Canon Pixma MG2522 Setup - Simple Guide

Are you looking for the exact procedure for setting up your Canon Pixma MG2522 printer? Look no more! On this web page, we will show you how to complete the Canon Pixma MG2522 setup in the right way. Here, you will learn how to unpack your printer, install compatible drivers, connect your printer and computer, and much more. Continue reading this page and get to know your printer better.

Canon Pixma Mg2522 Setup

How To Set Up Canon Pixma MG2522

  1. Once you purchase the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer from the manufacturer, check if it is sealed correctly.
  2. Unpack the printer and ensure all the items are delivered without any damage.
  3. Remove the packing cover from the printer.
  4. Place the printer on a flat surface.
  5. Peel off the protective tapes from the printer.
  6. Connect the given power cord to your printer's rear port and an electrical outlet.
  7. Power on the printer by force pressing its power button.
  1. Unpack the supplied ink cartridges.
  2. Open the front door of the printer.
  3. Insert the cartridges into the respective slots.
  4. Load enough paper into the input tray with the print side facing up.
  5. Print a test page and complete the first-time printer setup.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Driver - Free Download

Looking for a compatible driver to access your Canon Pixma MG2522 printer from your computer? Get the recently released full-featured printer driver for your computer or laptop's OS version by clicking the Driver Download button on this website.

Canon MG2522 Driver - For Mac

  • From your browser, head to Canon's official website.
  • Type your printer model in the search area and press Enter.
  • When directed to the product support page, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • When it shows you the compatible drivers, pick the software you need and click Select followed by Download.
  • The chosen driver will be downloaded to your Windows computer within a few seconds.
Canon MG2522 Setup Mac

Canon MG2522 Driver - Windows 10

  • On your Mac, open the default browser and visit Canon's official website.
  • Input Canon Pixma MG2522 in the search area and press Enter.
  • When directed to the product support page, click the Drivers & Downloads tab.
  • Here, you can find the compatible drivers for your Operating System.
  • In case you find a mismatch, choose your OS from the Operating System drop-down menu.
  • Now, select the most appropriate driver and click Select> Download.
  • Within minutes, the chosen driver will be downloaded to your computer.
Canon Pixma Mg2522 Driver Windows

How to make Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless

Canon Pixma MG2522 doesn't support wireless printing. You can connect this printer to your computer only via USB. The following instructions will show you how to connect your printer and computer via USB.

  • Download the software on your computer by referring to the previous sections.
  • Locate the file in your downloads folder and run the setup file.
  • If User Account Control pops up, click the Yes button to proceed further.
  • When prompted to pick the connection type, choose the USB connection option and connect your printer and computer when prompted by the installer.
  • On the Software Installation List screen, check the drivers you want to install on your computer and click Next.
  • Go ahead with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.
How to make Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireles
How Do I Make My Canon Pixma Mg2522 Wireless

How to Connect Canon MG2522 Printer to Wifi

As we discussed earlier, you cannot connect your Canon MG2522 printer to your Wi-Fi network.

How to Connect a Canon MG2522 printer to a Chromebook

The Canon PIXMA MG2522 printer does not support wireless connectivity, and drivers for Chrome OS are not yet developed. So, the Canon PIXMA MG 2522 printer is not compatible with Chromebook and cannot connect to it.

How to Change Ink Cartridge Canon Pixma MG2522

  • The Canon Pixma MG2522 printer should be active while changing its ink cartridges.
  • Slowly pull the printer's output tray and its extender.
  • Open the printer's cartridge access door.
  • Remove the cartridges to be replaced from their slots.
  • Unpack the new FINE cartridges and remove the orange protective tape.
  • Install the new FINE cartridges into the appropriate slots and press them until they settle in their places.
  • Once done, close your printer's cartridge access door.
  • Finally, align the print heads. To do this, load some paper in the rear tray and extend the output tray and its extension. Press the Stop button on your Canon MG2522 printer control panel and hold it until the Alarm lamp flasher orange four times. Then, release the Stop button.
  • Now, the print head alignment sheet will be printed.
How To Set Up Canon Pixma Mg2522

