How To Get Dell C1765Nfw Setup

Dell C1765NFW is a color multifunction printer that supports printing, faxing, copying, and scanning. This printer supports the wired, wireless, and USB interfaces. To set up the Dell C1765Nfw setup for the first time, follow these quick steps.

Dell C1765Nfw Setup
  • Unpack the Dell C1765NFW printer.
  • Connect a USB cable between the printer and your computer.
  • Plug in the power cable between the rear side of the printer and the power source.
  • If necessary, connect a telephone line cord between the printer’s wall jack connector and a wall jack.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • On the printer’s operator panel, choose a language and press the Set
  • Select the place you reside in and then press the Set
  • Set the time and date. Press the Set
  • If you have connected the fax line, enter your fax number and name. 
  • Press the Setbutton and restart the printer.
  • Install the printer software on your computer using the Dell Software and Documentation disc.


  • Click the Driver Downloadbutton on this page to download the Dell C1765NFW printer driver on your Windows 10 computer. You can even download the driver from the manufacturer website.
  • Open the installer and follow the prompts.
  • When the Connection Typescreen appears, choose a preferred connection type and click the Next
  • Carry out the remaining on-screen prompts to complete the Dell C1765Nfw driver setup installation.
Dell C1765Nfw setup


  • To download the Dell C1765NFW printer driver on your Mac computer, click Driver Downloadon this page.
  • Once you open the downloaded file, carry out the instructions on the screen to installit.
  • When prompted, specify theconnection type and establish a connection between the printer and your Mac computer.
  • Once done, close the installation wizard.

Windows 10 Driver for  Printer


    To download the Dell C1765NFW printer manual on your computer, click the Manual Downloadbutton on this page.

    Alternatively, access the manufacturer website. Navigate to the Documentationtab followed by the Manuals and Documents . Choose your desired language. Go to the Dell C1764NFW User’s Guidemanual and click View PDF..

    Click theDownload icon to save the printer manual on your computer.

Dell C1765Nfw setup


Wireless setup using WPS-PBC

  • On the Dell C1765NFW printer’s operator panel, press the Menu
  • Select System-> Admin Menu -> Network -> WPS.
  • Press the Set
  • Once the Push Button Control message appears on the display panel, press the Set
  • Check if theYes message appears and press the Set
  • Within two minutes, you have to press the WPSbutton on your router.
  • The wireless setup gets completed once the printer reboots.

Wireless setup using WPS-PIN

  • On the printer’s operator panel, navigate to Menuand select System -> Admin Menu -> Network -> WPS -> PIN Code.
  • Once you press the Setbutton, you will see an eight-digit PIN on the display panel.
  • Press the Setbutton on the Start Configuration
  • Wait until the WPS AP Searchingmessage appears on the display panel. 
  • Access your router’s page, enter the eight-digit PIN, and continue with the prompts to complete the Dell C1765Nfw wireless setup.

Wireless setup using Auto SSID

  • Go to Menuon the printer’s operator panel. Select System -> Admin Menu -> Network -> Wireless Setup and press the Set
  • Choose your SSID and press the Set
  • Enter your password and press the Set
  • Once done, the Restart Systemscreen appears on the display panel and the printer starts to reboot.
  • Now, the Dell C1765NFW printer’s wireless setup is completed.


    • Lower the Dell C1765NFW printer’s toner access cover.
    • Pull out the toner cartridge that you want to replace.
    • Unpack a new toner cartridge.
  • Shake it six times to distribute the toner evenly.
  • Peel off the tape. Install the unpacked toner cartridge in the cartridge slot correctly.
  • Close the printer’s toner access cover properly while settings the Dell C1765Nfw toner setup.


  • Place a required paper in the printer.
  • On your Windows computer, open a file for printing.
  • Now, select the Printoption from the File
  • Check if the Dell C1765NFW printer is selected.
  • Set the number of pages you need to print.
  • To set print preferences likeQuality, Paper Size, or Image Orientation, click the Preferences This will open the Printing Preferences dialog box.  
  • Specify your print settings and click the OK
  • To start printing, click the PrintThe printer prints the even pages first.
  • Once done, load the paper again with the other (blank) side facing up.
  • When the Insert Output to Traymessage appears on the display panel, press the Set
  • Select the Printing option and press the Setbutton to print on the other side.


