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How To Setup Canon Printer

To perform a Canon Printer Setup, first, you must connect all the components in the printer provided by the manufacturer. From the printer unboxing till connecting to a network, our instructions act as a complete guide. Go through our instructions to know how to setup your Canon setup Printer.

canon pixma printers setup

Canon pixma printers

The Canon Pixma Printer comes in four series. MG series is perfect for Home Printing needs. Business users print using MX series printers from their smartphones. TS is an ultimate home printer to print in all sizes. TR is a highly productive office printer that comes in compact size.

Canon selphy printers

The Canon Selphy printers are a series of Wireless Compact Photo printers. The Canon printer setup offer the creativity you need in a dynamic and stylish way. Associate the printer with your smartphone or tablet and print your favorite photos and memories.

canon selphy printers setup

Canon Maxify Printers

The Canon Maxify printer is the best option to save your money and time.The design of the Maxify printer meets the needs of your business with crisp and elegant printouts. Using the Canon PRINT app technology, you can easily send your document or picture to your printer.

canon maxify printer setup
canon imageclass printer setup

Canon Imageclass Laser Printers

The Canon imageclass laser printer series provide superior and reliable performance for home, office, and small business environments. They are equipped with balanced speedy performance, minimal maintenance, and intuitive user experience.

Canon Printer Software Install

Get the recent version the Canon Printer from this website for free. The canon driver provided on this site suites the OS version of your computer or laptop. Locate and find the Driver button on this site and download it. After downloading the driver, you can locate it in the destination folder on your computer.

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How to install canon printer on mac

Take the machine from the package and set up the power connection. Install ink cartridges and load blank papers. Use the download link on our site to install the driver files. Provide a network connection on the printer and start printing wirelessly.

How to setup canon printer on ipad

Remove the Canon printer setup from the Styrofoam packing. Link the printer to a power outlet and activate the Wireless function. Turn on the Wi-Fi feature on your iPad and bridge it with the printer’s Wi-Fi via a wireless router.

How to setup canon wireless printer on windows 8

After setting up the printer, install the Canon printer drivers using the installation CD accompanied by the printer. Confirm that you get the latest version of the driver. Bridge the printer with a network source and print a test page.

How to setup a canon printer without the CD

Take a USB cable and link the printer and the computer using it. Go to the Printers menu on your computer and click the Add Printer option. Follow the forthcoming on-screen guidelines to set up the printer without using the CD.

Canon Printer Driver Free Download

The Canon printer setup drivers for Windows and Mac operating systems can be downloaded for free using the download links on our site. Click the desired Download link on this site to download the driver.

Canon printer Drivers for Mac

  1. Click the Mac driver download link on this site.
  2. Halt until the browser redirects you to the Downloads page.
  3. Ensure that the apt canon driver for your printer appears on the screen.
  4. Click the Download button and the driver saves on your system.
  5. Open the Downloads folder and double-click on the setup file.
  6. Click Yes and then continue with prompts on the screen.
  7. Choose a root folder for the source files to save.
  8. Select the I accept the User Agreements check-box.

Canon Printer Drivers for Windows

  1. Switch on the computer that you use and eject the optical DVD drive from it.
  2. Place the canon printer setup installation CD on the drive and push it in.
  3. If the drivers do not pop up, go to My Computer and double-click the DVD drive.
  4. Open the folder that is similar to the name of your operating system.
  5. Right-click the file with the .exe extension and select Run from the drop-down window.
  6. Select Yes on the pop-up window and choose a destination folder.
  7. Proceed with prompts on the screen to finish the installation.

Canon Printer App

We offer applications to perform functions of your Canon printer setup. You can download and launch the applications on your computer or mobile. Using the Canon printer app, you can print from any platforms like iOS or Android OS. The app also helps to access documents or photos from cloud storage like Google Drive & more.

Canon Printer app
  1. The Canon PRINT Inkjet or SELPHY application is used to print documents or photos from iPad, iPhone or Android smartphones.
  2. You can get the application from the Google Play Store application for Android devices and App Store for Apple OS.
  3. Go to the Play Store app or Apple Store and search for the Canon Print Inkjet or SELPHY application.
  4. Download and install the Canon application.
  5. Open the app and print your document or photo.

