Canon Pixma MG6821 Setup

Canon Pixma MG 6821 is an all-in-one wireless printer that includes features like mobile printing, Google Cloud print, and AirPrint technology. The Canon Pixma printer also has a duplex printing feature. The Canon Pixma printer has a 3 inch LCD screen and 5 individual ink cartridges. Canon Pixma MG6821 setup, carry out the steps given below.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Setup
  1. Take out the Canon printer and the other accessories from the carton.
  2. Remove the protective tapes from the printer.
  3. Open the cartridge installation door and remove the protective covers from inside the printer.
  4. Take out the power cord from the sealed package, connect it to the printer and an electrical outlet, and turn the printer ON.
  5. Select the language and set the date and time on the printer.
  6. Lower the front cover on the printer, lift the control panel, and then unpack a new ink tank.
  7. Remove the protective wrap and orange cap from the ink tank.
  1. Insert the ink tank into its slot. Similarly, insert all the ink tanks and check if the indicator lamps on the printer are lit.
  2. Pull out the paper cassette, move the paper guides towards the edges, and load some plain paper.
  3. Adjust the paper guides and push the paper cassette into the printer.
  4. Pull out the paper output tray.
  5. Move on to install the printer software on your computer and connect the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup to it.
  6. After installing the printer software on the computer, print a test page to verify the connection.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Driver Download

Driver for Canon Pixma MG6821 Printer
  1. To download the Canon Pixma MG6821 printer driver for your operating system, click the Driver Download button provided on this page.
  2. The recommended driver package will be downloaded to the default Downloads folder on your computer.
  3. Alternatively, you can download the printer driver from the official Canon support page.
  4. While downloading the printer driver from the official page, make sure to choose the operating system correctly.

Install Canon Pixma MG6821 Driver

  1. Insert the software CD into your computer or go to the folder where you have the downloaded driver package.
  2. Now, double-click the installer file to begin the printer driver installation on your computer.
  3. Accept the license agreement and proceed with the installation.
  4. When prompted, select the connection type for the printer and follow the instructions displayed on the installation wizard to establish the connection between the printer and the computer.
  5. Select the software that you want to install on your computer.
  6. Once the installation is finished, print a test page from the computer.

Canon Pixma MG6821 User Manual Download

User Manual for Canon Pixma MG6821 Setup
  1. You can download the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup manual by clicking on the Manual Download button available on this page.
  2. You can also download the printer manuals from the official support page of the printer using the following steps.
  3. Open the default browser and go to the support page of your printer model.
  1. Click the Manual tab, click the Select button on the right side of your preferred manual, and then click View.
  2. Now, you can download the manual as a PDF file and save it on your computer.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Wireless Setup

The Wireless setup for your Windows computer can be done with the help of the Installation CD that comes along with the printer.

  1. Insert the CD into your computer.
  2. Check if your wireless router is turned on and your computer must be connected to the router.
  3. When the Canon setup page opens, you can follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. You will be prompted to choose the type of connection you want to perform for the Canon printer.
  1. Select the Wireless setup option from the list displayed and carry out the instructions displayed on the installation wizard to make the connection.
  2. After making the required changes on the printer, move to the installation wizard on the computer and complete the wireless setup.

How to Change Canon Pixma MG6821 Ink Cartridge?

  1. Make sure to keep the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup turned on.
  2. Bring down the front cover and raise the printer's operational panel.
  3. Make sure you do not have any pending print jobs and make sure the print head is idle.
  4. Remove the cartridge slowly facing upwards and keep it aside.
  5. Take out a new cartridge from the sealed packaging, remove the protective wrap from the ink cartridge, and insert it slowly until it clicks into its slot.
  6. Perform the same steps for the other cartridges. Lower down the panel and close the front door once done.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Scan Setup

  1. You can perform scanning by placing the document in the scanner glass or in the document feeder.
  2. Open the Canon application downloaded on your computer and click the Scan button.
  3. If you are using a Mac computer, you can download the IJ Scan utility from the Official Canon support page.
  4. You can also perform the scan from the printer’s operation panel.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Scan to Computer

  1. Before sending a scanned document to a computer, make sure that the MP drivers are installed on the computer.
  2. Check the connection between the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup and the computer.
  3. Place the original document on the scanner glass on the printer.
  4. Tap the Scan button on the printer’s LCD.
  5. If the printer is connected to the computer via USB, then tap the PC option and choose the Local (USB) option.
  6. If the printer is connected to a network computer, then tap PC and then choose the computer name.
  7. Make the required scan settings on the next screen.
  8. Once done, press the Color or Black button to begin the scan.

