Epson Xp 2100 Setup

Setting up the Epson xp-2100 printer is quite simple if you follow these Epson Xp 2100 Setup instructions.

Epson Xp 2100 Setup

Unboxing the printer:

  1. Remove the packed materials from the Epson xp-2100 printer.
  2. Open the scanner lid and remove the packed materials from inside.
  3. Close the scanner unit and proceed to turn on the printer.

Turn on the Epson xp-2100 printer:

  1. Take the power cord and connect its one end to the printer.
  2. Connect its other end to the power supply.
  3. Press the Power button and turn on the printer.

Ink cartridge installation:

  1. Open the scanner unit on the printer.
  2. The ink cartridge holder will now move to the replacement position.
  3. Take the new cartridges out from their package and install them in the cartridge holder.
  4. Close the scanner unit and press the Stop button on the printer to begin the ink charging.

Loading Paper in the paper tray:

  1. Open the feeder guard on the printer and pull up the paper support.
  2. Move the edge guide to the left extreme and load a stack on paper on the paper support.
  3. Adjust the guides to the paper length size.
  4. Close the feeder guard and also extend the output tray on the printer.
  5. Turn of the printer, then press the Stop and Power buttons together. Now, the printer will print the nozzle check pattern.
  6. Once done, proceed to Epson Xp 2100 Setup and install the printer driver on your computer.

Epson xp-2100 Setup Mac:

Follow these instructions to connect the Epson xp-2100 printer to your Mac PC.

  1. Unpack the printer and check if all the materials are delivered.
  2. Use the available power cord in the printer box to connect between the printer and power supply.
  3. Install the ink cartridges and load enough paper on the printer.
  4. Make sure the hardware setup of the printer is complete.
  5. Connect the printer to your Mac computer.
  6. Download the printer driver on your computer and install it to connect the printer to it.

Epson xp-2100 driver download for Mac

Driver for Epson Xp 2100 Printer
  1. Get the latest Epson xp-2100 driver to install it on your Mac computer.
  2. Click the Download button available on this page.
  3. The printer driver for your Mac OS version will be downloaded.

Epson xp-2100 driver download for Linux

Driver for Epson Xp 2100 Printer
  1. The Epson xp-2100 driver for your Linux PC is available here.
  2. Tap on the Download button to quickly download the latest printer on your Linux machine.

Epson xp-2100 driver download Windows 10

  1. For Windows10 computers, click on the Download button below to download the recent version driver for your Epson xp-2100 printer.
Epson Xp 2100

Epson xp-2100 driver install

  1. The suitable Epson xp-2100 driver should be downloaded on your computer.
  2. Make use of these steps to install the printer driver quickly.
  3. Locate the downloaded driver file in the Downloads folder.
  4. Double-click on the installer file and the installation will start on your PC.
  5. Go with the on-screen prompts.
  6. Finally, the Epson xp-2100 driver will be installed.

How to change ink Epson xp 2100

  1. Refer to the instructions given here to replace the Epson xp2100 printer’s ink cartridges.
  2. Open the Epson xp-2100 printer’s scanner unit. Open it with the document cover closed.
  3. Look for the Stop button (inverted triangle).
  4. Press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  5. Check if the ink cartridge holder moves to the replacement position.
  1. Gently remove the old ink cartridge from the printer and keep it aside.
  2. Take the new ink cartridge and shake it for 4 to 5 times. Then remove it from its package and install it in the cartridge holder.
  3. Close the scanner unit after completing the ink cartridge installation.
  4. Press the Stop button to begin ink charging.
  5. Tip: Avoid shaking the ink cartridges after opening from the package. This might result in ink leakage. Remember to remove the yellow tape on the cartridge.

Wireless setup:

  1. Make use of the instructions given below to install your Epson xp-2100 printer on a wireless network using the WPS Setup method.
  2. Initially, make sure your wireless router is turned ON and supports WPS.
  3. Locate and hold the WPS button on the Modem for 2 seconds.
  4. Go to the printer and press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the Wi-Fi LEDs start blinking.
  5. Now, the connection between the router and the printer will be set up.
  6. Connect your computer to the same wireless network.
  7. Make use of the printer installer to connect the printer to the computer.

