Canon Pixma MX532 Setup

  1. Keep the Pixma MX532 box on a flat surface.
  2. Cut the sealing tape.
  3. Pull the flaps back.
  4. Take the contents out of the box.
  5. These include the power cable, getting started guide, ink cartridges, software CD, and interface cables.
  6. Set the MX532 printer on a surface and make sure that the surface is not uneven.
  7. Peel off all the tapes stuck to the MX532 printer and discard them.
  8. Lower the front door and open the ink cartridge access door as well.
  9. Reach into the front tray slot and pull out the cardboard piece attached to the tape.
  10. Close the ink cartridge access lid.
  11. Uncoil the power cable. 
  12. Attach it to the rear power port of the MX532 printer.
  1. Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  2. Press the 'Power' button located on the left-hand side of the control panel.
  3. Select a language by using the arrow keys and press OK to confirm.
  4. The MG532 printer prompts you to install the ink cartridges.
  5. Lower the ink cartridge access lid.
  6. Push the black ink cartridge’s lever down until it clicks into place.
  7. Peel off the protective tape from the black ink cartridge.
  8. Install the Canon black ink cartridge by lining its projections with the grooves in its slot and sliding it in.
  9. Flip the black cartridge’s lever up until it snaps into place.
  10. Repeat these steps to install the color cartridge.
  11. Close the ink cartridge access lid.
  12. The MX532 printer processes the ink cartridges that have been installed.
  13. Follow the prompts shown on the MX532 machine’s control panel to complete the setup.


Windows OS

Download the MX532 Windows 10 driver from this site by clicking this button.

Canon Pixma MX522 Driver for Windows


Download the MX532 Mac OS10.15 driver from this page by clicking the download button.

Canon Pixma MX522 Printer Driver for Mac


Windows OS

Here is the Pixma MX532 Windows manual download button.

Canon Pixma MX522 Manual for Windows


Click here to download the MX532 Mac manual.

Canon Pixma MX522 Printer Manual for Mac

Install Canon Pixma MX532 Driver

Enable cableless setup from the MX532 printer’s control panel before proceeding with these steps.

  1. Download the Canon MX532 driver on your computer from the manufacturer’s site.
  2. The Canon MX532 driver installer window appears. Click Next.
  3. If prompted, enter the computer’s administrator credentials to install the helper on Mac computers. Click Next.
  4. Choose the connection method and follow the on-screen prompts to establish the connection.
  5. Then, choose Cableless setup and follow the rest of the prompts to install the software packages.
  6. Add the printer to the network(select Canon IJ Network under ‘Kind’) and then perform the printhead alignment by following the on-screen prompts.
  7. Click the Test Print button to check whether the connection has been established correctly.

How to Change Ink in Canon Pixma MX532

  1. While the MX532 printer is powered on, lower the front door and the ink cartridge access door.
  2. Push the ink cartridge lever down until it clicks into place. Remove the empty ink cartridge and set it aside.
  3. Unpack the new Canon ink cartridge and remove the tape covering the ink nozzle.
  4. Install this new ink cartridge in the printer and raise the lever until it locks into place.
  5. Repeat these steps for replacing the other ink cartridge.
  6. Close the ink cartridge access door and the front door after ensuring that the cartridges have been installed correctly.
  7. The MX532 printer begins cleaning the printhead and displays a prompt to begin printhead cleaning.
  8. Read and perform the actions shown on the screen to complete the ink cartridge replacement procedure.

Canon Pixma MX532 Wifi Setup

  1. Power on the Pixma MX532 printer.
  2. Wake the machine by tapping any one of the buttons in the 4-button grid layout beside the Power button.
  3. Wait until ‘Copy 100%’ appears on the screen.
  4. Tap the Setup button.
  5. When ‘Wireless LAN setup’ appears, tap OK.
  6. Press Stop.
  7. When you see the ‘Standard Setup’ option on the screen, press the right arrow button repeatedly until 'Other setup' appears. Press OK.
  8. Press the right arrow button to highlight 'Cableless setup' and then press OK.
  9. Now, run the MX532 installer on your computer.
  10. Click the Next button.
  11. When the connection screen appears, pick the one at the top, i.e., Wireless Connection. Click Next.
  12. Click ‘Connect to the network’ and click Next on the following two screens.
  13. Choose Other methods --> Cableless setup --> Next --> Next.
  14. Pick the software packages to be installed and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the connection.

How to Scan on Canon Pixma MX532

  1. Use the Canon printer software’s Auto Scan feature to scan items on your MX532 easily.
  2. Do note that photos with very light backgrounds, documents that are too thin or too thick, hand-written items, etc., will not be scanned correctly. You will need to tweak the crop frames for a correct scan.
  3. Load the single-sheet document face down on the MX532 printer’s scanner glass.
  4. In the case of multiple-sheet documents, load them face up in the ADF.
  5. Double-click the Canon IJ Scan Utility icon to open it on your computer.
  6. Click the Settings button to modify the scanning preferences according to the document being scanned.
  7. Save the preferences.
  8. Click any scanning preset, such as Photo, Document, or Stitch.
  9. The document/photo is scanned according to the preferences that you set.

Canon Pixma MX532 Troubleshooting

If you encounter a printing issue when using the MX532 machine, such as offline issues, paper jam, printer won’t print or scan, you can follow the guidelines outlined in the topics below to resolve them.

