Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup

To Canon Pixma TR7520 setup, unbox the printer package and take out the accessories from it.

The accessories of the printer include the following:

  1. The installation CD
  2. The power cord
  3. Ink tanks
  4. Modular cable
Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup

Now you have to carry out the instructions given below.

  1. Open the top panel of the printer and remove the packaging materials and the protective tapes.
  2. Take the power cord and plug it between the power source and the rear end of the printer.
  3. Lift the Control Panel and then press the Power button to turn on the printer.
  4. Select the language using the LCD screen.
  5. Read and follow the on-screen instructions before you move on to install the ink tanks.
  6. Open the top cover of the printer.
  1. Take out the ink tanks/cartridges from the sealed packaging.
  2. Remove the tape surrounding the ink cartridges and place them in their respective slots.
  3. Close the scanning cover.
  4. Pull out the paper cassette, load enough paper, and adjust the paper guides.
  5. Insert the paper cassette into the printer and follow the instructions on the printer screen to align the print head.
  6. Finally, you have to install the printer software on your computer and connect the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup to it.


Driver for  Printer
  1. To download the printer driver for your OS, click the driver download button available on this page.
  2. You can also visit the official Canon site and download the printer driver.
  3. Make sure you download the printer driver for your operating system.


User Manual for Brother MFC-L2690DW Setup
  1. You can download the Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup User manual from the official Canon Support page.
  2. On the Canon Support page, enter the Canon printer model in the search bar and press the Enter button.
  3. Now, the Canon Pixma TR 7520 page will open.
  4. Click the Manuals button on the printer’s page.
  5. Select the required manual and download it to your computer.


  1. Insert the installation CD you received with your printer in the CD drive of your computer.
  2. Double-click on the My Computer or the This PC icon on the desktop.
  3. Open the installation CD and navigate through the contents. Click the Msetup4.exe file to begin the installation.
  4. When the setup wizard is launched, click the Start Setup button.
  1. Respond to the prompts displayed on the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup wizard and complete the installation.
  2. During the setup process, choose the appropriate connection method for your printer.
  3. Finally, click Exit to finish the printer driver installation.


  1. The IJ Scan utility is used to scan and save images, documents, etc.
  2. This utility is installed when you install the printer driver.
  3. You can install the printer driver from the installation CD, or you can download the printer driver package from the official Canon site.
  4. This utility contains multiple scan modes.
  5. The default scan mode is Auto.
  6. Once you have installed the IJ Scan utility on your computer, load the original document on your Canon Pixma TR7520 setup and launch IJ Scan utility on the computer.
  7. Select the printer and choose the scan mode.
  8. Make the required settings and save the scanned document on the computer.


  1. If you want to connect the Canon Pixma TR 7520 to a wireless network, you can perform these steps.
  2. Turn on the Canon Pixma TR 7520 printer.
  3. On the LCD, locate and tap the Wi-Fi icon.
  4. Tap on the LAN Settings > Wireless LAN > Wireless LAN setup > WPS (Push button method) > OK.
  5. Press the WPS button on your wireless router and the printer will be connected to it.
  6. Now, install the printer driver on your computer and choose wireless as the connection type.


  1. Open the default browser on your computer.
  2. Go to the support page of the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup.
  3. Click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  4. Select the operating system from the drop-down menu.
  5. You will see a section named Recommended Driver(s). Click the Select button on the right side of the driver to download the driver package.
  6. Run the downloaded installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. With the help of the driver, you can perform scan functions.


  1. When you want to replace the ink tank or the ink cartridges on the Canon Pixma TR 7520 printer, follow these steps.
  2. Make sure the printer is turned on.
  3. Gently lift to open the scanner unit of the Canon printer.
  4. At the very front, you will see the ink cartridges installed.
  5. To replace the ink cartridges, you have to press the tab and then gently remove the cartridges.
  6. Take out the new cartridges from the sealed packaging and remove the filament covering the cartridge.
  7. Gently insert a replacement cartridge to its respective slot and push it in until you hear it click.
  8. Perform similar steps for all the other cartridges to finish the replacement.


You can load the paper on the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup in two places:

Loading pear in the Rear tray

  1. Make sure the stack of papers is not smudged and crushed.
  2. Remove the rear tray from the rear end of the printer and extend the paper support.
  3. Inside the rear tray, you have to open the feed slot to place the papers into it.
  4. Gently place the papers into the slot and then bring the paper guides to the sides of the paper to hold it together firmly.