Canon Pixma MG6821 Scan to Email

To scan a document on your printer and attach it to an email, make sure that you have installed all the necessary printer drivers on your computer.

  1. Also, make sure the printer is connected to the computer properly.
  2. Make the required email settings in the IJ Scan Utility on your computer.
  3. Now, load the original document to be scanned on the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup’s scanner glass.
  4. Tap the Scan option followed by the Attach to E-mail option.
  5. Select your computer from the list and set the scan preferences.
  6. Press the Color or Black button to begin scanning.
  7. The scanned document will be attached to an email message on your computer.

Guide: Canon Pixma MG6821 Print Head Cleaning

  1. Make sure the printer is turned ON.
  2. Load enough paper in the paper cassette and configure the paper settings correctly on the printer.
  3. Now, tap the Setup option on the printer’s LCD.
  4. Select the Maintenance option from the list.
  5. Tap Cleaning followed by Yes.
  6. Wait until the print head cleaning process is done.
  7. Again, tap Yes to print the nozzle pattern.
Canon Pixma MG6821 Print Head Cleaning Guide

Canon Pixma MG6821 Setup Troubleshooting

Each printer has its own set of problems that can be fixed with proper troubleshooting steps. In the following section, you have the steps to fix printer issues like printer offline, paper jam, etc. To get more assistance on these issues and other printer related issues, get in touch with our technical team by clicking the CALL button available on this page.

Guide: Canon Pixma MG6821 Offline

  1. Initially, check if the printer is turned on.
  2. If the printer is connected to a wireless network, check whether the wireless router is turned on.
  3. Make sure there are no pending print jobs on your computer.
  4. If you have connected the printer to a Windows computer, follow the below steps to bring the printer online.
  5. Go to Settings > Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Devices and printers.
  6. Perform a right-click on the printer icon and select See what’s printing.
  7. In the dialog box, click the Printer menu and deselect the Use printer offline option.
  8. Restart your Canon Pixma MG6821 setup and the computer and see if the issue has been fixed.

Fixed: Canon Pixma MG6821 Paper Jam Error

If there is any paper jam, you will see an error message on your computer. This error message will have an error code and the instructions to clear the paper jam. 

  1. Locate the jammed paper on the printer and remove the jammed paper with both the hands.
  2. Now, press OK on the printer and again print the same page.
  3. To avoid paper jams, make sure you take necessary precautions before installing the paper in the paper cassette.
  4. Make sure the papers are laid flat in the paper tray.
  5. Make sure there are no folded edges in the paper.
  6. Do not interrupt or turn off the printer during its print job.
  7. Make sure not to load too many papers and exceed the weight limit of the paper tray.

Solve: Canon Pixma MG6821 Error Code B203

  1. The Error code B203 indicates that the carriage unit in the printer had encountered a significant fault.
  2. In such a case, you need to turn off the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup.
  3. Unplug the power cord from the printer.
  4. Later, connect the power cord and turn on the printer.
  5. You will notice the print head move to the center position.
  6. If the error occurs again, then you have to service the printer.
Canon Pixma MG6821 Error B203 Solution

Fix: Canon Pixma MG6821 Error Code B204

  1. The easiest way to resolve the error code B204 on your printer is, you can simply turn off the printer and unplug the cord from the power source.
  2. Turn on the printer after a couple of seconds and the printer will be back to working condition without the Error code B204.

Steps: Canon Pixma MG6821 Factory Reset

  1.  Turn on the Canon Pixma MG6821 setup and tap Setup on the homescreen.
  2. Tap the Device Settings option.
  3. Now, on the Device Settings screen, scroll down and tap the Reset Setting option.
  4. Here, you’ll have several options. To reset all the device settings to factory defaults, tap Reset all.
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