Epson xp-2100 wifi direct setup

  1. Connect your wireless device directly to the printer using the Wi-Fi Direct setup. The steps for this setup process are as follows.
  2. Initially, make sure you have installed the printer driver on your device.
  3. Turn on the printer and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Simultaneously, press the Network Status button until the Network LEDs begin to flash alternatively.
  4. Once the Wi-Fi Direct LED becomes stable, print the Network Status Sheet on the Epson Xp 2100 Setup printer by pressing the Network Status button.
  5. Note down the SSID and password of the printer.
  6. On your computer, click the Network icon, choose the printer’s SSID, and enter the password to connect to it.

How to connect the Epson xp-2100 printer to the computer:

  1. It is quite simple to use the installer to connect the Epson xp-2100 printer to a computer.
  2. Make use of the software disc to set up the printer. Insert the CD into the PC. Continue with the on-screen prompts.
  3. When the screen prompts to select the connection type, select the desired option and tap on the Next button.
  4. Complete the remaining on-screen prompts to connect the computer with your Epson xp-2100 printer.
  5. How to scan using Epson xp-2100
  6. Follow the given steps to scan the documents easily. Ensure you have installed Epson Scan 2 and Epson Even Manager on your PC.
  7. Take the document and place it on the scanner glass of the Epson Xp 2100 Setup printer.
  1. Press the Home button and choose the monochrome copy or color copy button to scan the document to your computer.
  2. Epson xp-2100 scanner driver
  3. The latest version of the Epson xp-2100 scanner driver for both Windows and Mac is available here. Click the Download link below to quickly download it on your device. Before proceeding with the process, check for the driver’s compatibility. The driver compatibility list is provided below.
  4. Once the download is completed, check for the downloaded file in the Downloads folder.
  5. Double-click on the driver file and start installing it.
  6. Carry out the installation guidelines to complete the Epson Xp 2100 Setup process.

Epson xp-2100 Driver compatibility list:


  1. Windows 10 32-bit
  2. Windows 10 64-bit
  3. Windows 8.1 32-bit
  4. Windows 8.1 64-bit
  5. Windows 8 32-bit
  1. Windows 8 64-bit
  2. Windows 7 32-bit
  3. Windows 7 64-bit
  4. Windows Panorama 32-bit
  5. Windows Panorama 64-bit


  1. Linux OS (32-bit)
  1. Linux (64-bit)


  1. Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.4
  2. Mac OS X 10.5
  3. Mac OS X 10.6
  4. Mac OS X 10.7
  5. Mac OS X 10.8
  6. Mac OS X 10.9
  1. Mac OS X 10.10
  2. Mac OS X 10.11
  3. Mac OS X 10.12
  4. Mac OS X 10.13
  5. Mac OS X 10.14
  6. Mac OS X 10.15

Epson xp-2100 scan to computer

  1. Use the Epson xp-2100 printer’s control panel to save the scanned document to the connected computer. Before going with the scanning process, ensure the computer and the printer are connected using a USB cable or wirelessly.
  2. You can use the Epson Scan 2 application on your computer to scan a document on the printer and save it on your computer.
  3. Place the document on the printer’s scanner glass.
  4. Now, open the Epson Scan 2 application on your computer connected to the printer.
  5. Set the Mode as Document Mode.
  6. In the Main Settings tab, choose the scan settings like Document Size, Image Type, Resolution, etc.
  7. If required, make other scan settings in the Advanced Settings tab.
  8. Finally, click the Scan button.
  1. Firmware download Epson xp-2100
  2. The latest version of the Epson xp-2100 firmware for both Windows and Mac is available on the manufacturer’s site. Download the suitable firmware based on your OS and follow the steps below.
  3. Once done with downloading, open the downloaded file and choose the Next button to begin the Epson Xp 2100 Setup and installation.
  4. Choose Yes -> Start.
  5. Wait until Finished is displayed.
  6. Select the Finish button on the computer to complete the installation.
  7. Remove the power cable from the printer and reconnect it.
  8. Turn on your printer and it might display ‘Wrong ink tanks’ error message. Remove all the cartridges and reinstall it to clear the message. Now, start printing with your Epson xp-2100 printer.
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