  • Make sure the Dell C1765NFW printer is connected to your computer using a USB cable.
  • On the printer’s document glass, place your document with its printed side facing
  • Press the Scanbutton on the printer's operator panel.
  • Use the down arrow button to select the Scan to Computer Press the Setbutton. And finish the Dell C1765Nfw scan setup
  • Select theComputer option and press the Set
  • Choose the Preferences option and press the Set
  • Set the file format, color mode, and other scan settings.
  • Select the Start Scan option and press the Startbutton to begin scanning.
  • Once done, you couldsee the scanned document on your


There is no imaging unit in the Dell C1765NFW printer. But, the toner cartridge in the printer helps to print. Below are the steps to replace the toner cartridge. Open the printer’s toner access cover and remove the used toner cartridge for replacement. Unpack a new toner cartridgeand place it in the correct Once done, close the toner access cover.


  • Turn off the printer and lower the toner access cover.
  • Remove all the toner cartridges from the printer.
  • Also, pull out the cleaning rod.
  • Insert the cleaning rod into the toner cartridge hole.
  • Repeat the previous step for the other three toner cartridges.
  • Place the cleaning rod in its original position.
  • Install all the toner cartridges in the printer.
  • Close the printer’s toner access cover and finish the Dell C1765Nfw setup.


  • Download the latest version of the Dell C1765NFW printer firmware from the official Dell website.
  • Open the downloaded tool. Check if you have selected your printer and then click the Next
  • Choose a connection type and click the Next .
  • If the printer is connected over a network, type the IP address and click the Next button.
  • Wait until the printer’s firmware update finishes.
  • Once done, click Finishto exit the Dell Firmware Update tool.


Some basic printer problems and their troubleshooting instructions are given on this page. If you need assistance in resolving the Dell C1765NFW printer issues, contact our technical experts.


  • Check if the printer is turned on.
  • If needed, power cycle the printer.
  • Make sure there is noconnection issue between the printer and your computer.
  • Re-install the Dell printer software on the computer for Dell C1765Nfw setup.


Paper jam in the ADF

  • Raise the ADF cover and pull out the jammed paper without any tear.
  • If you cannot pull the jammed paper, open the printer’s document feeder tray.
  • Take out the jammed paper from the document output tray and then close the document feeder tray.
  • Close the ADF cover properly.
  • Still, if you cannot clear the paper jam issue, lift-open the document output tray.
  • Clear the jammed paper from the ADF feed roller.

Paper jam in the front and back of the printer

  • Draw out the PSI from the printer and pull out the jammed paper.
  • Insert the PSI into the printer and press the Setbutton on the printer’s control panel.
  • If Paper jam in the back of the printerLower the rear cover and lift the levers.
  • Clear the jammed paper from the Dell C1765NFW printer’s rear side.
  • Lower the levers and then close the rear cover.


  • Make sure you have placed the print media correctly in the printer.
  • Ensure that you have installed the correct printer driver on your computer.
  • If you use the USB or Ethernet cable for connecting the printer to the computer, check if the cable is not faulty. If so, change the faulty cablewith a new one.
  • Check if you have chosen the correct print media size.
  • The print spooler must not be stalled.
  • To determine whether the interface settings are correct, print a panel settings page on the printer. To do this, perform the following steps.
  • Press the Menu
  • Select System-> Report/List and press the Set
  • Choose your report and press theSet


  • If you cannot print on the Dell C1765Nfw setup printer after updating its firmware, you have to re-install the printer driver. To do this, follow the steps.
  • Uninstall the current printer driver.
  • Download the latest Dell printer driver from the official website.
  • Run the installer by following the on-screen steps.
  • Once done, use the Dell Firmware Update tool to update the printer’s firmware.


  • Click the Start icon on your computer’s home screen and choose the All Programs option followed by the Dell Printers
  • Select the Dell C1765NFW Color Multifunction printer and click the Tool Box
  • As soon as the Tool Box window opens, go to the Printer Maintenance
  • In the left panel, click the Reset Defaults
  • Once the Reset Default page appears, choose your preferred reset option.
  • Wait until the Dell printer restarts automatically. And you have done the Dell C1765Nfw setup.
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