How To Scan On Canon Pixma Mg2522

  • Before scanning with the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer, ensure that you have installed the IJ Start Scan Utility on your computer.
  • Position the required document or photo to be scanned on the platen.
  • Open the IJ scan utility on your computer. Click Auto to scan the document using the default settings.
  • Click Document/Photo to scan a document or photo.
  • To scan the original with personalized settings, click Custom and make the necessary changes.
  • To change the scan type, resolution, orientation, etc., click the Settings button and make the necessary changes.
  • Click Save when you're done.
  • The printer will scan the document and save it to the specified location.
How To Scan On Canon Pixma Mg2522

How to Reset Canon MG2522 Printer

  • With your printer turned on, remove the power cord from its rear port and the electrical outlet.
  • If you have connected your printer and computer via USB, remove the cable.
  • Leave the printer idle for some time. Then, connect the supplied power cord to your printer and the electrical outlet.
  • Wait for the printer to restart by itself. If not, press the Power button to turn on your printer.
  • This is how you should reset your Canon MG2522 printer.
How Do I Reset My Canon Mg2522 Printer

Canon MG2522 Printer Troubleshooting

Printer troubleshooting can be a tricky thing. It's always important to have a troubleshooting guide handy, but sometimes you just need a little extra help. Here are some helpful troubleshooting techniques to get your printer back up and running in no time!

Canon MG2522 paper not feeding

  • If your printer is not feeding the sheets, you need to check the loaded paper in the first place.
  • If the sheets are curled or damp, your printer may not feed the sheets. To fix this, you have to remove the stack from the input tray and reload a fresh stack of paper.
  • You should never load sheets beyond the indicated limit. In case you have overloaded the paper, you need to remove the extra sheets to fix this issue.
  • Also, ensure there are no objects in the paper tray. In case you find any tiny objects, remove them carefully.
  • The paper settings in the printer driver should match the paper type you have loaded into the input tray. In case there is a mismatch between them, your printer may not feed the sheets.
  • See if dust accumulated in the paper feed rollers. If so, clean the rollers and then see if your printer can feed the sheets.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Won't Install

The following steps should be followed if you try installing the driver using the setup CD on your computer and the process does not initiate.

  • If you cannot install the Canon MG2522 printer on your computer, you need to check a few aspects. Keep reading this section and know them in detail.
  • Make sure that you have logged in to your computer with administrator rights. If not, turn off your computer and log in with administrator rights.
  • You need to click Yes when User Account Control pops up. Meanwhile, you should accept the software's terms and conditions to proceed with the installation.
  • If you click No in the UAC dialog box or don't accept the software's terms and conditions, you cannot install your Canon MG 2522 printer successfully on your printer.
  • You need to connect the USB cable firmly between your printer and computer. If the connection is not firm, you cannot complete the installation successfully. Therefore, ensure the connection is stable at both ends and then retry the installation.
  • In some cases, reinstalling the driver can resolve this issue. To do this, uninstall the printer driver from your computer, restart your computer, and reinstall the driver. Hopefully, this should work.
Canon Pixma MG2522 Won't Install

Canon Pixma MG2522 Scanner Not Working

  • If your Canon printer's scanner isn't working, the first thing to do is check the document you have loaded. Align the sheets according to the marks on the platen glass. Confirm that the Canon PIXMA MG2522 printer does not display any error codes. If you get an error code, use the appropriate solution to fix it and see if the scanner works.
  • If there is a paper jam on your Canon PIXMA MG2522 printer, the scanner may not work. To fix this, remove the jammed paper from the specific area, and then you can continue the scan job.
  • The scanner on your Canon PIXMA MG2522 printer may not work if Pause Printing or Use Printer Offline is enabled. To fix this, go to the Devices and Printers section. Right-click your printer and select See What's Printing. Then go to the Printers tab and make sure that Use Printer Offline and Pause Printer are unchecked.
  • To scan from your computer, you need a suitable scanner driver. Visit Canon's official website and enter your printer model to get the latest scanner driver compatible with your operating system. Then install the driver on your computer and see if you can scan documents without any issues.


This is how you should set up your multifunctional Canon MG2522 printer. If you have any queries or need technical guidance in setting up your printer, call us via the Call button on this page. Our skilled experts are glad to assist you. Wait no more click the Call button now!

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