Canon Printer Wifi Setup

Use the printer’s built-in Wi-Fi option to connect the printer to a wireless network. Also, make use of the WPS method to provide a secure network connection between the Canon printer setup and the computer.

How to connect canon printer to wifi

  1. Disconnect the USB cord from the printer if already connected.
  2. Activate your router that is connected to a network source.
  3. Check the internet connection status and signal strength.
  4. Activate the Wireless feature on your Canon printer.
  5. Enable the Wi-Fi option on your computer or laptop.
  6. Ensure that both the devices connect to your wireless network automatically.
  7. Choose a document or photo to print and start printing wirelessly.
Canon Printer wifi setup

How to Change Ink in Canon Printer

canon printer setup
  1. Link the Canon printer setup to an electrical source and switch it on.
  2. Open the front panel (also called cartridge access door).
  3. Unlock and lower the paper output cover.
  4. Push the empty ink cartridges downward until they release.
  5. Remove the FINE cartridges out of their slots.
  6. Send the empty cartridges to the manufacturer for recycling.
  7. Take the new cartridges and remove the protective tapes.
  8. Put them into the designated ink slots and print a test page.

How to Scan on Canon Printer

Most of the Canon printer setup embed dynamic scan functions. Place the doc to be scanned on the scanner glass and tap the Scan icon. Wait for a while and the doc scans from your printer.

How to scan a document on a canon printer

  1. Activate your wireless router linked to a network source.
  2. Bridge the printer’s Wi-Fi to your router.
  3. Associate the computer that you use with the same wireless network.
  4. Load the document to be scanned on the flatbed scanner.
  5. On the printer’s control panel, tap the Scan button.
  6. A green-colored light passes across the scanner.
  7. After the scan completes, the scanned copy displays on the computer screen.
  8. Select Save option at the bottom to download and save a copy.

How to reset Canon Printer

Resetting the Canon printer setup changes the print settings to the default version without affecting the data. The reset process is recommended if the printer encounters functional or operational issues.

  1. Resetting is strongly recommended when the printer malfunctions.
  2. Turn on the printer and wait for a few seconds.
  3. Long press the Resume or Cancel button for a while.
  4. Check if the alarm lamp flashes 17 times.
  5. Release the button before the lamp flashes 18th time.
  6. The reset process is initiated on the printer.
  7. Take rest for a few minutes and the printer completes the reset process.
  8. After completing, restart the printer and change the print settings accordingly.

Canon printer setup Troubleshooting

The general issues that a Canon printer encounters are printer offline error, paper jam error, printer printing blank pages problem, and printer not responding. Resolve these errors by following the guidelines provided on this site.

Why is my Canon printer offline

  1. A Canon printer setup fails to print and an error message stating Printer Offline appears on the printer screen. The Offline error is due to the reasons given below.
  2. Outdated printer canon driver or firmware.
  3. Poor signal strength from the WAP.
  4. USB cable connected to the printer while setting up a wireless connection.
  5. Encrypted/Secure connection.
  6. Changes in the print settings (Change from USB to Wireless).

Canon Printer Paper jam

  1. Terminate all the print jobs currently occurring on the printer.
  2. Deactivate the printer’s power and network/USB connections.
  3. Tap the Cancel /Stop icon on the printer for fifteen seconds.
  4. Wait for a while and the papers start to roll out from inside of the canon printer setup.
  5. Check if the issue is resolved, else, manually remove the jammed papers.
  6. Remove the papers from the jammed area and clear the bits of torn paper pieces.
  7. Reload the input tray, print a test copy, and check if the issue is rectified.

Canon Printer printing blank pages

  1. Shut off the printer and wait until the printer turns inactive.
  2. Detach the printer’s power cord from the power outlet.
  3. Disable the network or USB connection established on the printer.
  4. Power off and power on the router or modem (the one you use).
  5. Activate the printer and tap the Wi-Fi icon on its access panel.
  6. Wait for a while and the printer connects to your network.
  7. Initiate a print job and check if the issue is rectified.

Canon printer not responding

  1. Lack of communication between the computer and the printer leads to printer not responding error.
  2. Press the Setup button on the printer’s access panel.
  3. Access the Wireless LAN setup menu and click OK.
  4. Choose the Easy Setup option and press OK to confirm the choice.
  5. Select the Access Point and type the WAP password in the box.
  6. Re-install the Canon printer setup by running the setup program from the setup disk.
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