save as JPEG
  9. Save as PDF
  10. Attach to e-mail
  11. Follow custom setting
  12. Search for the Start button. Tap on the button to begin scanning. The document gets scanned and will be saved to your PC.

Epson XP-4105 Scan software:

To perform the scan operation using your Epson XP-4105 setup, you must install the scanning software on your computer. Epson ScanSmart and Easy Photo Scan are the scanning software from Epson. In order to use these software to scan your original documents, you have to install the Epson Smart Scan 2 utility on your computer.

You can download the Scanner Driver and Epson Scan 2 utility from the official Epson site. Moreover, if you have downloaded and installed the recommended Drivers and Utilities Combo Package on your computer, then the scan software would have been installed along with it.

How to Scan Multiple Pages on Epson XP-4105?

It is easy to scan multiple pages of a document and save them to your computer. Use the instructions below to scan a multiple page document using the Epson XP-4105 printer.

  1. Load the document on the Epson XP-4105 setup’s scanner.
  2. Launch the Epson Scan 2 program on your computer.
  3. Choose the Scanner, Scan settings, and Scan mode from the available drop-down menu.
  4. In the main tab, set the other scan settings and enable the checkbox beside Add or edit pages after scanning.
  5. Set the image format as PDF or Multi-TIFF.
  6. Click Preview followed by Scan. Then, you can add the other pages and finally save the scanned pages as a single document.

Epson XP-4105 Setup Troubleshooting:

If your Epson XP-4105 printer faces certain issues while printing, make use of the user manual instructions to clear the issue. Some of the important issues are addressed below along with effective solutions. Apart from the addressed issues, if there are any other problems with your printer, click the Call button available on this page. Our experts will provide quick solutions to resolve the printer issues.

How to Reset Epson XP-4105?

When there is a problem with the Epson xp-4105 printer, you need to reset it. If there is a “Printer Maintenance Required” error message on the printer’s screen, only resetting can resolve the issue. The steps to reset the printer from the control panel are given below.

  1. Press the Home button on the Epson XP-4105 setup.
  2. Next, select the Settings menu and press the OK button.
  3. Go to Restore Default Settings and press OK.
  4. From the available options, choose the All Settings option and press OK to reset the control panel settings to factory defaults.
  5. Restart your Epson xp-4105 printer.

Fixed: Epson XP-4105 not Printing Guide

If your printer is not working or printing blank, then there might be several reasons causing this issue. The most common reasons for this problem are printer issues, low ink, or print settings error.

Check the conditions given below:

  1. Initially, confirm that the Epson XP-4105 setup is turned on and is connected to your computer.
  2. Check whether the ink cartridges are empty or too old and replace them immediately if required.
  3. Check whether you have removed the yellow tape from the ink cartridges installed in the printer.
  4. Check if you have used compatible media in your printer.
  5. Make sure the nozzles are not clogged. Print a nozzle check pattern to check that. If required, clean the printhead.
  6. The layout, paper size, and orientation settings should be correct. The document you are trying to print should not contain any blank pages. If there are blank pages, remove them, and try to print.
  7. Select “Skip Blank Page” in the printer software if it is a Mac or Windows PC.
  8. If the issue prevails, click the Call button.

Guide: Epson XP-4105 Print without Black Ink

If you have enabled the Epson Status monitor on your Windows computer, then when the black ink gets low, you would see a message prompting you to print the black color using the mixture of other colors. When you see the prompt, click Yes to print black. If you select No or Disable this feature, then the printer will use the remaining black ink until you replace it.

Solved: Epson XP-4105 Scanner Error

Refer to the solutions below if there are scanner related problems.

  1. If the scanner is not turned on, then check if the scanner is connected to the power source. Plug it to another electrical outlet and check if it is working.
  2. If you cannot start Epson Scan, check if the scanner is turned on.
  3. Power off the computer and scanner. Check if the interface cable connection is secure between them.
  4. The scanner should be connected directly to the PCs USB port and avoid using a USB hub.
  5. Check if you have installed the required scanner driver and software on your computer.
  6. If the scanner issue is not resolved with these solutions, refer to the Epson XP-4105 setup manual available on this site.
Epson XP-4105 Scan Error Solution
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