How do I connect Chromebook to canon printer?

You can print anything from Chrome OS through Google's Cloud Print setup. Yet, before attempting to print From Chromebook to your Canon Printer, you need to add the printer to it. Most PCs connect with printers through a USB link or remote system; however, Chromebooks are somewhat unique. Rather than having an immediate association with a printer, Chromebook utilizes Google Cloud Print. This page will help you to know how do I connect Chromebook to Canon printer.

If you have a Canon printer, initially you have to Set up Google Cloud Print on the PC at which your printer is presently connected. It would help if you also had Google Chrome downloaded, and you should be logged in to Chrome with the Google account you use with Google Cloud Print.

Steps To Print From Chromebook To Canon Printer

Stage 1: Chromebook Printer Setup

Following are the rules for setting up Chromebook:

  1. Turn your Canon printer ON.
  2. Open Google Chrome on your PC.
  3. Now, click the "Chrome" menu at the upper-right corner of the program and select "Settings" from options.
  4. Now, look over your cursor down to choose "Show advanced settings."
  5. Then, find the segment titled "Google Cloud Print" and afterward select "Manage."
  6. The "Devices" window will open, pick "Add Printers" from the options.
  7. A list of printers connected your PC will show up. Select the printers you need to include and then click "Add printers" from the base of the page.
  8. The printers you have chosen will currently be enlisted with your Google account, and now your Chromebook is prepared to print the report.
how do I connect Chromebook to Canon printer

Stage 2: Print Using Google Cloud Print

  1. First, open the page you need to print.
  2. Now, click "File" and afterward select "Print." Or you can press the keys "Ctrl + P" at the same time to print the pagr]e.Canon
  3. Doing this, a Google Cloud Print window will show up. Click the "Change" option.
  4. The 'Select a destination' dialog box will be displayed. Select the printer you need to print from and afterward select the "Print" button.
  5. Finally you know how do I connect Chromebook to Canon printer.
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