How To Connect Canon Mg3600 Printer To Wifi?

The Canon MG3600 printer is known for its extraordinary prints and high yields. The printer is easy to set up and connect to other (supported) devices. To connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi, follow the quick steps given below.

Before Starting

  1. Verify whether you have completed the basic printer settings.
  2. Place the printer and your wireless router close to avoid network interference.
  3. Close all the running apps on your Windows computer to which you want to connect your Canon printer wirelessly.
  4. Connect the computer to the local wireless network to which you intend to connect the printer.
  5. Make sure the internet connection is stable.
  6. On your printer’s control panel, check the printer’s status. If it is under any process, wait for it to complete.
Connect Canon MG3600 Printer To Wifi

Wireless Setup Using The WPS Method

Note: First, ensure that your router supports WPS. If it doesn’t, you can follow the standard wireless connection method. And for that, you can get our technical experts’ help.

  1. Power up the printer.
  2. Once the initialization completes, press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until the Wi-Fi lamp flashes.
  3. Release the button now and press the Color button.
  4. Press the Wi-Fi button. The Power lamp should be lit now.
  5. The printer is now ready to connect with the wireless network.
  6. Go to the Wi-Fi router and then press the WPS button.
  7. Hold it for at least 2 minutes while the printer gets connected to the wireless network.
  8. Next, insert the CD-ROM that came with your printer into the computer’s CD drive.
  9. Run the driver installation.
  10. If your computer does not support the CD-ROM, download the printer driver that suits your operating system from the printer’s official site. This will be a vital part to connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi.
  1. Open the downloaded installer file to run the driver installation.
  2. Ensure that you have logged in with administrator rights.
  3. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, click the Yes button to proceed with the driver installation.
  4. Select Start Setup and choose the Wireless LAN Connection option as your connection method.
  5. Choose the Connect via wireless router (recommended) option and click Next.
  6. Check the printer status and click the Next button.
  7. Choose your printer from the displayed list and click Next to complete the setup.
  8. You will get a confirmation message when the connection is complete.
  9. After connect Canon MG3600 printer to WiFi, print a test sheet remotely from your computer.
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