How To Perform Epson ET-M1170 Setup?

The monochrome printer, Epson ET-M1170, allows you to perform the print operation over a wireless, USB, or wired connection. If you're going to perform the Epson ET-M1170 setup for the first time, then perform the simple step-by-step instructions given below.

Epson ET-M1170 Setup
  1. Unpack your Epson printer completely.
  2. Open the ink tank cover of your printer.
  3. Unpack the black ink bottle and fill the ink tank using it.
  4. Close the cover.
  5. Now, connect your printer to an electrical outlet and turn it on.
  6. Once your printer is turned on, begin the ink charging process by holding down the Stop button for 5 seconds.
  1. It may around 10 minutes for the charging process to complete.
  2. Once it is done, open your printer's paper cassette and load it with the paper that is recommended by the printer manufacturer.
  3. Close the cassette.
  4. Now, install the Epson ET-M1170 printer driver or the app on your computer or mobile phone to complete the setup.


The installation disc provided along with the printer during the purchase contains all the necessary software that is needed to access the printer from a computer. However, if you want to download the Epson ET-M1170 printer driver for your Windows or Mac computer, scroll down this page.


Locate the Driver Download for Windows or Driver Download button provided on this page. Click on the located button to initiate the driver download process. Once the printer driver is downloaded, open it and begin the driver installation.


Refer to the steps below to do Epson ET-M1170 setup for downloading the driver on Mac.

  1. Visit your Epson printer's official support page.
  2. Click on the Downloads tab.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose your OS type.
  1. Select your printer driver and click on the Download button beside it.
  2. Once the selected printer driver is downloaded, begin the software installation on your computer.


  1. Initially, make sure that your Epson printer is not connected to the computer.
  2. Open the printer driver file.
  3. Follow the prompts to reach the Select your Connection screen.
  1. Choose the connection type of your desire and follow the instructions.
  2. When prompted, connect the printer to your computer. Finally, print a test page to check whether the driver installation is done correctly.


Wireless setup via WPS

Epson ET-M1170  Wireless Setup
  1. Turn on your Epson printer followed by your wireless router.
  2. On your router, locate and press the WPS button to initiate the wireless setup.
  3. Now, locate and press the Wi-Fi button on your printer's control panel.
  4. Release the Wi-Fi button after five seconds or once the Wi-Fi light starts to blink.
  1. Now, connect your computer to the same wireless network.
  2. Install the Epson ET-M1170 printer driver on your computer to complete the wireless setup.
  3. During the driver installation, make sure to select the Wireless Connection option.
  4. Finally, print a test page.


  1. Initially, make sure that the Epson ET-M1170 printer's initial setup has been completed.
  2. Make sure that your Epson printer driver is installed on the computer.
  3. To perform the print operation from your mobile phone, use one of the Epson Connect apps such as Epson iPrint or Epson Remote Print.
  1. To perform the print operation from your computer, open the document that you want to print and go to the Print dialog box.
  2. Select your Epson printer if it is not selected.
  3. Configure the print settings as per your desire.
  4. Finally, tap on the OK button followed by Apply.
  5. Now, your Epson printer will start to print the selected document.


Some of the common problems while performing the Epson ET-M1170 setup are given below. Click the Call us button if you need remote assistance in resolving the same.


  1. Initially, make sure that your Epson printer is turned on.
  2. Restart the printer.
  3. If the 'printer offline' message remains unchanged, then check the connection between your printer and computer.
  4. Check whether the Epson ET printer and the computer are connected to the same network.
  1. If not, connect them to the same network.
  2. Make sure that you have installed the correct printer driver on your computer.
  3. Check whether any error message is displayed on the printer screen. If yes, resolve it first and then perform the print operation.


Epson ET-M1170  Not Printing
  1. Restart your Epson ET-M1170 printer.
  2. Check if the paper cassette has enough paper to perform the print operation.
  3. If not, load the cassette with the required amount of paper and then perform the print operation.
  4. Check whether error messages like paper jam are displayed on the printer screen.
  1. If yes, clear them and then continue the print operation.
  2. Make sure that you have selected your Epson printer correctly while configuring the print operation.
  3. Reinstall the printer driver on your computer if necessary.


The common error codes that may occur during the wireless or wired setup are discussed below.

Error code: E1

The error code E1 is displayed on your printer when the network cable is not connected properly, or the router or access point is not turned on.


Make sure that your wireless router is turned on. Similarly, check if the cable is connected securely at both ends. If not, connect the cable securely and then perform the wired setup.

Error code: E2, E3, or E7

When your Epson printer fails to detect your wireless network's SSID or when the entered Wi-Fi network password is incorrect, the error code E2, E3, or E7 is displayed on the screen.


  1. Turn on your wireless router if it is turned off.
  2. Make sure the router is placed within the range of your printer.
  1. Check whether you have entered your network password correctly.
  2. If not, re-enter it correctly.

Error code: E5

This error code indicates the mismatch security mode.


Re-configure the security mode that meets your printer settings. If necessary, reset your printer's network settings. If you need remote assistance to perform Epson ET-M1170 setup, call us.

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