Canon MX532 Printer Offline

A) Set the MX532 printer online

  1. The MX532 printer’s ‘Use Printer Online’ option might be disabled. To enable it, follow these steps.
  2. Press the Win key. (It resembles a drawing of a Window and can be found on the bottom-left section of the keyboard)
  3. Choose the Devices and Printers option and then right-click your MX532 printer’s icon.
  4. Pick the ‘See what’s printing’ option. Click the Printer tab and then check whether the ‘User Printer Offline’ option is deselected. If it is not, deselect it.

B) Check whether the MX532 printer is selected

  1. If you have connected other printers to your computer in the past, there is a chance that another printer instead of the MX532 is selected by default when sending a print job.
  2. So, when clicking the Print option, make sure that the MX532 printer is selected from the Printer drop-down list.
Canon MX532 Printer Offline

C) Perform a power cycle

To do this, power off the MX532 printer and detach the power cable. Reconnect it after a minute and then power on the printer.

Canon MX532 Paper Jam

A) From the Output Slot

  1. Pull the jammed paper from the output slot slowly with both hands. Make sure that the paper does not get torn while removing it from the printer.
  2. Use a flashlight to inspect whether there are any other jammed paper bits in the output slot and remove them from there.

B) From the Transport Unit

  1. Set the MX532 printer on its right face, instead of its bottom face, in the vertical orientation. (standing up)
  2. Lower the lever to unlock the transport unit.
  3. Flip the transport unit open and do so while holding the printer with your left hand.
  4. Hold the machine with one hand and pull the jammed paper out slowly with the other.
  5. After removing the jammed paper, close the transport unit and return the lever to its original position.

From the Front Tray

  1. Power off the MX532 printer.
  2. Detach the power cord from the wall outlet and the printer.
  3. Lower the MX532 printer’s front door.
  4. Move the print cartridge holder to the left and right to find out if there is paper jammed under it.
  5. When you find the jammed paper, pull it out gently by using both hands.
  6. Thoroughly inspect the MX532 printer’s front tray for any other pieces of paper that might be jammed there.

From the ADF

  1. Turn off the MX532 printer.
  2. Flip the ADF cover open.
  3. Remove the jammed paper.
  4. Lower the ADF cover.
  5. Power on the MX532 machine.
  6. Make sure that the paper you load in the ADF is not curled to prevent paper jams.

Canon Pixma MX532 Won't Print

  1. Check whether the MX532 is connected to the wall outlet correctly with its power cable.
  2. If the cable is not connected correctly, connect it, and then press the Power button.
  3. Let the MX532 machine initialize and then check whether the issue persists.
  4. If the MX532 printer is connected to your computer via a USB cable, check whether the cable is in working condition. Also, check whether it is plugged into a compatible USB port on your computer. Alternatively, use a different USB cable and check whether the issue persists.
  5. Check whether the port assignment has been done correctly.
  6. Go to Control Panel --> Devices & Printers --> Right-click MX532.
  7. Navigate to Properties --> Ports.
  1. Check whether the USBxyz port appears in the Printer column. It should be highlighted for the option that reads ‘Print to following port(s).’
  2. Uninstall the MX532 printer driver and reinstall it after rebooting the computer.
  3. If the storage size of the document to be printed is too large, follow these steps.
  4. Go to the MX532 printer’s driver options(Right-click the MX532 icon-->Properties) and click the Page Setup option.
  5. Enable ‘Prevention of Print Data Loss’ and check whether the issue persists.
  6. Do note that enabling this option reduces the print quality.

Canon Pixma MX532 Won't Scan

  1. If the MX532 printer does not scan, try to run a scan from the IJ scan utility.
  2. Open the IJ Scan Utility application.
  3. On Macs, you need to click Go-->Applications-->Double-click Canon Utilities-->IJ Scan Utility-->IJ Scan Utility icon.
  4. On Windows computers, click Start-->All Programs-->Canon Utilities-->IJ Scan Utility-->IJ Scan Utility icon.
  5. Check whether the MX532 network printer option is selected at the top of the IJ Scan Utility’s dashboard.
  6. If scanning from the program works, reboot the computer and printer to check whether it resolves the ‘scanning from the printer’s control panel’ issue.
  7. Also, check whether there is an antivirus application or firewall blocking the IJ Scan Utility application. If so, temporarily disable it to find out whether the scanning issue is resolved.

Canon Pixma MX532 Won't Connect

  1. Check whether the computer and router are connected correctly.
  2. If the computer is connected to a different Wi-Fi SSID than what the printer is connected to, a connection will not be established between the MX532 printer and the computer.
  3. To resolve this, print the network configuration page on the MX532 printer.
  4. Connect the computer and MX532 printer to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. If the connection is via a USB cable, check whether the USB cable is damaged. If so, replace it.
  6. If the cable is connected to an incompatible port on your computer, remove it and connect it to a compatible USB port.
  7. Make sure that the MX532 printer is within a radius of 50m from the router.
  8. Disable the firewall on your PC temporarily and check whether the connection is established.
  9. Remove sources of radio wave interference, if any, between the router and MX532 machine.
  10. Go to the MX532 printer’s Properties dialog box. Check whether the ‘Enable bidirectional support’ option is selected under the Ports tab.

How Do I Reset Canon Pixma MX532

From the MX532 Machine's Control Panel

  1. Power on the MX532 printer.
  2. Tap the Setup button.
  3. Use the 'left' or 'right' arrow buttons to navigate to the Reset setting. Press OK.
  4. Highlight All data and press OK.

Power Reset

  1. Power off the MX532 printer.
  2. Detach the power cable from the printer and wall outlet.
  3. Wait for a minute before reconnecting the power cable to the wall outlet and printer.
  4. Power on the MX532 printer. This resets the MX532 printer.
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