How To Connect Canon Mg3650 Printer To Wifi

Use the WPS connection method you can connect Canon Mg3650 printer to Wifi. Before starting the process, make sure the following conditions are satisfied.

  1. Make sure that the access point contains a physical WPS push button.
  2. Ensure that your network uses WPA2 or WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security protocol.
  3. If your network uses WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security or if it is not enabled with any security, the WPS connection method might not be possible.
  4. Check the wireless connection settings on the PC to obtain the details regarding the security method used by the wireless network.

If all the above conditions are met, start following the instructions below and connect the Canon MG3650 printer to the wireless network (Wi-Fi) with the help of the WPS button.

Connect Canon MG3650 Printer To Wifi

Steps to connect the Canon MG3650 printer to Wi-Fi:

Follow the steps below to connect Canon Mg3650 printer to Wifi.

  1. Turn on the Canon MG3650 printer.
  2. Press the “Wi-Fi” button on the printer and hold it for few seconds.
  3. Release the “Wi-Fi” button once the “ON” lamp starts flashing.
  4. Locate the “Black” button on your printer. Then, press both the “Black” button and the “Wi-Fi” button.
  5. The Wi-Fi lamp starts flashing and the ON lamp stays lit.
  6. Next, press the WPS button on the access point within 2 minutes of time.
  7. While the searching process begins, the printer’s blue Wi-Fi lamp continues to flash. Step 8: Followed by this, both the Wi-Fi and the Power lamps starts flashing while connecting to the access point.
  8. When the Canon MG3650 printer is successfully connected to Wi-Fi, both the Wi-Fi and Power lamps stops flashing and stays lit.
  9. Confirm that the Wi-Fi lamp and the ON lamp are lit.

Steps to confirm the wireless network connection (Wi-Fi):

There is a way to check whether the printer is connected to the wireless network. Print the network settings report and find out whether the Wi-Fi connection has been successfully established.

Instructions to print the network settings of the Canon MG3650 printer:

  1. Switch on the Canon MG3650 printer.
  2. Load the plain media in the printer.
  3. Press the “Wi-Fi” button on the printer. Hold that button for few seconds and release it when the “Power” lamp flashes.
  4. Press the “Wi-Fi” button. Now, the printer prints the network information page.
  5. Check whether the “Connection” field indicates “Active” in the printed network information page. Also, check if the SSID denotes the correct wireless network name.

If the access point does not support the WPS feature, then follow the instructions mentioned below to connect Canon Mg3650 printer to Wifi using the standard method.

Standard Connection Method - Windows

Either use the manufacture’s CD or download the software from this site and follow the instructions below to establish the wireless connection to your printer using the standard connection method.

  1. Choose the “Start Setup” option in the initial screen.
  2. The software will search for any Canon driver updates and will download them. It might consume some time.
  3. Choose your Country/Region and tap on the “Next” button.
  4. Enable the checkbox beside “Licence Agreement.”
  5. Choose “Agree” or “Do not agree” on the extended survey step based on your preference.
  6. Select the “Next” option to allow “All Install Wizard Processes.”
  7. Choose “Wireless LAN Connection” and tap on “Next.”
  8. Click on the “Connect via wireless router” option and choose the “Next” button.
  9. Make sure the printer is turned on and click the “Next” button.
  10. The software searches for existing printers on your network. It might take some time.
  11. Choose your printer name from the “Printers on the Network list” window if it is added to your network already. Choose the “Next” button to begin the software installation. If this is the first-time setup, then skip this step and move to the next instruction.
  12. Select “Setting printer could not be found on the list” and click on “Next.” This is the vital part to connect Canon Mg3650 printer to Wifi.
  1. A window displays saying “Processing. Please wait.”
  2. The setup guide will open on the screen. Follow the instructions to connect the printer to your network with the help of the “Connection through Cableless setup” process. Continue with the on-screen prompts to prepare the printer for connection. If prompted, click on “Next.”
  3. The setup wizard searches for your printer. At the same time, the network connection will be temporarily disabled on your PC.
  4. Click on the “Next” button once the setup is complete.
  5. The MP drivers and network tools will be downloaded and installed on your PC.
  6. Wait until the setup is completed.
  7. Choose “Next” and refer the manual for further details.
  8. Confirm installation using a Test Print. Tap on “Execution” and choose the “Next” button.
  9. The setup is now complete. Choose “Next” to start the software installation.
  10. Select the software and click on “Next.”
  11. Choose Next -> Exit. Now, you successfully connect Canon Mg3650 printer to Wifi and you can access it remotely from your computer.
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