Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup Instructions

The sleek design of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup fits any place in your home or office. You can also take this printer wherever you go. This user-friendly printer that lets you enjoy its feature easily. Here we provide complete guidelines to set up your Canon IP2820 printer. Even our technical experts are here to solve any problems that occur with the Canon IP2820 printer. You can also get guidance from our experts to configure the printer.

canon pixma ip2820 setup

How to Setup Canon IP2820 Printer

  • Hope you bought the Canon IP2820 printer.
  • Before you begin to unbox the printer, ensure that the manufacturer’s seal is found on the printer box.
  • Uncrate the box.
  • You can find your Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer with its components.
  • Prefer an even surface to place the printer for ease handling.
  • You can find orange-colored tapes on the printer.
  • Peel off the tapes.
  • Also, remove all the packing materials that are found inside the printer.
  • Take the cartridges out of their package.
  • Peel off the tapes on the cartridges.
  • Insert the cartridges into the corresponding slots.
  • Execute the power connection and complete the printer setup.

Canon IP2820 Driver Download

Start downloading the software of the Canon IP2820 printer after setting up its hardware. The download process does not differ based on the OS version of your computer or laptop.

Canon Pixma IP2820 Driver Mac

The extension of the driver file for the Mac system is in the .dmg or .pkg format. Some of the latest version of the Mac device has built-in printer software.

Canon Pixma IP2820 Driver Windows

The software of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer for Windows system is in the .exe format. For Windows system, you can obtain the printer driver from the software CD provided in the printer box.

How to Connect Canon IP2820 Printer to Computer

  • Follow the steps below to connect your Canon IP2820 printer with your computer by using a USB cable.
  • Do not forget to power on the printer before you begin to connect the devices.
  • Connect the square end of the USB cable to the printer and the flat end to the computer.
  • Do not utilize a USB hub to connect the cable.
  • Now your computer displays the New Hardware Found message followed by your printer name.
  • Follow the guidelines on the screen and connect the devices.
  • If the computer does not display the message, execute the connection using the software of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer.
how to connect canon ip2820 printer

How to Change Ink Cartridges Canon IP2820

  • The ink cartridges are replaced when there are any cartridges related issues display on the screen.Start the ink cartridge replacement procedure by turning on the printer.
  • Extend the output tray.
  • Open the door of the ink cartridges.
  • Once you raise the cover, the ink cartridge holders slide to its place.
  • Gently push the cartridge which you desire to replace and take it out of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer.You would have bought a new ink cartridge to replace the old or damaged one.
  • Take the new cartridge and remove the packing cover.
  • Once you unpack the cartridge, you can find orange-colored protective tapes on it.
  • Never forget to peel off the tapes.
  • Also, make sure that the ink nozzles and copper-colored contacts of the cartridge should not be touched.
  • Insert the cartridge into its slot.
  • Fix the cartridge into the slot by pushing it gently.
  • Close the door that you have opened for replacing the cartridge.
  • Align the print head of the printer using a related option in the printer’s software.

How to Print Photos On Canon IP2820

  • Make sure to extend the output tray of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer.
  • Raise the paper support of the printer.
  • Keep the photo sheets vertically with their print side facing up.
  • Slide the paper width guides and adjust the sheets.
  • Go to the Quick Menu on your computer’s display.
  • Click the My Image Garden icon.
  • Select the folder which includes the photo you need to print.
  • Choose the photo.
  • For printing more than one pictures, select the photos by pressing the Ctrl key on the keypad of your printer.
  • Tap the Print option.
  • Change the settings like the number of copies, media type, printer name, and more.
  • Finally, click the Print option.
  • The Canon IP2820 printer starts to print your photo.

How to Print From Iphone to Canon IP2820

  • Utilize the Apple AirPrint feature to print from your iPhone to Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer.
  • Begin the process by connecting your printer and Apple device to the same network of a router.
  • Open the document you desire to print from your Apple device.
  • Once you open, the Share icon displays at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the Share icon & select the Print option.
  • Find your machine name and select it.
  • Change the print settings like the Range, Double-Sided, Black & White, Paper, and more.
  • After setting all the configurations, select the Print option, and start the printing process.

How to Scan On a Canon IP2820

  • Hope you have installed the latest version of the Canon IP2820 printer software on your computer.
  • Select the Start menu on your computer’s display.
  • Select Programs --> Canon Utilities --> MP Navigator EX --> MP Navigator EX --> Photos or Documents.
  • Make sure that you have placed the document for scanning on the scanner glass of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer.
  • Configure your preferences on the display on the printer.
  • Tap the Scan button.
  • Now the Canon IP2820 printer scans the document.
  • Once the scanning is done, tap the Save button.
  • Configure the scan type and complete the scan process.

Canon IP2820 Printer Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting process is the step by step method of solving any issues. Here we offer quick solutions in the following topics to fix any problems with the printer.

Canon IP2820 Not Printing

  • Examine if the input tray of the Canon printer is loaded with suitable sheets.
  • Ensure that the cartridges of the Canon IP2820 printer are inserted into the respective slots.
  • Verify if the paper tray of the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer is loaded with enough sheets.
  • Examine the power connection of the Canon printer.
  • Verify the connection between the devices.

Canon Pixma IP2820 Paper Jam

  • Check for paper jams inside and outside of the Canon Pixma IP2820 printer.
  • Remove all the components of the printer.
  • Check for paper jams and remove them.
  • Reset the Canon Pixma IP2820 printer to its default settings.
  • Reconnect the cables that are connected to the printer.
  • For more solutions to solve the paper jam issue with the Canon Pixma IP2820 Setup printer, contact our technical experts and avail more solutions.
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