1. Open the Canon MG6220 box.
  2. Take the Canon MG6220’s power cable, ink tanks, setup CD ROM, manuals, matte photo paper, and CD tray out of the box.
  3. Carefully remove the Canon MG6220 machine from the box and set it on a flat surface.
  4. Peel off the tapes that are stuck to the Canon MG6220 machine and discard them.
  5. Take the Canon MG6220 power cable, attach it to the machine’s rear Power port and the wall outlet.
  6. Press the Canon MG6220 printer’s Power button.
  7. Wait until the Canon MG6220 printer initializes.
  8. Raise the control panel.
  9. Use the MG6220 machine’s control panel navigation keys to highlight a language. Press OK to confirm.
  10. Raise the MG6220 machine’s top cover.
  11. Follow the rest of the MG6220 machine’s on-screen prompts until the ‘Press OK to start Setup’ message appears.
  12. Unpack the MG6220 machine’s ink tanks and peel off the protective orange tabs from them.
  13. Remove the orange tabs and install the other ink tanks. 
  14. The MG6220 machine processes and checks whether the ink tanks are genuine.
  15. Detach the MG6220’s paper tray and adjust the paper width guides to accommodate a paper stack.
Canon Pixma MG6220 Setup
  1. Adjust these guides to secure the paper stack.
  2. Reinstall the MG6220 machine’s paper tray and tap OK on the control panel.
  3. Check the patterns on the page that is printed and tap Yes if the pattern is printed properly.
  4. Open the MG6220 machine’s scanner cover.
  5. Align the arrow mark on the printed page with the marking on the platen and close the scanner cover.
  6. Tap OK.
  7. Tap OK again when the printhead alignment is completed.



Download the right MG6220 printer driver from the manufacturer’s site according to your computer’s OS.


You can download the MG6220 printer driver from the manufacturer’s support site on your computer.


  • Insert the Canon MG6220 driver CD into your computer.
  • Double-click the MG6220 driver file that you downloaded from the manufacturer’s site.
  • Open the MG6220 driver folder and run the installer.
  • The Canon Pixma dashboard opens. Click Next.
  • Select the Next button after establishing a wireless connection.
  • The MG6220 driver installer prompts you to select the place of residence.
  • Select the region and click Next.
  • Choose a country of residence from the list and click Next.
  • The MG6220 installer’s software package list appears. Click Select All.
  • Click Next.
  • Click the Yes button to accept the MG6220 installer’s license agreement. Click Next.
  • Wait until the MG6220 printer’s MP drivers are downloaded and then click Complete. Click Next.
  • Click Exit.
  • Open a document, click Print, choose your MG6220 machine, and test whether the page is printed. This means that the MG6220 has been connected to your computer correctly.


  1. Power on the MG6220 printer.
  2. Raise the top panel to access the ink cartridges.
  3. Wait until the MG6220 printer’s ink cartridge carriage stops.
  4. Take the new MG printer ink cartridge out of the packaging and remove the plastic film & orange tab.
  5. Push the tab located in front of the ink cartridge in the MG6220 printer to release it.
  6. Install the new MG6220 ink cartridge in its slot.
  7. Firmly press down on its top surface to secure it.
  8. Repeat this step to replace the other ink cartridges.
  9. Lower the top lid.


  1. Turn on the MG6220 printer.
  2. Scroll to the Wireless LAN setup option and then select it.
  3. The MG6220 machine scans the area for an access point.
  4. Select your Wi-Fi SSID and enter the passphrase.
  5. Press OK.
  6. The Wireless LED glows on the MG6220 printer, signaling that the MG6220 is connected to the Wi-Fi network.


  1. Connect the power cable to the MG6220 machine’s power port and the wall outlet.
  2. Press the Power button.
  3. Raise the MG6220 printer’s scanner cover until it locks in place.
  4. Wait until the Canon MG6220 machine’s ink cartridge carriage stops moving.
  5. Push the tabs located in front of the ink cartridges to release them from their slots.
  6. Take all the ink cartridges out of their slots and set them aside.
  7. Raise the gray locking lid.
  8. Simply grab the printhead and pull it out of the machine.
  9. Take the new printhead out of its package.
  10. Remove the protective films and then install it in the Canon MG6220 printer.
  11. Lower the gray locking lid and reinstall the ink cartridges.
  12. Close the MG6220 machine’s scanner cover.


  1. Download the Canon MG6220 MP Navigator EX application on your computer from the manufacturer’s website.
  2. Install the MP Navigator application and follow the on-screen prompts to set it up.
  3. Ensure that your Canon MG6220 printer is connected to the computer correctly.
  4. Open MP Navigator EX and wait until the dashboard loads.
  5. Raise the MG6220 machine’s top cover.
  6. Clean the MG6220 platen with a dry cloth and set the original document on it.
  7. Close the scanner cover.
  8. Open the MP Navigator EX application.
  9. Go to the Navigation Mode screen.
  10. Under the Scan/Import option, the ‘Photos/Documents(Platen) is located.
  11. Click it.
  12. Select a document type from the ‘Document Type’ drop-down list. 
  13. Select the Specify option and set the document size.
  14. Click Scan.
  15. Click Exit when the scan is completed and save the document by clicking Save. (You can set the saving preferences here.)


