Canon Pixma MG6320 Setup

  1. Keep the Canon MG6320 box on a flat surface and cut the sealing tape.
  2. Pull the flaps back to access the components easily.
  3. Take all the Canon printer accessories out of the box and set them aside.
  4. Set the box on its side.
  5. Slide the MG6320 printer out of the box.
  6. Detach the styrofoam packing material from the MG6320 printer.
  7. Remove the MG6320 printer from the plastic bag.
  8. Peel off all the tapes stuck to the MG6320 printer and set them aside for recycling.
  9. Attach the Canon power cable to the printer and wall outlet.
  10. Power on the printer and install the ink cartridges by following the on-screen prompts.
  11. The initial setup of the MG6320 printer is complete.
Canon Pixma MG6320 Setup


Canon Pixma MG6320 driver software for the Windows OS

Canon Pixma MG6320 Driver for Windows

Canon Pixma MG6320 driver software for the Mac OS

Canon Pixma MG6320 Printer Driver for Mac

Canon Pixma MG6320 Manual Download

The manual has instructions to set up the hardware and software of the Canon Pixma MG6320 setup. You can also find solutions for the printer issues in the manual.

User Manual for Canon Pixma MG6320 Printer


  • Power on the MG6320 printer and navigate to the Setup icon on the control panel.
  • Select it and then go to the ‘Wireless LAN setup’ option.
  • Once you select it, the MG6320 printer looks for the Wi-Fi networks nearby.
  • Select the Wi-Fi SSID of the network to which you want to connect the MG6320 printer.
  • Press OK. Enter the Wi-Fi key and then press the Done button.
  • Now, download and run the MG6320 driver installer on your computer.
  • (You can download this from the manufacturer’s site.)
  • Select the connection method and follow the on-screen prompts to establish a connection.
  • Accept the MG6320 driver installer’s license agreement and select the software packages to be installed.
  • Wait until the Canon software packages are installed.
  • Complete the MG6320 installer setup and try to print a document located on your computer.
  • If it is printed by the MG6320 printer, it means that the connection has been established correctly.


  1. While the MG6320 printer is powered on, lower its front door.
  2. Raise the top lid until it locks into place.
  3. The cartridge carriage automatically moves to the center and stops.
  4. Take a Canon ink cartridge out of the package. 
  5. Peel off the protective tab and detach the orange tab.
  6. Install it in its respective slot on the MG6320 printer’s ink cartridge carriage.
  7. Repeat these steps for installing the rest of the cartridges.
  8. Ensure that all these Canon cartridges are installed correctly and then lower the top lid.
  9. The MG6320 printer takes a moment to detect the cartridges that have been installed.
  10. The ink cartridge replacement is complete.


  1. Power on the MG6320 printer.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Setup’ option on the MG6320 machine’s control panel.
  3. Scroll through the options and select ‘WLAN setup.’
  4. The MG6320 printer searches for nearby access points and displays a list of SSIDs.
  5. Pick your Wi-Fi SSID from the list and key in the passphrase.
  6. The Wireless LED glows steadily on the MG6320 machine, indicating that the Wi-Fi connection has been established.


Ensure that your Canon MG6320 printer is connected to the computer, and the software has been installed correctly.


  1. On your Mac computer, navigate to Go-->Applications-->Canon Utilities-->IJ Scan Utility-->Canon IJ Scan Utility.
  2. Choose your Canon MG6320 printer from the ‘Scanner’ drop-down list.
  3. Click the Settings button. 
  4. Now, you can adjust the scanning presets according to your preferences. Click OK after adjusting the preferences.
  5. Load the original document face down on the platen and close the scanner cover.
  6. Return to the IJ Scan Utility screen and pick a scanning preset.
  7. The document is scanned and saved in the destination folder that you set.


  1. Raise the MG6320 printer’s scanner cover, load the original document, and close the scanner cover.
  2. Tap the Home button and then tap ‘Scan’ on the touchscreen panel.
  3. Tap the ‘Save to PC’ option.
  4. Select the computer from the list shown on the touchscreen panel.
  5. Tap the Color or Black buttons for color or black scans, respectively.


