Epson WF-3640 Setup Guidance

  • Before you begin the unboxing process, make sure that the Epson WF-3640 printer carton is not damaged.
  • Remove the tapes on the printer carton by using sharp-edged objects like knife, scissors, etc.
  • Open the carton and take out the Epson WF3640 printer from it.
  • Also, take out the printer components from the box and keep them aside.
  • Prefer a flat surface to place the Epson WF-3640 printer on it.
  • Remove the plastic cover from the printer. Also, peel off the tapes on it.
  • "Remove" the transparent sticker on the control panel.
  • Connect the power cable of the Epson WF-3640 machine.
  • "Unpack" the ink cartridges provided in the printer box and insert them into the respective slots.
  • "Load" the paper tray of the Epson WF-3640 setup with suitable sheets.
  • Configure the fax setup if needed.
  • Launch the Epson WF-3640 printer driver and complete the setup process.
Epson WF-3640 setup

Epson WF-3640 Driver Download

The driver for the Epson WF-3640 printer can be downloaded by giving a click on the Driver Download buttons provided below.

Epson WF-3640 driver for Windows

Driver for Epson WF-3640 Printer
  • Date of release: 20.05.19.
  • Driver size: 13.2 MB.
  • Name: WF3640_Lite_NA.exe.
  • File extension: .exe.
  • The software includes the Epson WF-3640 printer driver, scanner software, Epson scan utility software tool, Epson event manager, fax utility tool, software updater, and Epson ReadyInk Agent.
  • The provided Epson Driver is compatible with any versions of the Windows operating system.

Epson WF-3640 Driver for Mac

Driver for WF-3640 Printer
  • Launch date: 03.06.19.
  • Driver file size: 12.9 MB.
  • Name: WF3640_Lite_64_NA.dmg.
  • File Extension: .dmg.
  • The given driver package has the Epson WF-3640 printer software, Epson scan utility tool, Epson event manager, software updater, fax utility software, Epson ReadyInk agent, and ICA Scanner driver.
  • The given driver package is compatible with the Mac operating system of any versions.

How to Install Epson WF-3640 Driver Software?

  • Download the driver file by using the Driver Download buttons provided above on this page and save it the desired folder on your computer.
  • Double-click the file to open it.
  • Follow the instructions on the display for installing the Epson WF-3640 printer software.

How to Connect Epson WF-3640 Printer to Computer?

  • Tap the Wi-Fi icon on the operation panel of the Epson WF-3640 setup.
  • Select Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Make sure that your router is powered up and providing a strong network connection.
  • Select the network name of your router and provide its password.
  • Once the connection is executed, a successful message appears on the screen.
  • Install the Epson WF-3640 printer software on your computer.
  • Set up the wireless connection while installing the driver and connect the Epson WF-3640 to your computer.

Epson WF-3640 Troubleshooting Guidance

Troubleshoot any problems with the Epson WF-3640 printer by availing assistance from our technical experts. Find quick solutions for some error codes of the Epson WF-3640 printer in the following topics.

Guide: Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x97

  • Use the 0x97 Fix Patch software tool to solve the error code.
  • You can obtain the software tool from the manufacturer’s site for free.
  • Restart your computer or laptop to which you have connected your Epson WF-3640 setup.
  • Click the Start menu or Windows icon on the display of your computer.
  • Go to All Programs and select Tools. Choose System Restore.
  • Choose the Restore my Machine to an Earlier Date option & click Next.
  • Choose your PC name and click Next.
  • Open the Authentication window and tap Next.
  • Restart your computer and fix the 0x97 error.

Guide: Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0xf1

  • Disconnect the power cable of the Epson WF-3640 printer.
  • Remove the cartridge from the printer, wait for a few minutes, and re-fix it.
  • Use the Reimage Repair tool to fix the error.
  • You can avail the software tool from the manufacturer’s site for free.
  • Restart your Epson WF-3640 setup & computer.
  • For more solutions to fix the 0xF1 printer issue, call our technical support team.

Guide: Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x69

  • Update the operating system of your computer or laptop.
  • Go to the Start menu or Windows icon on the display of your computer.
  • Search for Control Panel and select it from the result.
  • Go to System & Security and click Windows Update.
  • Choose the Windows Update option to update the OS of your Windows computer or laptop. Delete the Epson WF-3640 printer software and other printer related files on your computer.
  • Download & launch the recent version of the full feature Epson WF-3640 printer software on your computer.

Guide: Epson WF-3640 Error Code 0x9a

You can fix the 0X9a error code either automatically or manually.

Quick Solutions to fix the 0X9a Error Code Automatically

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Search for the Epson Error 0X9a Repair Utility tool and download it.
  • Install the software tool after downloading it.
  • Click the Scan key after installing it.
  • Select the Fix Error key once your system completes the scanning process.
  • Restart your computer and solve the 0X9a error code.

Simple Solutions to Solve the 0X9a Error Code Manually

  • Turn on your computer and log into your device.
  • Go to Control Panel and select the Backup and Restore option.
  • Select System Restore --> Restore My Computer. Click Next.
  • Restart your PC and solve the 0X9a error.

Epson WF-3640 not Printing Guidance

  • Tap the Home key on the control panel of the Epson WF-3640 setup.
  • Go to Setup --> Network Status --> Wi-Fi / Network Status --> Print.
  • Select the B&W or Start button.
  • Now the Epson WF-3640 printer prints a test pattern sheet.
  • Check the pattern and solve the Epson WF-3640 printer not printing issue.

How to Reset Epson WF-3640 Printer?

  • Tap the Home key on the operation panel of the Epson WF-3640 printer.
  • Select the Setup icon and choose System Administration.
  • Specify the Administration passkey.
  • Find the Restore Default Settings option and select it.
  • Select Clear All Data and Settings.
  • Tap Yes to reset the configurations of the Epson WF-3640 setup.
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