  1. Install the Canon MP Navigator EX application on your computer after downloading it from the manufacturer’s site.
  2. Run the MP Navigator EX application.
  3. Make sure that the Canon MG6220 machine is connected to the computer correctly.
  4. Set the original multi-page document on the MG6220 machine’s platen. 
  5. Close the MG6220 machine’s scanner cover.
  6. Return to the MP Navigator EX application’s dashboard.
  7. Click the Scan/Import button and select the Photos/Documents(Platen) option.
  8. Set the document type and click the Specify button.
  9. Choose the scan preferences and let the ‘Document Size’ option remain as Auto Detect.
  10. After setting all the scan preferences on this screen, click Scan.
  11. When the scan is complete, the MP Navigator EX application displays the ‘Scan completed’ window. 
  12. Set the next page to be scanned on the platen, and close the scanner cover.
  13. Return to the MP Navigator app and click Scan on the dialog box.
  14. After the pages are scanned, click Exit when the ‘Scan Complete’ dialog box appears.
  15. Click Save and set the preferences in the ‘Save’ dialog box. Click Save.


Printer users encounter several issues when trying to print or scan a document on their Canon MG6220 machine. These issues occur in other printers as well. While some of these issues are from the machine itself, the users also configure their printers incorrectly, which leads to connection issues. These issues, such as paper jams, offline issues, error codes, etc., can be resolved by following the guidelines given in the following topics.


  • Power on the MG6220 printer.
  • Press the 'Setup' button that is located on the Home screen.
  • Tap the Device settings option and then select OK.
  • Use the arrow keys on the MG6220 machine to highlight the ‘Reset setting.’
  • Choose the Reset all option to reset the MG6220 machine to its default settings.
  • You can also choose other reset options, such as ‘Web service setup only,’ ‘LAN settings only,’ and ‘Settings only.


A)Canon MG6220 Offline issue(USB)

  1. Disconnect the USB cable. Attach it to the MG6220 machine and the computer.
  2. Check whether the MG6220 is powered on.
  3. Go to ‘Devices & Printers’ in your Windows PC’s Control Panel.
  4. Right-click MG6220 and ensure that the option ‘Use Printer Offline’ is deselected.
  5. When printing a document, ensure that the MG6220 printer is selected from the Printer drop-down list.
  6. Return to the ‘Devices & Printers’ screen and right-click the MG6220 icon.
  7. Click the ‘Set as Default Printer’ option.

B) Canon MG6220 Offline(WLAN)

  1. Check whether the MG6220 is powered on. If not, power it on, and then wait until it initializes.
  2. Print the network configuration report on the MG6220 machine and check the network SSID.
  3. If the MG6220 is connected to a different SSID from the one that the computer is connected to, connect it to the correct Wi-Fi SSID.
  4. Ensure that the MG6220 printer is within the internet connectivity range of the router.
  5. Power cycle the MG6220 printer.
  6. Power off the MG6220 machine. Power it on after 10 seconds. This resolves the MG6220 machine’s connectivity issue.


A) MG6220 rear tray paper jam

  • Inspect the MG6220’s rear tray with a flashlight and locate the paper jam.
  • Pull out the jammed paper carefully with both hands.
  • You can pull it out from the rear output tray or the paper output slot.
  • If it is very tough to remove the jammed paper, power off the MG6220 machine and then power it on.
  • The MG6220 automatically ejects the jammed paper.
MG6220 rear tray paper jam

B) MG6220 paper jam inside the machine

  • Power off the MG6220 machine and then detach the power cable from the rear Power port.
  • Raise the MG6220 printer’s scanner cover.
  • If you find a jammed paper under the printhead holder, move the holder to the left or right, and remove the paper.
  • Gently push the paper to an edge where it can be pulled out with both hands.
  • While pulling out the paper, do so while keeping the paper at an angle slightly above 45 degrees.
  • Close the scanner cover after a thorough inspection of the MG6220 machine’s interior components for paper jams.
  • Likewise, check the transport unit, and cassette slot for any jammed paper and remove them.
  • To remove the jammed paper from the duplexer, set the MG6220 printer on its side and pull out the jammed paper.


  • The C000 error on the MG6220 printer indicates that an internal issue has occurred in the printer. 
  • Raise the Canon MG6220 machine’s front cover.
  • Open the printhead lock lever and then close it without removing the printhead.
  • Take all the ink cartridges out and reinstall them correctly.
  • Check whether there are no foreign materials like packing tape or paper stuck inside the printer.
  • Close the cover and power off the printer.
  • Detach the power cable and reattach it after five minutes.


  • Power off the MG6220 printer.
  • Open the cartridge door and then power on the printer.
  • Let the MG6220 printer initialize with the cartridge door open.
  • Remove all the Canon ink cartridges and reinstall them.
  • If this does not resolve the b200 error code, clean the printhead, or replace it.


  • The Canon MG6220 error code 6a81 is caused by a foreign object blocking the purge unit.
  • Check whether moving the carriage away from the purge clears the error code. (The purge unit is in the location where the carriage rests.)
  • Remove the jammed paper or any other material stuck under the purge unit’s wiper.
  • Contact a tech service agent to check whether the purge unit needs to be replaced in the case of a defective purge unit.


The MG 6220 error code 6c indicates a paper jam in the purge unit.

  • Power off the MG6220 machine.
  • Power it on. When the machine is powered on, and you hear the motor run, pull the plug and then open the machine’s cover.
  • Slide the carriage to expose the purge unit.
  • Remove the jammed paper from the purge unit to clear the error code.
  • Close the cover, reattach the power cable, and power on the printer.


If you encounter the MG6220 printer error code 5b00, you need to clean the ink absorber pads and reset the counter. You can take the MG6220 printer to a Canon printer technician who can reset the ink counter for you.

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