How To Get Dell 5100CN Laser Printer Setup?

Dell 5100cn is a color laser printer that supports printing and is compatible with Windows (XP, Me, 2000, Server 2003, NT 4.0, and 9x), Novell (3.x, 4.x, and 6.x), and Red Hat Linux (7.3 and AS2.1). This printer supports parallel, USB, and Ethernet cable for the connection. To perform the Dell 5100CN Laser Printer setup, carry out the step-by-step instructions given on this page.

Dell 5100CN Laser Printer Setup

Unpack your printer and Install the toner cartridge

  • Take out your printer and check if the essential components areavailable in the box.
  • Make sure to dispose of all the packing materials inside and outside the printer.
  • To continue with theDell 5100CN Laser Printer setup, take out the printer’s top cover.
  • Remove the toner seal fromall the toner cartridges.
  • Place the toner cartridges back into the printer and place the top cover.
  • Lower the printer’s front cover and open the imaging drum cover.
  • Unpack thenew imaging drum and place it in the provided slot correctly.
  • Close the printer’s imaging drum cover followed by the front cover.

Connect and Turn on the printer locally

    Ensure that the Dell printer and your computer are turned off.
  • Use a USB cable or parallel cable for establishing a connection between the printer’s USB/parallel port and your computer’s rear port.
    • The next step in theDell 5100CN Laser Printer set up is to use a power cable connector to connect the printer’s rear port and a power outlet.
    • Pressthe power switch to turn on the printer.Also, turn on your computer.

    Install the optional tray module and cards

    • Turn off the printer and install the optional 500-sheet tray module.
    • Once you turn on the printer, it will detect the attached tray automatically. But, it will not detect the paper type.
    • Now, press the Menubutton on the printer’s operator panel.
    • Select Configure-> Reports and press the right arrow button.
    • As soon as you see the Printer Settingsmessage on the LCD panel, press the arrow button.
    • Check if the 500 Sheet Tray Module is listed under Printer Options.
    • Load some paper into the tray and configurethe paper settings.
    • Note:Installing the tray module is optional in the Dell 5100CN Laser Printer set up.

    Load print media into the standard tray

    • Remove the tray from the printer.
    • Move the width and length guides to the edgeof the tray.
    • Place therequired print media in the tray.
    • Align the width and length guide against the edges of the loaded
    • Insert the tray into the printer.
    • On the printer’s operator panel, configure the paper settings.
    • Once done with the hardware setup, go to the next step to finish theDell 5100CN Laser Printer setup.

    Install the printer driver (Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP, and Server 2003)

    • Place the printer's Drivers and Utilities CD in your computer’s CD drive.
    • Click the Personal Installation
    • When theFound New Hardware Wizard screen opens, click the Install
    • Once you click theNext button, the setup wizard will find and install the corresponding printer driver on the computer.
    • As soon as you see the Complete the Found New Hardware Wizardscreen, click the Finish
    • Select the Typical Installationor Custom Installation checkbox and click the Next
    • Note:If you select the Custom Installation option, you have to choose the software you need to install.
    • Wait until you see the Congratulationsmessage on the screen. 
    • Click the Finishbutton followed by the Close button to complete the driver installation.
    • Finally, you have finished theDell 5100CN Laser Printer setup.
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