When attempting to print on envelopes by using the MG6320 printer, make sure that the envelope that you are printing on is not one that has :

  • An embossed surface
  • A double flap
  • Flaps which have adhesive applied to them

Note : If the envelope you attempt to print on meets any of the conditions mentioned above, there could be a paper jam.

Canon Pixma MG6320 Setup
  1. Detach the MG6320 machine’s paper cassette.
  2. Push out the front and side paper width guides.
  3. Set the envelope stack with the print side down and folded flap facing up on the left side.
  4. Adjust the width guides to secure the envelope stack.
  5. Limit the number of envelopes by taking the tabs on the edge guides as a reference.
  6. Make sure that the envelope’s rear edge rests against the short rear edge of the paper cassette.
  7. Attach the paper cassette to the MG6320 printer.
  8. Lower the output tray. Pull out the paper support extension.
  9. Open the file which contains the data to be printed on the envelope on your computer.
  10. Select Print, pick the MG6320 printer, set the envelope printing preferences, and click Print.


To troubleshoot issues on the Canon MG6320, follow the guidelines mentioned in the topics given below. Learn how to resolve the B200 error, load paper, remove the printhead, and reset the MG6320 printer.


The MG6320 B200 error occurs when there is an issue with the printhead. To resolve it, perform a power reset on the MG6320 machine. Alternatively, remove the printhead and reinstall it.


Cassette 1

  1. You can load 5*7inches or smaller paper in cassette 1.
  2. Grasp the cassette 1 and gently remove it from the MG6320 machine.
  3. Pull the front edge guide toward the marking on the cassette, which indicates the size of the paper you need to load.
  4. Once the front edge guide is positioned correctly, push the right edge guide to the end.
  5. Set the media, i.e., paper on the cassette, and push the right edge guide towards the media to secure it.
  6. Ensure that the media touches the front edge guide.
  7. Attach the paper cassette 1 to the MG6320 printer.
  8. Tap the Register button on the touchscreen panel.
  9. Lower the output tray and pull the paper support out.

Cassette 2

  1. You can load larger sized paper, such as A5 or larger in cassette 2.
  2. Before loading the paper, close the paper support and output tray.
  3. Pull out the cassette 2 from the MG6320 machine.
  4. Slide the front edge guide to any one of the markings such as A5, B5, LTR, or A4.
  5. Push the right edge guide to the right end.
  6. Now, load the media. In this case, let’s assume it is A4.
  7. Set the A4 sheet with the printable side facing down on the cassette 2.
  8. Slide the right edge guide towards the A4 stack and secure it.
  9. Push the cassette 2 into the printer.
  10. The Register button appears on the touchscreen panel. Tap it.
  11. Lower the output tray and pull the paper support out.
  12. The cassette 2 paper loading procedure is now complete.


  • Ensure that the MG6320 printer is powered on.
  • Grasp the left & right sides of the paper output tray and raise it.
  • Wait until the printhead holder stops moving.
  • Press any ink tank’s tab to release the tank from the printhead holder.
  • Remove the ink tank from the printhead holder.
  • In the same way, remove the rest of the ink tanks from the printhead holder.
  • Press the Stop button and continue holding it until the printhead holder moves to the replacement position and stops. Let go of the button.
  • The printhead holder moves and then stops where it aligns with the front opening.
  • Lower the inner cover located below the control panel.
  • Push it down until you feel resistance. Let go of it.
  • Grasp the multi-colored tab, which bears the M, C, BK, and other markings. Pull it towards you. It should move forward and click into place.
  • Use two fingers to grasp the tab at the center of the printhead, pull it down gently and take it out of the printer.


Power on the MG6320 printer. Let it initialize. While the Canon machine is still on, detach the power cable from the rear Power port. Remove the cable from the wall outlet as well. Wait for about five minutes. Reattach the power cable to the wall outlet. Attach the other end of the power cord to the MG6320 printer. If the MG6320 printer does not get powered on by itself, press its Power button. The MG6320 machine should now be reset.

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