Epson XP-340 troubleshooting Steps

The Epson XP-340 wireless all-in-one printer is compact and easy to use. Scroll down this page to get Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps.

It can perform tasks such as printing, scanning, and copying. This Epson printer, like most other Epson printers, is designed to work only with original Epson ink cartridges. To avoid printer issues, always make use of the original ink cartridges. Never use the refilled or third-party ink cartridges. Doing this will definitely lead to printing issues. Apart from these, try to handle the printer with proper care. The most common issues that occur on the Epson XP-340 printer are listed below. Also, effective solutions to fix those issues are provided here.

  1. The printer might not print properly
  2. Device fails to print the black ink
  3. Printer Offline issue
  4. Printer fails to recognize the ink cartridges
  5. Communication error (Scanning)

If the printer issue that you are dealing with on your Epson XP-340 printer is not listed on this page or you need assistance on the device, click the Call button and reach out to our technical experts to sort out the issue using Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps.

Epson XP-340 troubleshooting

Epson XP-340 not printing properly – steps

If your Epson XP-340 printer is not printing the documents properly, then there might be a clogged nozzle. This issue is unavoidable because the print heads used to clog over time when the nozzles get blocked due to ink or air. Usually, clogs happen when the ink cartridges are not changed immediately after getting low ink warning on the device’s screen or use the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps

This issue arises even if the printer is not used regularly and ink dries up in the nozzles. To resolve the printing issue, clean the printhead completely.

  1. To clean the Printhead, make sure that the printer’s control panel is not displaying any errors.
  2. Press the Home button. Then select Setup > Maintenance.
  3. On the Maintenance screen, select Nozzle Check and press OK.
  4. You have to press the Start button to print the nozzle pattern.
  1. If there are no gaps, select No and then press the Stop button. If gaps are present, choose Yes > OK, then pressStart to clean the print head.
  2. Again, print the nozzle check pattern and see if the print quality is improved. If there is no improvement, let the printer rest for 6 hours and again clean the print head. Also, replace the damaged or old ink cartridges from the printer using the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps.

Epson XP-340 black ink not working – steps

  1. If the Epson XP-340 printer is not printing the black ink, then check whether the black ink cartridge is installed correctly in the printer.
  2. Check if the black ink cartridge is not empty.
  3. Ensure that you have installed the original ink cartridge.
  4. Make sure that the nozzles are not clogged in the print head.
  5. If you are not sure about whether the issue is with the print head or not, then clean it and check if the problem resolves.
  6. The steps to clean the printhead is provided on this website. If the issue persists after cleaning the print head, then check if the problem is with the ink cartridge. And use the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps
  7. Ensure that the installed ink cartridge has a white label on it. Installing the ink cartridge without a white label may damage the printer.
  8. Replace the black ink cartridge and see if the printer prints the black color.

Epson XP-340 error e 01 – steps

While printing some documents on your Epson XP-340 printer, the printer may display the error e-01. This is a fatal error that occurs when the printer starts booting after the self-start process. To fix the error,

  1. Make sure there is no issue with power connectivity.
  2. Disconnect the power connection from the printer. The printer turns off. Leave it to remain idle for some time and then turn it on.
  3. Check if the error is cleared from the printer. If the error exists, check if there is any jammed paper in the printer.
  4. Locate the jammed paper and remove it. Now, the error should be cleared using the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps. If not, contact our support team for assistance.

Epson XP-340 offline – steps

  1. Check if the printer is turned on.
  2. If you have connected the printer over a wireless network, make sure there are no issues with the wireless network.
  3. If the printer and computer are connected using a USB cable, connect the cable ends firmly. Avoid using a USB hub between the printer and the computer.
  4. Check if the Use Printer Offline feature is enabled on the computer. If yes, then you have to turn it off. To disable the Use Printer Offline feature,
  5. Press Windows + R simultaneously on your PC’s keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
  6. Here, type Control Panel and press Enter.
  7. Choose Devices and Printers.
  8. Now, right-click on the Epson XP-340 printer and then choose See What’s Printing.
  9. Tap on Printer and check if the Use Printer Offline feature is enabled.
  10. If it is enabled, then disable the option. Again, tap on Printer and configure it as your default printer.
  11. Check if the Printer Offline error message is cleared on the device’s screen.
  12. If the Printer Offline issue exists, then reinstall the printer driver on your computer or use the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps.

Epson XP 340 ink cartridge not recognized – steps

  1. If the ink cartridge is newly installed or replaced, then check if it is installed correctly.
  2. Take out the ink cartridge and install it again using the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps. Now, see if the issue has been cleared.
  3. This Epson XP-340 printer is designed to work only with the manufacturer’s original ink cartridges. So make sure that you have installed the original ink cartridges.
  4. Ensure that the ink cartridges are not exposed outside after opening them. Make sure that they are immediately installed in the printer after removing from the package.
  5. Make sure the ink cartridge is installed in the correct slot. Try to clean the contact chip. This might make the printer to recognize the installed ink cartridge.
  6. If the ink cartridge is still not recognized, then performing a hard reset might resolve the problem. If you have cleaned the chip and reinstalled the ink cartridges, then unplug the power connection from the printer. After 30 seconds, establish the power connection and turn on the printer. The printer will now recognize the installed ink cartridges.

Epson xp-340 scanner communication error

  1. Confirm that the Epson XP-340 printer is turned on and is connected securely to your PC.
  2. Check if restarting the computer might establish proper communication with the scanner.
  3. Ensure that Epson Scan is set up correctly. To check that,
  4. Choose Start -> All Programs -> EPSON Scan -> EPSON Scan settings.
  5. Tap on No if a message stating EPSON Scan cannot be started displays on the window.
  6. The window might appear twice. Confirm that the correct scanner is chosen.
  7. For USB printer connection, ensure that the Connection setting is set to Network. Check if the scanner appears under Network Scanner Address. If yes, then check if the printer communicates with the PC properly.
  8. If the scanner does not appear, then tap on Add. Choose the IP address. Tap on the Ok button. Again click on the Ok button. The Epson Scan Settings window exits.
  9. Now, check if there is proper communication between the printer and the PC.
  10. Also, make sure that the installed scanner driver is compatible with the PC. Try to reinstall the scanner driver on your PC and see if the printer is able to communicate with the PC properly.
  11. If the problem persists, click the Call button available on this page. Our experts will assist you in troubleshooting all the printer issues using the Epson XP-340 troubleshooting steps.
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