How to Install Epson XP-200 Printer?

The Install Epson XP-200 Printer is a compact printer which can be carried wherever you go. The cartridges of this printer have instant dry inks. This page includes quick guidelines to set up the Epson XP-200 printer. You can also call our techies to avail more guidance to set up the printer, and troubleshooting solutions for any issues related to it.

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How to Setup Epson XP-200 Printer?

  • Opening the printer box and exploring the contents of a brand new device is no doubt an amazing experience.
  • Refer to the following steps to set up your printer and begin to enjoy its functions flawlessly.
  • Firstly, tear the tapes that are found on the printer box.
  • Take your Install Epson XP-200 Printer out of the carton.
  • The ink cartridges, power cord, manual (hardcopy) of the printer can be found inside the printer.
  • Prefer a flat place for placing the printer.
  • Locate the packing materials inside and outside the printer and remove them.
  • Remove the tapes of the power cord.
  • Attach the AC power cable to the respective ports of the printer and power supply directly.
  • Power up the Epson XP200 printer by using its power button.
  • Unpack the ink cartridges provided in the printer box.
  • Make sure to remove the tapes on the cartridges.
  • Insert the cartridges into the respective slots of the printer.
  • Ascertain that the paper tray of the Install Epson XP-200 Printer is loaded with compatible sheets.
  • Connect the devices and complete the unboxing setup.

Epson XP-200 Driver Download

Download the software of the Epson XP-200 printer using the Driver Download button on this page.

Epson XP-200 Driver For Windows & Mac

The driver lets your Windows or Mac device to communicate with your Epson XP-200 printer. The procedure to download the driver of the Epson XP-200 printer is the same for the Windows or Mac system. Driver file extension for Mac is .dmg and .exe for Windows.

Epson XP-200 Wifi Setup

The wireless connection is one of the best methods in connecting the Epson XP-200 printer and computer.

How to Connect Epson XP-200 Printer to Wifi?

  • The below given steps explain how to Install Epson XP-200 Printer and computer using the WPS feature.
  • Ensure that you have a router or access point to connect the devices by utilizing the WPS feature.
  • Locate the WPS button on your router.
  • Wait for a few minutes and tap the Wi-Fi button on your printer for 3 seconds.
  • The Wi-Fi connection light of the printer lights up after a minute.
  • Thus the Epson XP-200 printer and computer are connected to the network of your router.
how to connect epson xp-200 printer to wifi

How to Replace Ink Cartridge Epson XP-200?

  • It is mandatory to turn on the Install Epson XP-200 Printer using its power button.
  • Find the scanner unit at the top of the printer and raise it.
  • Tap the Stop button on the printer’s panel.
  • Find the cartridge which you need to replace and take it out of the printer by squeezing its tab.
  • Hope you purchased a new ink cartridge for replacing the old one.
  • Unpack the cartridge and never forget to tear the tapes on it.
  • Never touch the green-colored chip or the small window on the cartridge.
  • Insert the new cartridge into its holder the printer.
  • You have to push the cartridge until it fits into the holder.
  • Close the scanner unit.
  • Tap the Stop button on the printer’s panel.

Epson XP-200 Nozzle Cleaning

  • Firstly, check if the ink nozzle of the Epson printer is cleaned.
  • Make sure that the Install Epson XP-200 Printer is turned off.
  • Now hold the Cancel button and tap the Power button.
  • Release the buttons when the printer powers on.
  • Now the Epson XP-200 printer prints a nozzle pattern sheet.
  • Look at the sheet and check if the nozzles are cleaned.
  • To clean the nozzle of the printer, carry on with the following steps.
  • Power up the Epson XP-200 printer.
  • Press the Cancel button for 3 seconds.
  • Now the power lamp starts to flash, which means that the nozzle is cleaning by itself.
  • Once the lamp stops flashing, the cleaning is done.
  • Print a nozzle pattern sheet and check if the nozzle is cleaned properly.

How to Clean Printheads On Epson XP-200?

  • You can clean the print heads of the Install Epson XP-200 Printer either by using the control panel of the printer, or the Computer Utility tool on your computer.
  • Carry on with the following steps to clean the print head by using the printer’s control panel.
  • Ascertain that the paper tray of the Epson XP-200 printer is loaded with compatible sheets.
  • Press and hold the Stop button for a few minutes.
  • Perform a nozzle check and check if the print head of the Epson XP-200 printer is cleaned.

How to Scan On Epson XP-200?

  • Prefer the scanner glass for placing the document for scanning.
  • Before you begin the scan process, check if the latest version of the Install Epson XP-200 Printer software is downloaded on your computer.
  • Also, ensure that the devices are connected either by using the wireless connection.
  • Tap the B&W Copy and Color Copy buttons at the same time.
  • Now the Epson XP-200 printer starts to scan your document and save it in the desired folder.

How to Scan Multiple Pages On Epson XP-200?

  • Open the Epson Scan application on your computer or laptop.
  • Ensure that the Epson Scan app is in the Professional Mode.
  • Tap the Preview button to preview the loaded image before scanning.
  • Tap the Scan area in the Preview window.
  • Click File Save Settings.
  • Once you click, the File Save Settings window opens.
  • Set the Type as PDF. Set the configurations like the Orientation, Paper Size, Margin, and Compression.
  • Tap the Options button to change the PDF settings.
  • Configure the other settings and tap OK.
  • Tap the Scan option. Click OK when the File Save Settings window displays on the screen.
  • Now the Install Epson XP-200 Printer scans the loaded document.
  • For scanning multiple pages, tap the Add Page button.
  • Carry on with the procedure on the screen and complete the scanning process.

How to Reset Epson XP-200 Printer?

Resetting the Epson XP-200 printer is the best solutions to fix any issues related to it. Find easy and quick guidelines in the following topic to reset the Epson XP-200 printer to its default settings.

How to Factory Reset Epson XP-200?

  • Make sure to turn off the Epson XP-200 printer before you begin the reset process.
  • Press and hold the Reset button present at the back of the printer using a pen’s tip or any sharp-ended object.
  • Turn on the Install Epson XP-200 Printer by holding the reset button.
  • Once the printer prints a Warning sheet, release the reset button.
  • Note: The printer takes five seconds to print the sheet.
  • After 5 seconds, the printer prints a sheet which has the factory reset the IP address of the printer.

Epson XP-200 Troubleshooting

Issues with the Epson XP-200 printer are solved by using the solutions provided in the following topics. If you cannot find solutions for your printer issue, call our technical experts and avail more solutions.

Epson XP-200 Wifi Not Working

  • Tap the Start menu on the display of your Install Epson XP-200 Printer.
  • Go to All Apps and select Control Panel.
  • Choose Hardware and Sound --> Devices and Printer.
  • Ascertain that there is no tick mark present near Use Printer Offline.
  • Check the connection between your Epson XP-200 printer and computer.
  • If you link the devices using the wired connection, check if the USB or Ethernet cable is plugged to the corresponding port.
  • For more solution to fix the issue with the Epson XP-200 printer, call our customer support team.

Epson XP-200 Not Recognising Ink

  1. Ensure that the ink cartridge is compatible with the model of printer.
  2. Ascertain that the ink cartridges are inserted into the respective holders.
  3. Check the ink level in the cartridges of the Epson printer.
  4. Delete the Install Epson XP-200 Printer software on your computer.
  5. Download & launch the latest version of the Epson printer software.
  6. For more solutions to solve the ink cartridge recognition issue, call our technical support team.
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