Epson XP 340 Setup

Unbox: Epson XP 340 Setup

  1. Take the Epson printer out of the carton and check if the other printer accessories are there in the box.
  2. Peel off the packaging tapes from the printerand then open the scanner unit.
  3. Remove the protective materials from inside the printer and close the scanner unit.

Power connection

  1. Now, take the power cord provided with the printer and connect it to the printer.
  2. Plug the other end to an electrical wall socket, lift the control panel, and then press the power button to turn on the printer.
  3. When the printer turns on, set the language and press the OK button.

Insert the ink cartridges

  1. Keep the scanner unit open. After that, slowly shake the ink cartridge and then unpack it.
  2. Remove the protective film from the cartridge and see that you do not touch the metal contacts.
  3. Insert the ink cartridgesinto the respective holders and press each of them until they snap into
  4. Install the other ink cartridges in the same way and close the scanner unit.
  5. Next, press the Start button on the control panel to begin ink charging into the printer system.
  6. After the ink charge is over, the completion message appears on the printer display panel.
  7. Follow these steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.

Feed paper

  1. Make sure the ink charging process is complete, then toss the feeder guard forward and mount the paper support with a slight backward push.
  2. Following that, move the edge guide to the left end, pull the paper output tray, and unfold the support flap.
  3. Neatly, arrange the paper with the short edge against the right end and the print side facing up.
  4. Move the left edge paper guide to the paper edges, but do not squeeze or bend the paper.
  5. Now, toss the feeder guard towards the back and go on to set the paper settings on the control panel.

Software installation

  1. When the physical setup of the printer is complete, proceed to install the printer software on the computer.


  1. Click the Download button on this page. Open the web browseron your computer, enter the original Epson support website URL, and press Enter.
  2. Search for the Epson XP-340 printer model and open the support page.
  3. Under Downloads, choose the Operating System from the drop-down menu and download the driver on the computer.
  4. Use the following steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.
Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5800 setup Windows Driver


  1. Visit the official Epson website from the browser window.
  2. Enter the printer model’s support page and click the Manuals and Warranty
  3. The printer manuals are available in PDF format, select the download link to download it.
Epson EcoTank Pro ET-5800 setup User Manual Download


  1. If you have the printer software installation CD, insert it to the computer and open the CD directory on the PC.
  2. Otherwise, download the printer software online and save it on the computer.
  3. Mount the driver installer file, read the license agreement, and agree to the terms & policies.
  4. Choose the software you have to install under Software Selection.
  5. Select asuitable connection method and proceed with the guided instructions to complete the driver installation.
  6. By Using following steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.


  1. Check the ink levels of the ink cartridges by choosing the Setup menu on the home screen of the printer display panel.
  2. Find out which ink cartridges have low ink levelsand then get the genuine ink cartridges from the Epson store.
  3. Under Ink Levels on the display panel, select the Replace now 
  4. Keep the printer turned on, then open the scanner unit,and remove the ink cartridges that are expired by lifting it from the holder.
  5. After that, unpack the new ink cartridge and install the ink cartridge as mentioned in the setup process and lower the scanner unit.
  6. When the printhead moves in the printer, it indicates that the ink charging is taking place.
  7. The completion message appears on the display panel after the ink charge is done.


Use the below steps to set up the printer to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi router network and connect your computer to it.
  2. Write down the network SSID and password.
  3. Maintain the printer turned on throughout the setup process.
  4. The printer software is available on the installation CD and online, which you can download on the computer.
  5. Open the software installer file on the system, after which the Epson installation window shows up.
  6. Read the License Agreement and accept it.
  7. Following that, select the software for installing under Software Selection and click Install.
  8. Choose Wireless connection, select a suitable option below Setup Option,and select Next.
  9. Perform the following steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.
  1. To automatically connect the printer to the wireless network, under Wi-Fi Auto Connect, choose Yes
  2. Next, select Using printer buttons as the Wireless Network Setup Method.
  3. If the network SSID appears in the window, then enter the network password.In case the name does not appear, enter the SSID and password to set up.
  4. After that, move to the printer and press the home button on the control panel.
  5. Select the Wi-Fi Setup menu and then the Wi-Fi (Recommended) option. Now, select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  6. The printer scans for the available networks, choose the network name when it appears and input the password to connect to it.
  7. After the printer connects to the wireless network, go on to print a test page to verify it.


You can connect the Epson printer to the computer in three ways.

USB connection:

  1. Use a USB cable to connect the printer and the computer.
  2. Now, you can proceed to print documents on the computer or scan a copy to the computer.

network connection

  1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the printer, and with another Ethernet cable, connect the computer and the router.
  2. Run the software installation to completethe connection setup.

Wireless network connection

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi router network and connect the computer to the network.
  2. Install the printer driver and set up the wireless network by following on-screen steps.


  1. Connect the Epson scanner and the computer with the scanner software to the same router network.
  2. Place the document on the scanner glass and close the document cover.
  3. On the Home screen of the printer display, select the Scan
  4. Following that, choose the appropriate scan option and select the computer name on which you are saving the scanned document.
  5. Press the Start button to start scanning.
  6. Using these following steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.


Whenever there is an issue with your printer, the error message appears on the display panel. Follow the instructions on the manual to fix the problem, and if you cannot solve it, then contact the service team for an easy fix.


  1. When the printer goes offline, check if the power and network cable ends are secure.
  2. Open the printing jobs window on the system and verify there are no stalled printing tasks. Remove the paused printing tasks to bring the printer to be online.


  1. On the printer’s home screen, go to the Setup menu and select Restore Default Settings.
  2. You have three reset options, select the appropriate reset option and press the OK button.
  3. Confirm the reset action and again press the OK button.
  4. By utilizing these above steps we can execute the Epson XP 340 Setup.
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