How To Perform The Canon Maxify Megatank GX6020 Setup?

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 can be considered as one of the most efficient printers. With a single tank of ink, you can print around 6000 black and 14000 color pages. The distinctive feature of this printer is its Pigment-Based ink system. It offers excellent print quality, as there won't be any smudges of ink. You will be getting sharp text on your documents. Its touchscreen gives a premium look to this printer. An automatic document feeder can hold up to 50 sheets, so you can scan and copy your documents at a blazing speed. If you want to know the Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Setup, follow the instructions given below.

Canon Maxify Megatank GX6020 Setup

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Unboxing Setup


  1. Unpack the product box and take out your printer and its components.
  2. Your box contains a Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 printer, Ink bottles, Power cord, Safety and important information, getting started guide.
  3. Remove the packing tapes and protective materials from Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Setup, its components, and those inside the scanner unit.

Power On Your Printer

  1. Take out the power cord that came along with your printer and connect it to your printer and an electrical socket.
  2. Turn on your printer by pressing the ON button on the operation panel.
  3. Select your preferred language, the country you are residing in, date and time, and tap on OK.
  4. Close the scanner cover.

Load Paper

Pull out the paper cassette. Fan and align your paper neatly and load them into the paper cassette. Adjust the slide guides against your paper and slide the paper cassette back into the printer. Follow the on-screen step by step instructions to complete the Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Setup.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Driver Download

  1. On your default browser, visit the official website of Canon. In the search field, type Canon Maxify MegaTAnk GX6020 and press Enter.
  2. A list of printers will appear. Select your printer, and you will be taken to the page related to your printer's information.
  3. Click on Drivers and Downloads.
  1. On the Drivers and Downloads page, your operating system and its version will be automatically detected. You can also change it in the drop-down.
  2. Select your language from the drop-down.
  3. A list of drivers will appear under optional drivers. Download the required driver for your Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Printer.
Driver For  Printer

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Driver Install

Download the driver software from Canon's official website, as mentioned above. Open the downloaded driver. When you double click the downloaded driver file, the driver will start to run on your computer, and it will be installed on your computer.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Wi-Fi Setup

Canon Maxify Megatank GX6020 Wireless Setup
  1. Connect your printer and your computer to the same network. You need to add your router's network name and its password to your printer.
  2. On your computer's Devices and Printers section, add your printer and start printing.
  1. For printing through Wi-Fi Direct, you do not require an Internet connection.
  2. Install Canon iPrint Inkjet App on your mobile. Open your mobile phone's Wi-Fi settings and select the network name that starts with Canon.
  3. Open the Canon iPrint app on your mobile and follow the on-screen instructions to add your printer.__

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Wired Setup

Connect your printer and your router using a LAN cable and start printing. You can also connect your printer and computer using a USB Cable. Open your printer's driver software on your computer and start printing.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Print Setup

Turn on your Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Setup. Next, ensure that you have loaded the paper into the paper cassette and filled the ink tanks. On your computer, open your printer's driver and modify the settings, like print quality, paper size, and media type, according to your preferences. And press OK Now, your printer starts to print.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Scan Setup

  1. Place your documents into the document feeder. You can save the scanned items in PDF and JPEG formats.
  2. Insert the paper on the document feeder.
  1. On your computer, open the IJ scan utility. Specify your settings and press OK.
  2. If you are scanning a document, click on Document, and if you are scanning a photo, click on the Photo.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Copy Setup

Ensure that your printer is on and load your paper into the document feeder. On your printer's home screen, click on Copy. Specify your settings, like the number of copies you need and page size you prefer, and if you want the copies to be in black and white, press the Black button, and if you want your copies in color, press the Color button.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Troubleshooting

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Offline

Canon Maxify Megatank GX6020 Offline Setup
  1. When your printer fails to communicate with your computer, your printer will appear offline.
  2. Click on Start, followed by Settings, select Devices, and select Printers & Scanners. Select your printer and make sure Printer Offline is not selected.
  3. Make sure that your printer and your computer are connected over the same network.
  1. Run power cycle. Turn off your printer, wait for around 30 seconds and turn it on.
  2. On your computer, click on Start, followed by Settings, select Devices, then select Printers & Scanners. Right-click your printer and select open queue, choose Set as Default Printer.

Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 Not Printing

  1. Check whether any error messages are there on your printer's LCD.
  2. Check whether any paper jams are there and sort them out by removing the jammed paper.
  3. Update your printer's driver software and restart your printer.
  1. Set your Canon Maxify MegaTank GX6020 as the default printer. On your computer, click on Start and select Settings, click on Devices followed by Printers & Scanners. Right-click your printer and choose open queue, choose Set as Default Printer.
  2. Run a power cycle. Unplug your printer and turn it off. Wait for approximately 30 seconds and turn it on. Check whether your issue has been resolved.

Testing the wireless connection:

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