Loading paper in the Cassette

  1. The cassette tray is located in the front of the printer.
  2. Take out the tray from the printer and move the paper guides to the extreme sides.
  3. Take a stack of paper and make sure not to exceed the weight of the tray.
  4. Insert the stack into the cassette tray and move the edge guides to the sides of the paper.
  5. Gently place the tray into the printer.


Before you proceed, you need to have the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup and iPhone connected to the same wireless network. Now, to print using AirPrint, use the following steps.

  1. Open your Safari browser or any image on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the Share button and then select the Print option.
  3. Now, the Print settings will open.
  4. You will see the Canon Pixma TR 7520 printer in the list.
  5. Select the printer and select the number of copies you want of the image.
  6. Tap the Print button on the upper right corner of the iPhone screen.


  1. Pull out the paper slot from the rear feed cover.
  2. Insert the photo pages in the paper tray and make sure to place them in a vertical position (portrait).
  3. Once the papers are installed, you will see the paper information on the printer LCD screen.
  4. Select the image you want to print on your computer.
  5. Perform a right-click on the image and then click the Print option.
  6. The Canon print settings will open, where you can make the required changes.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and finish printing.


To perform a scan on the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup, you need to download the Canon IJ Scan Utility from the official Canon support page.

  1. Make sure you have installed the MP Drivers as well.
  2. Open the scanner glass and place the original documents on it.
  3. Now, open the IJ Scan Utility you have installed on your computer.
  4. Select the Canon printer from the product name drop-down list and click the option Auto.
  5. The scanning will start and you will have the documents scanned to the computer.


This particular Canon Pixma printer does not support the Scan to Email option. However, you can scan the document or image to your computer. Then open the email application and attach the scanned document to your email message.


  1. Turn on the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup.
  2. Now, place the original documents in the Auto Document Feeder.
  3. You can perform the steps with the help of the printer Control Panel.
  4. Tap the Phone icon (Fax) on the Control Panel and you will see a field.
  5. In the field, enter the recipient fax number.
  6. Tap the OK button and proceed to fax.


Both the Canon Pixma printers have the primary functions with just a tap - you can perform the scan, copy, print, and fax functions. The Canon Pixma TR 8520 has all the basic functions that include the Start, Stop, Color, and the Home buttons on the touch screen. There is also an additional button on the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup.

  1. The common feature of both the printers are:
  2. Wireless connectivity option.
  3. Five-way color ink system.
  4. Duplex printing.
  5. Document feeder can hold up to 20 sheets.
  6. Printing speed of 15 pages per minute for black and 10 pages per minute for color.
  7. USB printing feature.

The one main difference between Canon Pixma TR 7520 and Canon Pixma TR 8520 is that TR 7520 does not have a slot where you can insert the memory card to backup all the data stored on it.


Let us see the comparison between the two Canon Pixma printers, TR 7520 and TR 4520

Canon Pixma TR 7520

  1. The printer setup is quite easy compared to that of the Canon Pixma TR 7520 printer.
  2. Good Scanning quality.
  3. The bad part of the printer is that the Control Panel is too far, and the Auto Printing option is turned off. 

Canon Pixma TR 4520

  1. The Canon Pixma TR 4520 does not have any cons, and the printer is easier to set up.
  2. The printer also comes with a bonus set of ink for easy replacement.
  3. The printer is more known for its stylish design. 


If you want to update the firmware for the Canon Pixma TR7520 setup, you can download it from the official Canon support page.

  1. Open the default browser on your computer, enter the URL for the Canon Support page, and press the Enter button.
  2. On the printer’s page, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  3. Under the Drivers & downloads section, select the Operating System from the drop-down list and click the Firmware option located right below.
  4. Click the Select button, then click the Download button.
  5. The firmware will be download. Now, make a double-click on the downloaded file to run the installation.
  6. The firmware will be updated for the Canon Pixma TR 7520 printer.
Canon Pixma TR7520 Setup Firmware


If the printers are not handled properly, then you could face issues on your printer. The most common printer issues are related to printer connection, paper jams, paper feeding, ink cartridges, etc. All these issues can be fixed on your own. However, if you do not follow proper troubleshooting steps, then it could land you in more trouble. To troubleshoot your Canon printer issues with ease, click the Call button and our technical expert will assist you in fixing your Canon Pixma TR7520 setup issues. 

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