Canon SELPHY CP510 Setup

Canon SELPHY CP510 Setup

Setting up a multi-functional printer is straightforward, and the entire process takes around 20 to 30 minutes (including the software installation) to complete. But you don’t need to spend the same time duration on setting up a photo printer. Loading photo paper and installing the ink cassette (if it is not pre-installed) in the photo printer is pretty easy.Canon SELPHY CP510 is a compact photo printer designed for travelers, photographers, and for those who love to capture and save the beautiful moments of their life in a photo album. This printer uses dye-sublimation thermal technology for printing. It can be set up and accessed from a computer and camera as per your preferences over a USB connection. Continue reading to learn everything about the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup, from unboxing to software installation. We have also explained how to print a photo from your smartphone to the printer and resolve the common printer problems in the section below.

canon selphy CP510 setup

How to Install Canon SELPHY CP510?

  1. After completing the shipment process, ensure the manufacturer’s seal is present on the printer box.
  2. Open the printer box and check if the printer components are provided in it.
  3. Take the printer from the box and remove the protective cover from it.
  4. Place the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer on an even surface.
  1. Load the photo tray of the printer with suitable papers.
  2. Open the Canon SELPHY CP510 printer’s ink cassette compartment cover.
  3. Unpack the ink cassette and install it into the printer.
  4. Ensure that the cassette is installed properly.
  5. Close the cover.
  6. Install the battery and charge it fully before starting to use the printer.
  7. Thus the first time Canon SELPHY printer set up is implemented successfully.

Canon SELPHY CP510 Driver - Free Download

Get driver of the Canon SELPYHY printer from this site for free. We offer the recently released full-featured printer software that is compatible with any OS versions of a computer or laptop.

Canon SELPHY CP510 Driver For Windows

  1. Obtain the driver of the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer from the software CD provided in the printer box or the Driver Download button on this page.
  2. We offer the recently released full-featured printer software that is compatible with your computer or laptop.
  3. Find the Driver Download button on this page.
  4. Click the button and start the download process.
  5. Wait until the download completes.
  6. After downloading the driver, save it in the destination folder on your computer or laptop.
Canon SELPHY CP510 Driver

Canon SELPHY CP510 For Mac

  1. Obtain the Canon SELPHY CP510 printer software on your computer either from the installation CD or the Driver Download button provided on this page.
  2. Note: Many of the recently manufactured Mac devices do not have a disc drive. So, use a flash drive to obtain the driver on your Mac device.
  3. Copy the content on the CD in a flash drive.
  4. Insert the CD into the respective port on your Mac computer or laptop.
  5. Paste the copied content and complete the download process.
Canon SELPHY CP510

Canon SELPHY CP510 Driver Install

  1. Install the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer driver on your computer after downloading it.
  2. Double-click the driver file in the destination folder.
  3. Go through the guidelines on the screen and complete the installation.
  4. The installation process varies based on the OS version of your computer or laptop.
canon selphy cp510 driver install

How Do I Connect My Canon SELPHY CP510 Printer to A Computer/Camera?

  1. Follow the instructions below to connect your Canon SELPHY CP510 printer to a computer or camera in no time.
  2. For Computer: Ensure that your computer OS meets the system requirements of the printer. Turn on the SELPHY printer if it is turned off.
  3. Before connecting the printer to your computer, remove the memory card from the printer if you have inserted it. Also, unplug the USB devices from your computer if you have connected them.
  4. Avoid using the USB hub for setup.
  5. Now, connect the USB cable (recommended for your printer) from the printer’s USB port to your computer’s USB port.
  6. A New Device Found message will appear on the screen.
  7. Now, install the Canon SELPHY CP510 printer software on your computer to complete the rest of the setup.
  8. For Camera: If you want to connect the printer to your camera, turn off the machine and remove the retractable USB cable. Connect the cable’s other end to the camera.
  9. Turn on the camera and the printer. Choose and print a photo from your camera to the printer.

How to Replace the Ink Cassette On Canon SELPHY CP510?

  1. Open the cartridge access door present at the right side of the printer.
  2. Lift the brown colored button.
  3. Take the empty cartridge from the printer.
  4. Unpack a new ink cartridge.
  5. Insert the cartridge into the printer.
  6. Close the access door.
  7. Thus the ink cartridge replacement process is implemented successfully in the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer.

Canon SELPHY CP510 Mobile Printing?

You can print your favorite photos from your smartphone that is Bluetooth compatible with the Canon SELPHY CP510 printer in no time. To learn more about the same, read the information given under the ‘print from Android to Canon SELPHY CP510’ section of this page.

Print From Android to Canon SELPHY CP510

  • To print a photo from your Bluetooth-compatible Android phone to the printer, you need a Bluetooth Unit.
  • So, first, get the unit that is recommended for your printer and follow the instructions below.
  • Install the Bluetooth Unit into your printer’s Direct Print port.
  • Switch on your Canon SELPHY CP510 printer.
  • Enable the Bluetooth feature on your Android smartphone if it is disabled.
  • Ensure that the paper cassette has enough paper and the ink cassette is loaded properly on your printer.
  • Now, choose the photo you want to print.
  • Tap the Share icon and choose the Bluetooth option.
  • Now, the Choose Bluetooth device screen showing the available devices will open.
  • Choose your Canon SELPHY CP510 printer and tap Print.
Canon SELPHY CP510 Mobile Printing
  • If you’re using an Android smartphone that is running on the latest OS (12), you can initiate the print operation directly from the opened photo screen.
  • Locate the Print option at the bottom of the screen and tap on it.
  • Choose your printer if it is not selected.
  • Set the number of printouts and other print settings as per your preferences.
  • Finally, tap Print.

Canon Selphy CP510 Reset

  1. Turn off the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer by long pressing its power button.
  2. Wait until the printer powers on and becomes idle.
  3. Unplug the cords from the printer if connected.
  4. Press the ON button for many times.
  1. Wait for a few minutes.
  2. Link the cable to the corresponding ports.
  3. Do not use a surge protector to execute power connections.
  4. Power on the Canon SELPHY printer by pressing its power button.

Canon Selphy CP510 Printer Troubleshooting

Utilize the simple and easy guidelines in the following topics to solve the problems with your printer. You can also get quick assistance from our techies by contacting them to solve the printer problems.

Canon Selphy CP510 Not Feeding Paper

  1. Check if the input tray of the Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer is loaded with suitable photo papers.
  2. Open the front and back paper ejection slot.
  3. Check for jammed papers in the slot and remove them.
  4. Verify that the paper tray is loaded with suitable papers.
  5. Perform a printer function and check if the paper jam issue is solved.

Canon Selphy CP510 Ink Error

  1. Open the cartridge access cover present at the right of the printer.
  2. Remove the ink cassette from the printer.
  3. Take the slack present in the ink sheet and reload it with a new one.
  4. Refix the cassette into the printer.
  5. Execute a Canon SELPHY CP510 setup printer function and check if the ink problem is solved.

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